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Writing has been my passion for over 10 years. I love writing about my life and experiences just as much as I love creating new characters and worlds. I want to write content that can pull my readers in and bring them happiness. Not too long ago I announced that I don’t plan to study in means of getting a degree and that I plan to write. Here is the link to that blog — https://fitcouchpotato.com/2018/01/26/too-study-or-not-too-study/

As I feel that blogging and writing is similar but different at the same time I thought it would be nice to create a writing corner here on my website. Now my readers on here can follow my writing journey. I do feel compelled to add that the stories that will go up in this category will be the first draft and the stories will be short. I see this as a good practice for myself to improve my writing even more and well get people interested in my writing so when I publish a book in two years I have a target audience. Read: Please support me when that time comes!

This category will be stories I create and not necessarily related to my life and experiences. I will start off with one concept or story and will update it as I go. This blog post will be the navigation to the entire category but here is an idea how it will go.

The titles will always be very clear to which story it belongs to and what chapter is it. Although saying that I don’t think I will jump between stories. I will most likely complete a story before moving onto the next.

The kitchen is purple | Chapter 1 | Writing Corner

I will also use tags that you can search on my site.

#Thekitchenispurple #thekitchenispurplechapter1

When I complete a story I might just make it into one PDF people can download if they wish to do so but I can’t say for sure. I want to keep this category fun but readable if that makes sense. Thank you so much for supporting my writing.

I wish you all the best and I will see you in a click!


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