eBook, My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

Chapter Two of My eBook: My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It, the eBook is launching on the 14th of June. I will share the exact time of the launch in Chapter Four. For the first week, you will get the completed fully edited and revised eBook version just under 300 pages and the old version just as I wrote it in 2012 for only 4.99 (euros and excluding taxes). Normal price is 5.49 (euros and excluding taxes). The only payment option is PayPal. This chapter as you’re about to see has undergone 95% of the editing process. There is a real possibility that some grammar or spelling mistakes are still remaining. I’m sorry about that. As I’m editing this myself, some mistakes will fall through the cracks. If you see a mistake, please help a girl out and point it out for me. With that being said, I still plan to read through the entire book as a hole at least twice before I put the final product together.

Thank you for all the love and support. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

PS: Please excuse the spacing. This is only a problem when sharing it online.




Chapter Two

My announcement to suddenly cave in to peer pressure and finally meet the standard of society seemed to make the boys chuckle. How rude.

“Now this is something I have to see!” Luke sneered jokingly, and I mockingly punched him in his shoulder with all of my strength. I guess the unicorn has left the building.

“We can help!” Simon cheered, and I shook my head. I doubt their help would be very well…helpful. Funny enough, my boys love the shopping mall. They can pick up new girls, and the gaming center is out of the world. I should give them the benefit of the doubt, though. Maybe they’re excited to finally play dress up with their tomboy friend with no fashion sense. One glance at Luke, who seemed to be engrossed at the girl who was stretching, answered my question. My new wardrobe was the last thing on their mind. I could practically see Luke undress the yoga girl.

“I will go with her. Alone.” Damon snapped, and I frowned. Another mood swing, and they complain every time I get my period? Bitch, please. The boys fell silent as tension grew. Damon has been a nightmare to be around these last few weeks. He would go from one of the boys to peeing a possessive ring around me. The man was on edge, to say the least. Gareth glanced my way. His concern etched on his face. I shook my head, and the boys nodded. No one is going to argue and fight the Alpha to be on this one. The twins then broke the deathly silence with an attempt of a joke. Their effort was in vain as Damon still clung onto me possessively. Luke shot me a look. ‘Will you be okay?’ He mouthed. I simply nodded and shot him my best reassuring smile. Now is not the time to get emotional, Angie. Damon moods could give anyone whiplash. Don’t allow his possessive actions to fool you. Tomorrow he might find his mate and then it’s goodbye best friend. His life is going to change forever tomorrow, and you’re going to be pushed to the sidelines. You can’t control everything. I paused at my train of thought. What do I even want from him? Do I want to be Damon’s mate? Or do I just want our friendship to stay as it is now? I liked the idea of having a mate, and I love Damon, but the two just doesn’t connect? I’m not in a rush to meet my mate and start a family. I have way too many problems…too much baggage. I’m one wrong comment away from a mental breakdown. On the other side, Damon is my best friend. He has been with me through the bad, the worse, and the truly traumatic lows. He has been there for me every single step of the way. He is my rock, but I’ve never for one second romantically saw us as an item. Damon is Damon, you know? Damon can’t be my mate. Also, Damon’s mate is going to be the female Alpha. That is a lot of pressure, and I don’t exactly shine under pressure. She is also in the spotlight twenty for seven, and I feel like throwing up when I’m the center of attention. Plus, how can I be a great role model or take care of the kids? I’m not a gentle person. I’m not the person little kids or lost soul gravitate too for advice. It’s just not me. I’m just a girl trying to keep her head down, so she doesn’t lose it and end up at some physic ward. I stopped myself. Don’t go down this rabbit hole, Angie. It’s not pretty on the other side.

“You don’t have to come. Elena will probably want to help me choose a dress for tomorrow. You probably have a lot to do anyway.” Damon showed no reaction to my response, which I took as my answer. What Damon wants. Damon gets. Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

As Damon’s closest friends, we suffered a great deal under his constant mood swings, but we understood. Or at least tried too. We will be in his shoes soon enough with Luke’s birthday in only three weeks, followed by Gareth’s birthday one month after that. It is safe to say that this year was going to be a little tense with all the raging hormones and wolves on the hunt. The twins, or the babies as Damon liked to refer them as birthday is a week before mine. Damon loves that he is the oldest in our group. It’s the Alpha wolf inside of him. A whistle cut through the air and in unison the entire class groaned. One quick look at the whiteboard set up had everyone wishing that a meteor would come crashing down onto earth and kill us all, anything to get out of this practical lesson. They are incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, and no one enjoys them. Occasionally when the sex topic comes up, the boys would lighten up but other than that, they loathe the study of every single muscle and its function. I don’t mind. It’s interesting, I guess. I try to stay on the positive side and lift the spirits in the group in these dire times, but practical lessons with Mr. Kane Junior is where positivity goes to die. Mr. Kane Junior is just as atrocious as his father. It also doesn’t help that he is a replacement for the sweetest man on earth who in on maternity leave. Mr. Scott and his partner have just adopted a baby, and although we were over the moon for the gay couple. We needed Mr. Scott to come back. Now.

“Today we’re going to learn about your leg muscles. It’s going to be an interesting one so sit back and enjoy. The majority of muscles in the leg are considered long muscles, in that they stretch great distances. As these muscles contract and relax, they move skeletal bones to create a movement of the body. Smaller muscles help the larger muscles, stabilize joints, help rotate joints, and facilitate other fine-tuned movements. The largest muscle-” I did not enjoy. I repeat. I did not enjoy. Forty-Five minutes inched by at the slowest pace humanly possible. Kenneth, Mr. Kane Junior victim, I mean model, for the day, was two seconds away from dying of embarrassment. Junior loved to get in real deep and not just tell you about these muscles but show you by having some sod do some crazy and bizarre movements at the front of the class. Junior also picked boys nine out of ten times, and no teenager boy in this world likes to be touched every two seconds by a gross teacher. While Junior always seemed to find an excuse to touch a minor, his cold and draining voice could bore anyone to sleep. It was conflicting emotions. On the one hand, you want to laugh at the victim of the day, but on the other hand, you can barely keep your eyes open. Sleep always seems to win as Simon was knocked out within the first three minutes. Junior didn’t like that one bit. Although Junior doesn’t like anyone or anything. He paused his lesson and woke Simon up with a grunt who as punishment had to run laps. Something that couldn’t really be considered a punishment to a young wolf. Simon predictably loved the punishment, and soon more than a few students caught on, and in a matter of minutes, half of the class was running laps. This only angered Junior more, and the wicked man came up with the perfect punishment. Simon replaced Kenneth, and the pure look of torture on his face was enough to keep the entire class awake. It was nearly impossible to contain your laughter, especially with Samuel laughing at his twin, which made Simon laugh only for it to get shut down by a filthy glare from Junior. It’s the best thing anyone could ask for. It was a sight to behold. Some even went as far as to record the moment. Simon’s ridiculous laugh just had that effect on people. The bell eventually rang, and the students practically fell over each other to escape Junior. Absolutely zero education was done in those 45 minutes. Junior stomped back to whatever hell he crawled out from and finally freed Simon. Simon being the overdramatic drama queen he is dropped to the floor and put on a show.

“Oh, praise the Moon Goddess for we have survived this torture.” He praised the sky with a wail like a cry. I laughed and shook my head as Samuel dropped to his side and played into his act. Dorks.

I split up with the boys so I could pick some stuff up at my locker with the promise to meet Damon at the parking lot. My locker was on the other side of the universe while the boys all had theirs in a neat little row on the way out. Lucky bastards. By the time I got to my locker, changed my books, and got everything I needed, the halls were empty. I met Damon at the entrance and smiled. He didn’t notice me immediately, too distracted on his phone to notice my arrival, and I took a moment to admire my best friend. Damon is an attractive guy, like Greek God attractive. His entire outer appearance is perfection. His muscles are well developed and in perfect harmony. His face is, you guessed it, perfection. With a strong jaw, plump lips, slightly crooked nose and boy those dimples. His dimples have made many strong girls weak. And who could forget those electric green eyes that seemed to see into the very depth of your soul? My favorite part of his entire face, dimples aside, is the litter of freckles on his nose. His blond, curly to the point of wild, hair seemed to sparkle in the sun. He is one attractive guy, but his appearance aside, he is the kindest person I know. He has such a gentle soul. He is incredibly positive, to the point where it’s almost fake. He treats everyone the same. He doesn’t think he is the best thing on this earth since sliced bread just because he was born with Alpha blood. He worked for the respect of his pack members. Although he is kind and caring, he is honest and stern when needed. He tells you as it is. No bullshit. If you make a mistake, not only will he point the mistake out, he will help you to make it right. He is overall a great guy, and any girl would be happy to be his mate. Damon turned suddenly and flashed his signature heart-warming smile that could stop anyone in their tracks. That heavy pit in my stomach pressed against my lungs, and I struggled to catch my breath. I’m going to miss him so much. We both know that things were going to change. Damon won’t have time to fool around and watch series all day with his friends once he becomes the Alpha. He will have responsibilities and hundreds of wolves to lead. His entire world will change. And then his mate will come along. His childhood best friend will turn into an old friend you see every few months. He will probably stop if he sees you, make idle chitchat before duties would steal him away. I sighed suddenly less than excited for tomorrow.

“Are you ready?” No. Don’t leave me. You’re the only family I have left. You’re my everything.

“Yes.” I lied. Well, I’m ready to go to the mall and see if the term: ‘shop till you drop’ is real, but letting my best friend go? Now that’s an entirely different thing.

“What’s wrong?” Of course, he would know if something is bothering me. He always knows. He knows me better than anyone in the entire world. I sniffed fighting against the urge to surrender and cry like the day I was born. I can’t cry now. I need to be strong. If I give in now, I will collapse into pieces, and Damon can’t glue me back together anymore. There is nothing else I can do, right?

“It’s nothing…” The lie left a bitter taste on my tongue. My heart ached at the thought of losing the only person that has kept me together as a whole my entire life. I can’t do this. I have to. I have no choice but to let him go. What other choice do I have? Runaway before he even finds his mate? Can I even do that?

“It’s definitely something.” Damon stepped in front of me and lifted my face so he could meet my eyes. Oh god. I can’t do this.

“Is it because of what Scott said?” I nodded, clinging to the valid excuse as if it was my lifeline.

“Don’t take what he said seriously, okay?” Damon whispered sweetly, and I nodded in response. Push your feelings aside and enjoy the last few hours you have with your best friend. It should be easy enough. You do it all the time.

“I won’t. I just want to prove him wrong.” The lie rolled off my tongue in one smooth fashion. It was easier probably because a part of me wanted to prove him wrong. I know I shouldn’t want to, but I can’t help it. I just want to feel wanted. I can’t be alone again.

“You’re beautiful. You don’t need to change anything about yourself. Your mate will love you no matter what clothes you wear. Remember that.” The word mate was like a punch in the gut, but I ignored it and concentrated on the warm, positive feelings that admitted from my stomach when Damon called me beautiful.

“Let’s go! I want to see you in a dress.” Damon teased, breaking the tense silence. I laughed and followed him to his car.

“Over my dead body!”

The car ride was eventful as it always seemed to be when Damon was behind the wheel. No man was without his flaws, and Damon’s biggest flaw came to his driving. The man had a furious case of road rage and drove like an absolute maniac. You can’t climb into his car without praying to the Mood Goddess and double checking if your will was in order. It was that bad. I screamed and closed my eyes when Damon narrowly missed clipping a motorcycle.

“Damon you’re going to kill someone one day.” As always Damon brushed my words aside, and I swallowed my anger. We can’t have this fight again. Miraculously our car rolled to the stop in the parking lot at the mall and I over dramatically dropped to the pavement and praised the Moon Goddess to have survived the drive. Simon would be proud. Damon ignored my little show and pulled me towards the shops.

“You’re hilarious.” Damon sneered with a good old eye roll.

“It’s all shits and giggles until someone gets hurt.” Damon shot me a glare, and I shrugged. It’s true.

“Yeah, yeah. I heard you the first time.” I sighed and surrendered. I love the man to death, but sometimes the boy can drive me insane.

“Come on, let’s go find me something to wear!” Damon smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. Did someone say subtle topic change? I would never.

“We will find you the perfect dress!” I rolled my eyes and reluctantly caved.

“Fine! But nothing slutty or I will kill you.”


No blood was shed. I wish I could say the same about tears, but I cried. Damon only had to flutter his eyelashes, widen his eyes and pout. That’s all it took. I tried dress after dress. Some modest and some less than modest. I tried to force a glare at my reflection, but I just couldn’t do it. The white dress Damon picked for me was perfect. It’s my dress. It molded to my body like pure perfection. It looks amazing! I could practically feel my self-esteem go up a few notches. What girl doesn’t feel pretty in a dress that’s practically made for her? It’s elegant, and I love every single bit of it. The soft silky material covered my entire chest, fitting my form and outlining my natural curves in a sexy but classy way. It followed down the curve of my waist before flaring out in a puffy knee length skirt. Soft flowery lace danced across the dress as it seemed to sparkle under the lights. It wasn’t in your face sparkles either. Everything about this dress was just simple elegance. It takes my breath away.

“Are you alive in there?” Damon knocked on the dressing room door, and with a shy little giggle, I opened the door and did a little twirl for him to see, no experience the dress in all its glory. His reaction was priceless. His eyes widened, and his jaw dropped. My self-esteem skyrocketed as I watched my best friend completely lost for words. The only thing he could do is blink in response.

“Y-You look beautiful.” Damon coughed, as an unreadable emotion, crossed his eyes. I blushed and broke eye contact. For the first time, I truly felt beautiful.

“Thank you.” I whispered while staring at my feet. Damon stepped forward and lifted my chin. The same intense look sparkled in his eyes, and my breath stalled. He took a step forward until there were only inches apart. My heart skipped a beat and practically stopped altogether when he pulled my body closer. Wait. What is happening? He leaned down, and my eyesight turned blurry. What is he doing? Oh god, is he going to kiss me?

“Run away with me, Angel.” Damon whispered, and I stared at him blankly. What? Before I could even string a sentence together in my head, Damon laughed and moved away. What just happened?

“I’m just kidding.” Why do I get a feeling that is a big fat lie? I didn’t respond. It wasn’t physically possible for me to respond. He fried my brain.

“Let’s find a smoking hot outfit for tomorrow!” I numbly nodded in response. My voice stuck in my throat. Damon turned around and returned his attention to browsing the shelves for an outfit.

“What’s wrong with the dress I’m wearing now?” Damon paused and glanced over his shoulder. I smiled and twirled once more.

“Fine but we’re still going to get some normal clothes.”

In the end, we purchased a few pair of high waisted skinny jeans and over the top girly shirts that I would probably never wear. What is wrong with my graphic tees? My personal favorite is the cat wearing glasses showing you the finger shirt. Elena found the shirt incredibly offensive, but I pointed out the fact that the rainbow the cat was sitting on made it okay. I added a pair of white pumps to the mix, which was already a big step up from my usual converse. Damon tried and failed to get me into a pair of heels, but he did manage to convince me that some accessories will pull off the look together. I bit my lip unsure of the entire new look. The jeans fit my shape better. Skinny jeans don’t hide anything, but the girly tops are a bit outside of my comfort zone. Damon’s personal favorite being a low-cut blue princess top. It’s certainly pretty, but the overall elegant look doesn’t scream school. I will stand out like a sore thumb in this outfit. Damon, however, promised that a lot of girls wear this type of design and I won’t stand out too much. I finally agreed that maybe I should at least wear it once and then decide how I feel about it. Even it showed a bit more skin and curves than what I’m used to. I wonder if my gender would be clear now that my boobs are practically in their face? Although if you ask me, graphic tees don’t hide the fact that I’m a girl. I don’t understand people. We ordered our usual ice creams before wrapping up our first shopping trip. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. I found the prettiest dress ever, and Elena will be over the moon that I caved and decided to dress up for Damon’s mating ball or whatever you call it. Aside from the dress, I had a new style of jeans to replace my baggy style and ten girly tops that I will never wear. I sighed, feeling drained at just the thought of tomorrow night. A part of me desperately tried to convince the emotional side of me that I’m being overdramatic. My life isn’t ending tomorrow. I’m not losing my best friend completely. I’m still going to see him some times. Nothing that will happen tomorrow will change our memories together. Damon is always going to be my family. I need to push this heavy ache in my heart to the side and be happy for my friend. He has trained and studied for this day his entire life. Damon whistled at a passing girl, and I rolled my eyes. I headed towards the car, shot the Moon Goddess a little prayer before I hopped in.

We drove home in silence, and I bit my lip. Damon was also driving on the careful side, too lost in his thoughts to drive like a maniac. My thoughts wandered back to Damon’s suggestion. Was he serious? I turned in my seat and just examined my best friend. I will be perfectly honest, running away with him doesn’t sound terrible, but he has responsibilities. He is the Alpha’s son for heaven sake. He will be Alpha at midnight tomorrow. He can’t just get up and leave. I have nothing keeping me here. The thought echoed inside my head. I have nothing keeping me here. I don’t know if I can survive losing my best friend and still see him every day like nothing has changed when everything has. Can I be constantly reminded of the friendship that I lost and still come out okay on the other side? The answer is no. Don’t get me wrong. I want happiness for Damon, but…I don’t know. I don’t know why I feel like my heart is breaking at the thought of Damon with someone else. He is my best friend. I love him with everything inside of me, but I don’t love him romantically. Right? I groaned and rubbed my temples. The world isn’t going to end just because my best friend might meet his mate tomorrow. I’m being ridiculous. For all I know, Damon will take years to find his mate. The possibility that your mate is in your pack is little to none. The odds are in my favor here. I chuckled at my own thought. Damon glanced at me and simply shook his head before returning his attention to the road. I ignored the fact that he just shook his head and made the little crazy finger swirl. He is just jealous. Don’t ask me about what though. I frowned when Damon ignored the turn for the pack house and continued along the road.

“Where are we going?” I questioned, although I really should know by now. When things get bad, and one of us needs a cheer me up, we always make a stop at our spot. Obviously, we’re heading for the cliff. You know the cliff at the seafront that is always featured in supernatural movies. It’s in the manual. You can’t be a supernatural creature without having a cliff coming from the mountains facing the sea. Damon must have sensed that I’ve already answered my own question because he didn’t say anything. What is wrong with him today? He is confusing. I twirled my fingers in my lap. What should I do? It feels different. Our friendship already feels different. This thought only made me feel more anxious for the big day tomorrow night. If its tense between us before he meets her, what is it going to be like once they’re mated? We definitely won’t have the sleepovers anymore, but I guess it was bound to happen. Everyone grows up and move onto different stages of their lives. What did I expect? That we’re going to have a sleepover and watch series all night while our mates sit home with the kids? I don’t understand myself.

“Can I put some music on?” I didn’t wait for his reply. We both need a distraction from our thoughts. I turned on the radio and played around until I found our usual radio station. Immediately music filled the car and filled the silence with a sweet melody. The soft sounds of the tune perked my interested.

“Hello, it’s me.” No one on this godforsaken earth can allow this song to pass them by without singing along with their entire soul on display. It’s simply not possible. “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet, to go over everything…” I sang, wearing my heart on my sleeve. Adele just had that power over people.

   “There’s such a difference between us and a million miles…” Damon joined, and I practically swooned. Not so much over his voice, the boy is tone deaf but the fact that he joined in on the fun even if it ruins his manly ego.

   “HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE…” Okay. We got too excited, I will admit to that much, but that didn’t stop us. Oh no. Our performance could be described as otherworldly.

“I must’ve called a thousand times to tell you, I’m sorry…” I paused and allowed Damon to take the ‘stage.’ “…for everything that I’ve but when I call you never seem to be home…” We made eye contact. “HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE, AT LEAST I CAN SAY THAT I’VE TRIED, TO TELL YOU, I’M SORRY FOR BREAKING YOUR HEART…” I burst out laughing, but Damon continued. “…but it don’t matter…” He dramatically rubbed his eyes for effect. “…it clearly doesn’t tear you apart anymore.” We allowed Adele to sing the rest of her song as we gasped for breath between fits of laughter. It was a miracle that we didn’t die between our performance. Damon sure as hell wasn’t paying attention to the road. I stepped out of the car and overlooked the cliff. The waves crashed against the rocks and sprayed seawater into the sky above. I took a deep breath and smiled. Damon took my hand, and together, we walked on the woody path to our spot. Our spot was a big rock that proudly stood in the middle of a clearing. I called it the cliff when we were little because it was massive for my little body, and if I fell off, I was bound to break something. It happened one day, though. I fell off. Damon had a miniature heart attack and cried with me. We were six years old. He climbed on first and then pulled me up like he always did. I smiled before sitting down, cross-legged on the edge. Damon joined me. Silence surrounded us, but it wasn’t anything strange. The magical part of our spot is the sounds of nature that surrounds you. I sighed with a deep smile on my face. Moments like these, I truly cherish. I’m going to miss this.

“Angela…” Damon paused, and I frowned at the dip of emotion that his voice carried. Alarm bells blared through my skull. He never uses my full name. Our eyes met, and I paused. The same intense indescribable emotion flashed in his eyes. Just like before, my breath lodged itself in my throat, and my heartbeat soared.

“I’m scared.” Damon admitted after a moment of silence. I nodded for him to continue. He took my hands and brought them to his mouth. He broke eye contact.

“I’m scared too…” I trailed off. Be calm, my heart.

“Nothing is going to be the same after tomorrow…” Oh, I know. Believe me. I know. “I’m becoming a wolf tomorrow. I will be Alpha tomorrow.” I didn’t say anything. “Heck I might even find my mate tomorrow!” He dropped my hands and pulled at his hair. A clear sign that he was frustrated.

“Stop doing that. You will go bald.” I pulled his hands away, and his lips twitched into a small smile. I held his hands, and our eyes met once again. Has Damon’s eyes always looked this electric?

“We will be okay…” Come on, Angie. You should believe your own words.

“Our friendship will change…” Damon trailed off. I stayed silent. Sure, we probably won’t see each other so much once he is Alpha and mated, but it won’t be that bad. We will still go to school with each other. We will still have our weekly movie nights. We will still come to this very rock every now and again to talk. It will be okay. We are overacting, right? There is, of course, a big possibility that his mate won’t be so happy about our close friendship.

“We will make do. We have to Damon.” I could feel tears well up in my eyes, and I sniffed. I need to put on my big girl panties and just allow what has to happen, to happen. Who am I kidding? I’m not going to run away once Damon finds his mate…right?

“I love you, Angela.” Damon smiled, and I swear my heart completely skipped not one but two beats. It was one of those sparkling smiles that makes your entire face light up and its truly heart-warming to witness.

“I love you too.” I returned his smile and squeezed his hand. We will be okay. How bad can it be?

eBook, My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

Chapter One of My eBook: My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It, the eBook is launching on the 14th of June. For the first week, you will get the completed fully edited and revised eBook version just under 300 pages and the old version just as I wrote it in 2012 for only 4.99 (euros and excluding taxes). Normal price is 5.49 (euros and excluding taxes). The only payment option is PayPal. This chapter as you’re about to see has undergone 95% of the editing process. There is a real possibility that some grammar or spelling mistakes are still remaining. I’m sorry about that. As I’m editing this myself, some mistakes will fall through the cracks. If you see a mistake, please help a girl out and point it out for me. With that being said, I still plan to read through the entire book as a hole at least twice before I put the final product together.

Thank you for all the love and support. I hope you enjoy the first chapter.

PS: Please excuse the spacing. This is only a problem when sharing it online.




Chapter One

“Dude, you suck!” Luke screamed before stealing the basketball from Damon and throwing it in the net before Damon could even respond. I rolled my eyes as the two continued to banter on the court. Ever since we were little, Luke has had the horrible habit to be loud. He needs the attention on him and will use every opportunity to show off. He practically bathes in the spotlight and adores when an audience gathers to watch his antics. Damon laughed, brushing Luke’s attempt at beef aside, before leaping into action. With one swift jump, he changed the game. The ball barely touched the ground before Damon bounced it to his side and finished the game off with a dunk.

“Hey!” Luke explained while the rest of the boys just laughed. Another bad habit of Luke is that he is a bad loser. The boy can sulk till the cows come home. Damon ignored him and turned towards me.

“Check this out, Angel!” Damon said with a smirk and then with a quick shit eating grin towards Luke, he threw the ball over his head. As if he walked around with eyes at the back of his head, the ball dropped through the net in one smooth hop. I chuckled and did a little cheer with my pompoms, which in this case was their shirts. Naturally, the Alpha and Beta to be would never have a face-off in basketball fully clothed. Damon bowed before turning towards Luke.

“Can you beat that Lukeeeeey?” Damon teased with a big smirk on his face. Luke seethed in anger and tackled Damon. The two then proceeded to wrestle on the court like the children they are. I shook my head. You really can’t take these two anywhere. They’re always competing with each other. Some things never change. Nine out of ten times it was about something ridiculously stupid. Today, it’s who can score the most? Yesterday it was who can fart the hardest. And once they’re able to shift, there will surely be a competition on who can shift skins the quickest. The twins jumped into action, pulling the two boys apart when it became clear it was turning from a friendly wrestle into a serious one. I frowned when Damon seemed to shake all over and quickly rushed to his side to calm him. As his birthday and first shift were just around the corner… Well, let’s just say the man is on edge. I pulled Damon in for a hug, and within a minute, he was as calm as he could be and ready for another round of loops. I shook my head and returned to my spot on the bench. Once seated and ready to cheer when needed, Gareth handed me a cup of hot chocolate.

“Hey, uncool! Where is ours?” The twins moaned and poked at Gareth’s side before the three of them started to wrestle. I rolled my eyes. All of my friends are childish. The crowd cheered, and my attention snapped back to the court once more. Damon had the ball and was making quite a good solid progress towards his net before Luke stole the ball and dribbled it back to his side. Damon was one second to slow to respond as his fingers could only brush the air just below the ball as it fell through the net. Luke cheered and waved at the crowd that always seemed to gather around them.

“Please, with these guns I can beat you any day!” I cringed as Luke showed off his muscles to the crowd, which made the girls squeal in excitement. Humans and wolves alike always seemed to follow my friends with a glint in their eyes. I could practically see the drool drip down their chins. I shook my head. I could never understand what goes through these girls’ mind as they drooled and gushed over these boys. Yes, they’re attractive, but they’re beyond gross. Then again, I’ve grown immune to their charms as we’ve been a close-knit group of friends since we could walk and talk.

“Oh, it’s on!” Damon sneered before successfully making all the girls swoon with a dunk. Damon, being the dork he truly is, bowed to the audience and taunted Luke with a grin. These two could egg each other on without fail every single time. Their intense game continued all throughout lunchtime and only came to a stop when the bell rang, signaling the start of our next class. The two panted unattractively and quickly grabbed my pompoms to rub their sweat off. I laughed loudly and pointed out the fact that they just soiled their only pair of shirts. They shrugged and pulled on their sweaty shirts before shooting me a grin. I pulled a face. Boys are so gross. Even though I was considered as one of the boys, I would still often find myself genuinely disgusted by their antics. But then again, I also had this weird thing about hygiene, something they would tease me about relentlessly. I got up and poked Gareth side who was deeply engrossed in this new game on his phone. He smiled and grabbed our bags before we moved towards the school building.

“Where do you think you are going?” Scott asked, throwing his meaty hand over my shoulder, pulling me into his side. My skin crawled at his touch, and I quickly shrugged his hand off. Revolting. Scott just doesn’t get the message. These last few weeks Scott has gotten it in his head that I’m dying to be his girlfriend. The more I rejected the sod, the worse his ‘flirtations’ got. You want what you can’t have, or so I’ve been told. It’s no secret to everyone that dating isn’t on my agenda. I’m not interested in fooling around with anyone but my mate. Even then, I’m not in a rush to meet the man. I like being in complete control. I love making my own choices and not following the norm or so to say. The fact that my body language screamed that I wasn’t interested didn’t seem to matter. Scott was the first guy to pay any romantic interest in me. Heck, he is probably the only guy in this school that has noticed my existence or gender. I play it low. I keep my head down. I go about life in my own way. I don’t dress like a girly girl, heck I’m that cliché tomboy girl with jeans and a graphic tee. My hair is always up in a ponytail. I loathe having things on my face, and I’ve never once in my life touched makeup. The only girly thing I do is paint my nails mostly because I like having colors on my nails. It’s nice to look at. It’s been years since I’ve worn a dress and you have to drag my limp body to the mall. Elena, Damon’s mom, has attempted a girl shopping trip for years. Just this morning she had brought up the subject of dressing up for Damon’s birthday. My will was slowly yielding to her begging, but over my dead body would I share this with her …oh the horror. If I let her win just this once, I will never be able to escape her shopping trips again. You just don’t say no to Elena. As the Luna, she tends to mother all of the pups, especially the orphans. Although pups without any parents tend to be rare, hence my predicament always managed to shine a spotlight on me. I despised even thinking about it. Why I’m an orphan is something that has been whispered about for years. I hate it. The shame and disgrace that seems to follow me around like a heavy burden because of the choices I never made. I pushed my thoughts aside as thinking about the women that birthed me always seem to boil my blood, and I had other annoyances to focus on. Scott for starters.

“I’m only going to say this once. Let me go, or I will rip off your balls.” I snapped and shrugged his hand off that always seem to cling onto my body. Scott gasped overdramatically and raised his arms in surrender. Anger pumped through my veins at his attempt of an apology. An apology he clearly didn’t mean if the stupid grin on his face was anything to go by.

“You know that I’m the only guy in this whole damn town that even sees you as a girl, right? I’m the only guy that will ever notice you. You should be grateful and give into me. I will show you the world. I can keep you satisfied.” I froze in my tracks and slowly turned around to face Scott. Is this prick serious? He flashed his signature cocky smirk, and I balled my hands into fists. He’s serious. I breathed heavily, desperately fighting off the urge to rip out his tongue and fucking feed it to him. I inhaled deeply. Calm down, Angie. You can do this. Don’t respond to his bullshit, that’s what he wants. Murder is wrong. Violence isn’t the answer. Ignore him. He wants attention.

“Don’t act so innocent. We all know you gang bang all of the boys.” Oh. Fuck. No. I turned, ready to stay true to my promise and rip his balls clean off when Damon stepped forward, and he was pissed.

“What the fuck did you just say?” Damon seethed as he pushed me behind him. Scott nearly jumped out of his skin, and for one-second, fear crossed his eyes. He quickly pushed it aside and stood straight and proud. Idiot. Don’t challenge the Alpha.

“Admit it, man. She is no girl, and no one will ever want her.” Scott said with a smirk on his face. Damon growled and stepped forward, ready to feel blood under his claws. The boys followed suit, prepared to stop him at all cost. No. That’s not right. One glance towards my friends told me that they were most likely going to help him. Probably dig his grave while Damon killed him. “Leave before I kill you.” Damon snapped, his control slipping over his wolf by the second. I grabbed his hand and pulled him into my body.

“Calm down. He isn’t worth it.” I breathed, tugging him towards the direction of the school building. We are going to be so late. We can’t afford another point against our name. If I get detention because of this prick, I’m going to kill him.

“Look, she can’t even say something to defend herself. You always just run away. I bet she is pretty shitty in bed. I don’t even know why I bother with her. She is, after all, damaged goods. Rejected and tossed-” I lost it. I kicked him in the balls. Hard.

“Never touch me again. Never so much as talk to me or next time I will rip them off and feed them to you. Do you understand me?” I snapped, but my words fell to death ears as Scott rolled on the ground, groaning in pain. I kicked him again and forced him to roll over onto his back. I pressed my foot into his crotch. Fear crossed over his features, and I smirked. He is definitely listening now.

“What is going to happen when you touch me without my consent again?” Scott blinked blindly. Confusion etched onto his face. I added pressure on my foot and smirked when the prick squeaked like a little bitch.

“You’re going to rip my balls off.” Scott muttered in a pathetic little voice.

“What is going to happen when you talk to me again?” I leaned in close, loving every second of seeing this boy cower in fear underneath me.

“You’re going to rip my balls off and feed it to me.” Scott cried, and I chuckled.

“Yes, that’s right, and I’m going to tell you a little secret.” I paused for dramatic effect because apparently, I like to torture people now. “Once I’m done ripping of your balls, and you had a nice little snack…my friends here-” I gestured at Damon and the boys who were still ready to slaughter the piece of trash in front of them. “-are going to kill you.” I smiled, and with one final push into his crotch, I turned around and made my way to my next class.

“Remind me not to piss her off.” Luke mumbled under his breath. The boys agreed in unison, and I chuckled in my best evil laughter before shooting them a wink.

My happiness was short lived as my next class was Math. I hate Math. I honestly can’t put my hatred into words. Mr. Kane is a grumpy old fart that hates everyone and goes out of his way to embarrass his students. He makes you feel like a waste of space and the dumbest person on the planet at least once a week. Mr. Kane would randomly call on you just when you think you’re safe and demand you solve a math problem that the old goat has yet to explain. He will call you to the front of the class and force you to try to solve this new problem you’ve never even seen. If you were unable to solve it, well pack your bag buddy and move to a different country. Change your name while you’re at it. For the next ten minutes, he would speak to you like you never learned the alphabet and dumb the problem down as he explains how you should solve it. He can and has made many students cry. He also never forgets. Oh no, if you were ill-prepared or Moon Goddess forbid you forgot your homework …it’s bad. Arriving ten minutes late turned Mr. Kane’s attention onto me. He was ready for blood. My entire body tensed up as dread filled my being. Kill me now. I glanced at the problem on the board and tried my utmost best not to show my relief. He doesn’t like that. It was a new problem but a problem I happened to go through over the weekend as I prepared for the new school week. I dropped my bag at my desk and awkwardly made my way to his looming whiteboard. I hate being up here. I hate feeling thirty sets of eyes on my back. I despised it. As quickly as humanly possible, I finished the problem before returning to my seat in the second row. Mr. Kane begrudgingly accepted my answer and moved his attention to the next poor soul. I bit back a smirk at the transparent look of dissatisfaction on his face. Mr. Kane: 428. Angela: 1. My lap of victory was short-lived as not even two minutes later, the principal requested a meeting. Although being able to escape Math class was a blessing I’ve wished for many times before… I didn’t exactly want to trade one hell for another. I dragged my feet to his office, thoroughly regretting turning to violence earlier. He wasn’t worth it. As good as it felt to stand up for myself, violence isn’t the answer. Twenty minutes later, with a firm scolding and detention for the next week, I was sent on my way. Dread settled into my stomach at the thought of going home and giving the detention paper to Elena. Elena is going to have my head for this. I should’ve bitten my tongue and held my head high like I always do and fucking ignored the prick. Heck, I should’ve stood back and waited for him to finish his sentence. Damon and the boys were two seconds away from destroying him. But no, my anger controlled my actions and what a load of good that has brought me. The bell rang and begrudgingly I made my way to my next period, Art. This day just keeps getting better and better. I don’t have one single artistic bone inside my body. I would love to be artistic and create masterpieces left and right, but I could barely draw a stick figure. I’m absolutely terrible in Art, and that is putting things nicely. I was forced into the subject by no one other than the dork I call my best friend. Damon was convinced that Art class is a great place to pick up girls. He also figured he could turn the 45 minutes into a free period as minimal work would be required. He was proven wrong within the same day and because the man was so convinced that the Alpha to be joining Art class alone would be considered strange, he dragged me onto a sinking ship, to say the least. In his perfect fantasy world, naked girls would model for him and when this didn’t happen because 1) he is still a minor and 2) it was high school Art, he was incredibly disappointed. That being said, the dork did get some action. No matter where he went, girls would swoon and practically fall over themselves for him to notice them. He didn’t need the Art class to help him in the ladies’ department. I guess I could understand where the girls were coming from. Damon is incredibly attractive, and he is a nice guy, but these girls didn’t know him. They just saw what his position would mean for them. Power. Also, apparently, as the news would tell me through the grape line, he is excellent in bed. A fact that disgusted me. Now, it’s not uncommon for the male wolves to sleep around before they find their mates. Something as I’ve been told about them not being able to control their hormones and the underlining dominating male wolf but we all know that is just a pile of bullshit. An excuse to make themselves feel better about ‘dirtying’ themselves. I hope my mate has the good common sense to not sleep around. I will give him hell for it.

Damon’s mood has gotten worse and worse as the days went by. His hormones raged inside of him as his wolf boiled just below the service. It’s understandable as he’s turning eighteen tomorrow. His wolf is practically clawing to come out. His first shift only hours away. Once shifted, he will become the Alpha of the Moon Pack. Damon was ecstatic to take his father’s place as the Alpha. He was born to be a leader and then trained to be a good one. His entire life was all about this moment. The added bonus was that once shifted, he would be able to scent his destined one, his mate. I pushed the part of me that dreaded tomorrow aside and steeled myself. I’m supposed to be happy for him, but as the pit in my stomach continued to grow as his birthday neared, happiness was the last thing I could muster up. I will be the first one to admit that I’m bad with change. Everything needs to remain the same. Everything needs to be in my control. If anything went out of line…it made me uncomfortable. My skin would start to itch, and the simple act of breathing would become unbearable. I would forget how to swallow, and my sight would turn blurry. It was bad. I need to be in control. Damon finding his mate is change. Damon leaving me is out of my control. Nothing will be the same after he finds her.

I shifted my attention to Damon, whose face pulled in a scowl as he intensely focused on realistically replicating the fruit bowl on his sketchpad. I glanced at my pathetic attempt of drawing an orange which looked more like a wonky circle than anything else and thought about the next few months. These upcoming few months are going to be exciting, full of possibilities, and change. In just three weeks it’s our six weeks summer break. Six weeks where Damon would surely be knee deep in Alpha work. Once summer is over, its only one short month of classes before it’s our final exam, and then just like that high school is over. Werewolves go to school just like humans do. We sit through the same classes, the same subjects but every year we just end it a bit differently. We finish our final exam of the year early on, and the last four months of the school year it’s werewolf time. It’s funny. The switch from the normal human mundane subjects to the fun part. It has been said that your senior werewolf year is an interesting one. Since most wolves are eighteen, able to shift and have found their mates. It’s apparently a sight to see. You train, fool around and talk about your future within the pack. You learn the history, the present, and everything in between. You learn about other supernatural creatures, and the list goes on. At the end of the year, you have your first werewolf exam, which will rank you. Your ranking is your value to the pack. Every rank has different benefits and responsibilities. Everyone is important. Every single level in the ranks makes the entire balance of the pack sing in harmony. My knowledge on all the different ranks and their levels is still limited as it’s only something they go into full detail on your eighteenth year. After the werewolf exam, you graduate and become an adult member of the pack. Usually, you’re a member through your parents’ connection to the pack. It’s way too complicated to even attempt to explain. There is a ceremony and a big pack run at the end of the year. My birthday is at the end of all of this. I will turn eighteen on the 29th of December.

After high school, you have a limited amount of choices. Do you wish to go to a typical human college and consider moving onto a human career? This is needed of course. Werewolves as police officers, doctors, and lawyers can be a great benefit for the pact. There is the option to become a pack warrior, teacher or even a carer. Most wolves wish to stay within their pack grounds and start a family with their mates. Some wolves wish to broaden their horizons and explore the world. Really, you can do whatever you please with your life, well within bounds of course. Wolves are pack creatures. It’s dangerous for wolves to be alone or far from the pack environment for a set amount of time. Most wolves also loathe living in the city as this limit your other self’s freedom. You can’t exactly shift into a wolf and run through central park. You have options, but it is expected that whatever career choice you make, it needs to have some benefit for the pack. You can’t just go off and become a nail technician. Or better yet a hairdresser. Those were the jobs better left for the humans. Like most of my classmates, I was still unsure about my future. Unlike my boys who had big shoes to follow; Damon as the Alpha, Luke as the Beta, Gareth as the Enforcer and the finally the twins as the Deltas. I had no shoes to fill. My father is long gone and unable to guide and advise me. My birth mother wasn’t even an option unless a homewrecker and murderer was a new career choice. Back in the day, my father was the pack doctor and a bloody good one to the bat. He could heal so many wounds, but he couldn’t heal his broken heart. He was the smartest wolf I’ve ever known, so sharp it ended up being the weapon he wielded to end his own life. I bit back the tears and forced myself to focus on my surroundings. With only five minutes remaining of Art class and an unfinished bowl of fruit, I scribbled some form of shapes. Maybe I can pass this off as abstract art? The bell rang, and relief flooded through my system as it was finally the last class of the day. PE or Physical Education is one of my favorites from the human classes. Here we are allowed to come out and play. We get to test and broaden our physical abilities, all in our human form of course. Most students can’t shift yet, anyway. The boys met up with us at the end of the hall, and we headed to the gym together.

Their excited chatter was lost to my ears. I paid them no mind. They were probably talking about girls. My mind still reeled with the thoughts of my father. Thinking about him always dampened my day.

“You do know all the shit Scott said is just a load of bull. We all know you’re a girl.” Luke said, breaking the sudden silence that I didn’t even notice was there till he spoke up. All the guys nodded in agreement, and I sighed. The incident with Scott had completely slipped my mind. I have bigger fish to fry. As it was way too early to be the better person and forgive and forget Scott’s words, a reminder only served to anger me once more. I clung onto that anger, anything to distract myself.

“Yeah, because hearing that is going to make me feel fucking great right about now.” I muttered under my breath, and Luke just sighed before pulling me in for a hug.

“You are beautiful just the way you are.” He whispered into my ear before pecking my forehead. I sniffed back traitorous tears and smiled. Luke can have his moments. I frowned a little confused at Damon’s growl in the background but pushed the fact aside and instead embraced Luke’s sweet moment. They needed to treasured. It’s not every day you get to see a unicorn.

“Sounds like a song to me.” Simon busted our laughing at my brilliant response. His laughter as always infected everyone else. Samuel had shown us many times in the past that he was unable to hold back his laughter when his twin cackle of laughter filled the room. He would then proceed to lose his shit, which would spark Simon to laugh even louder. The two would then infect each other, and this was an absolute hilarious sight to see. Soon you could find all of us laughing to the point of actual torture. Who needs an ab workout when you can laugh yourself into a six pack? I wheezed between laughter, feeling faint from the lack of air. The twins could quite literally steal my breath away. I graciously waltzed into the gymnasium if I have to say so myself. The guys, however, didn’t get the memo and stumbled through the doors gasping for breath. This called for every single set of eyes in the room to follow our every move. Great. I could practically feel the heat of his hatred stabbing my body and glanced up to see Scott. Someone was a little sour about being beaten by a girl in front of his friends. I returned his icy glare with my own. He leaned over to his friends and whispered something into their ears like this little bitch he truly is. His friends then proceeded to laugh overdramatically. I bit my lip and fought back the anger. You already have a week’s detention in your summer break. Do you really want to make things worse? Scott smirked, absolutely ecstatic that he was getting under my skin. I balled my hands into fists and forced myself to count down from ten. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. Scott’s friends commented something in return, and Scott with not even a single attempt to being subtle cackled with laughter and pointed towards me.

“Look, guys, just like I said. He doesn’t have a single feminine bone inside his body.” 10. 9. 8. Violence isn’t the answer. Remember? Knowing that ripping his balls off was only going to give me more trouble than what he is worth did little to calm the raging anger inside of me. Without taking a moment to pause and consider why his words angered me so, I turned towards my friends.

“I’m going shopping after school boys. I have a point to prove now.” I said with a smirk. It’s one stone and two birds’ type of deal. Elena will be overjoyed to hear that I surrendered and I get to show the middle finger to Scott without getting in trouble. It’s a win-win.

eBook, My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It

I’m Publishing An eBook!!! Coming Soon…

I can’t believe this moment is finally here. I’ve been working on this eBook for what feels like my entire life now, and I’m so excited to finally share the news with you!

I can’t even begin to tell you how special this book is to me. I wrote this book when I was sixteen years old when things were really bad. It was my lifeline and my escape from reality. I wanted it to be my stepping stone for my future as an author. I’ve been working tirelessly to turn something I wrote in 2012 into something I can comfortably sell on here, and it’s finally almost ready. I’m still in the editing phase, but I promise you, this book will be up on the 14th of June. That’s right! In two weeks, I will be launching my first ever eBook. I physically can’t wait. Save the date! Mark your calendars! Get excited!




cover 4




I’m stupidly excited for you guys to see this book. Now let’s get to the final technical stuff! This eBook will be 5,49 (euros and excluding taxes). You will get the final version of this book (just under 300 pages) AND the old version (just as I wrote it in 2012) all in one. Basically, you can buy a Starbucks coffee or my eBook. BUT as I originally promised this eBook in March (on Wattpad) and there was a delay, I thought it would be nice to have a little discount week to help with the blow. The first week after the launch, the eBook will be 4,99 (euros and excluding taxes).

I will be posting the first five chapters as a little sample of the story in the next two weeks.

  • 3 June – Chapter 1
  • 5 June – Chapter 2
  • 7 June – Chapter 3
  • 10 June – Chapter 4
  • 12 June – Chapter 5

It would be irresponsible of me not to add this warning. WARNING: The target audience of this book is older teens and young adults. This book contains strong language, extreme violence, and sex scenes. This book contains sensitive subject matter. Please note that this is a werewolf story that I technically wrote when I was sixteen years old. It’s important to realize that there is a small possibility that some spelling and grammar mistakes will slip through the cracks in the editing phase as I’m editing this myself. After reading through the book multiple times, I might read over them. With that being said, I’m going to pull endless nights in these next two weeks to ensure what I put out in two weeks is the best possible book I can create with my skills today.

Before I leave, let me share some more on why I’m making this werewolf story my first ever eBook. It’s my dream to become a published author, to turn my passion and art into a career. I’ve been slowly building up to selling eBooks on my website these last two years, and I wanted the first book I ever sell to be this one. This book has such a special place in my heart, heck it’s what got me started. I wanted to start my career by honoring my roots.

Thank you so much for all the love and support. I hope you will continue to support me as I venture into the new world of eBooks.

Much Love

Cassy xxx

Mockup 14 June 2

The cover and promotional banner were made by a special OG reader. She has a Cover Webshop on Wattpad. Her Wattpad profile is StayWithSpeedy

PS There won’t be any blogs in the next two weeks. I want to focus on the book alone. I realized this week that it’s impossible for me to finish the last bit that needs to be done on the book, balance all the bad that’s going on with my dad and my regular blog schedule. Luckily, the sample chapters of my book will be going up so that should keep you guys busy! Jokes aside, thank you for your patience.


Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails, The Girl Writing In The Train, Writing Corner

Writing Corner Update | Technical Stuff | Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails PDF


This is an update for The Writing Corner part of my website. There are two things I need to discuss.

Let’s start with the exciting news. I’ve put all of the chapters of Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails into one downloadable document for you. I lightly and I mean very lightly edited the document. The purpose of this is to make accessing the entirety of this story easier. Before you click on the link to read, please take note of my author note. It’s on the second page of the PDF document but I feel compelled to really stress this.

Author Note

This is the first ever version of this story. It’s completely raw and unedited. There are plot holes, grammar mistakes and overall moments that makes no sense to anyone but me. It’s messy. I fully intend to turn this first draft into something so much bigger but that’s going to take some time. Please note that I’m constantly evolving with my writing. I wrote this book a few months ago and I already think it’s incredibly badly written. Even though I want to stick my head into a little hole and hide from the world at the very thought of people reading this: I’m still so proud of this. I love this story so much. It helped me when I was going through a hard time and for that I’m grateful. You’re more than welcome to read this story and share constructive criticism on it. What do you think is missing? What should I add? What grammar mistake is repeated? Though, threw, thought and etc. I won’t ever know I misuse these words until someone points it out to me. While (With* I make these oopsies all the damn time) that being said, I repeat this book is the FIRST DRAFT. It’s very raw and there WILL be grammar mistakes. If you want to point out every single spelling mistake, go right ahead. Just know, I won’t necessarily respond to it. I’m going to start the heavy editing process in August 2019 so hopefully, you will have the final version of this book early 2020. We will have to see how things play out. Thank you so much for the support and I hope you will enjoy this story.

PS This is a coming of age story so it’s a story designed for young adults. I touch on serious subjects in this book.

Now, without further ado…


Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails PDF FIRST DRAFT

Next up, I need to address the previously promised new content for April 2019 regarding a new story in The Writing Corner. I mentioned before that I plan to co-write a story with my best friend and start sharing the chapters every Sunday starting April 2019 BUT unfortunately this won’t be possible. I’m working on something super BIG and EXCITING which requires ALL of my focus. It’s been my life every single day for two months straight and I hope to finally share the big news with you early May. My best friend is just as busy and we decided to push back the launch of the story. I can’t tell you at this current moment when the story will go up but I will share the first draft of a story in August. If it’s not the story we’re writing together then it will be a new story of mine. This is ALL first drafts of course.

I’m sorry that I’m not that active in this area of my website. It’s very difficult to find a balance between writing for my blog, rewriting and finely tuning creative works that I wish to turn into an eBook and working on a first draft of a story that I can share on here. While I’m on the topic, the first story I shared on here is The Girl Writing In The Train. It’s been over a year since I released a new chapter and I can’t tell you when I will finish this story. I’m currently debating removing the story altogether. In the future, I will never share a first draft of a story that I haven’t finished.

That’s everything I needed to say. I hope you all have a great day and I will see you on Monday with a new blog!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!



Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails

The Future Of My Coming Of Age Story: Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails | Writing Corner

Well hello there! Thank you so much for clicking on my new story. If you’re completely lost please go read this blog — https://fitcouchpotato.com/2018/08/21/new-story-summary-of-chocolate-chip-cookies-and-pink-nails-writing-corner/

You can find the previous chapter here — https://fitcouchpotato.com/2019/01/06/chocolate-chip-cookies-and-pink-nails-chapter-twenty-writing-corner/

The Future Of My Coming Of Age Story: Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails

I can’t believe this story is over. When I started this story I was in a very strange time in my life. I just shared my news about my past and overall I was in a fragile state of mind more than half of the time. While feeling so open and raw, I learned so much about myself. I fought every single day and now, months later, I can say that it was worth it. Every bit of pain that I felt after telling the world I was abused was worth it. Because I was able to move on from that pain. Truly begin to heal. This story helped in ways I can’t even begin to put in words. It’s almost humorous, that as a writer, the words are lost upon me. I started this story because I wanted to write some happy go lucky, rainbow and sunshine story, but as time passed. The story just grew along with me. I realized something very important. Without suffering and pain, there isn’t happiness and bliss. You need the other one as into scale the level of what you’re feeling. Okay, that didn’t make much sense. Like I said, the right words when it comes to this story is lost on me. But it comes down to one thing. I wanted to do more. I wanted to write my story inside my story.

For years now I’ve tried to write my story, my past but I always got so stuck. It was too much. Just after I started this story I stumbled onto a quote and it has stuck with me. “It’s so important to turn your sadness into art. Use every ounce of your pain, don’t let it go to waste.” by Gabbie Hanna. Quite naturally, this story morphed into my outlet. My own way to write about my experiences with certain things without well writing my biography. Some of the themes in this story are inspired by events in my life. It still has its own life don’t get me wrong but a bit of my soul is in this story.

It would be irresponsible of me to not talk about Zack’s suicide in the last chapter. I take suicide very seriously. When I was fifteen, I wanted to commit suicide. I can remember the day I decided to vividly. I don’t think I will ever forget that moment. What I felt. What was going through my head at that moment… I was in English class. It was the middle of the day and it was just another day. Nothing big happened the night before nor was there any big stressor recently. We were reading Shakespeare and I was dozing off. I don’t know where the thought came from but suddenly the thought of going home, drinking his sleeping pills and just letting go popped into my head. It was an overwhelming burst of energy and the sense of relief I felt…looking back now I’m sad. I mourn for that young girl who thought the only way she was going to survive her pain was by ending it all. The rest of the school day I was happy. I was just so happy because I knew when I got home it was all going to be over. I wouldn’t have to fake a smile and hope that things don’t get worse. I got home and went through my normal routine. I made instant noodles and ate it while watching my usual show. I then went upstairs, took off my school clothes and unpacked my school bag. I was just going through the motions really. I climbed on my bed and just stared at the ceiling. I wasn’t really thinking about anything at that moment. I was at peace. My phone beeped and it was a message from my dad. It was just another one of those jokes or things that he still sends through. At that moment I kind of snapped out of the haze. I took me years to place those feelings that I felt in that moment into words. It was anger. I don’t know who I was angry at but the will to fight boiled my blood and I refused to ever allow myself to think that killing myself would make everything better. I refused to give in. I saw that the act of my suicide would allow the man who abused me to win and I couldn’t allow that. Over my dead body will I allow this man to win. Things didn’t magically get better after that moment. It got worst. So much worst. The thought occurred to me on my weaker moments but I continued to fight. I fought because I knew eventually things will get better. Eventually, I will find a life worth living for. A life that made all that pain worth it. I’ve always wanted to talk about suicide, it should be talked about more. With this story, I was finally able to do. Zack’s suicide is only the beginning though. It’s only the end of this story but I planned from the start to have this a three book series. Yes! You heard that right. A THREE book series!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails is only the FIRST DRAFT of book one. It is short even for short story standards. I’m so very excited to announce that my goal for this new year is to revise, edit and complete the final version for this story with the means to publish it. It won’t be a big publish deal with some big company and suddenly this book is in all the bookstores in the world. Although that is THE dream. It will be an e-book on my website that true fans of this book can purchase. I’m planning to add at least another 80 pages to this story, which is basically double the amount that you see now. I realize there is a lot of events that I just skipped over. There is so much character development needed and well little plot holes that need to be filled. I have a list of things I want to add (nothing big will change) and I wanted to take this moment and ask you, the reader, to please comment down below and let me know what you think is missing. What do you want to see more off? What do you want to know? Do you want to hear more about M as she was growing up? How Daddy Dearest turned gay? There are quite a bit of things I want to go into detail about that I only briefly mentioned throughout the story. Zack’s depression and struggle with alcoholism were very subtle throughout the entire story. It was important to me to not make it too obvious as M (and you the readers) should be completely overthrown by his suicide. There is so much more I can say but I will leave that for the second book.

Thank you so much for all the love and support. I truly hope you enjoyed this little part of my soul. And I hope if anything, you can take my message to heart. Mental health is so fucking important. If you’re struggling, please reach out. If not with family members or friends, then with a therapist. There are so many free online support communities. You’re not alone. I know you feel alone and you’re drowning in the pain, but please. Reach out. I know it’s hard but it’s worth it.




Update from Future Cassy:

I’ve put all of the chapters of Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails into one downloadable document for you. I lightly and I mean very lightly edited the document. The purpose of this is to make accessing the entirety of this story easier. Before you click on the link to read, please take note of my author note. It’s on the second page of the PDF document but I feel compelled to really stress this.

Author Note

This is the first ever version of this story. It’s completely raw and unedited. There are plot holes, grammar mistakes and overall moments that makes no sense to anyone but me. It’s messy. I fully intend to turn this first draft into something so much bigger but that’s going to take some time. Please note that I’m constantly evolving with my writing. I wrote this book a few months ago and I already think it’s incredibly badly written. Even though I want to stick my head into a little hole and hide from the world at the very thought of people reading this: I’m still so proud of this. I love this story so much. It helped me when I was going through a hard time and for that I’m grateful. You’re more than welcome to read this story and share constructive criticism on it. What do you think is missing? What should I add? What grammar mistake is repeated? Though, threw, thought and etc. I won’t ever know I misuse these words until someone points it out to me. While that being said, I repeat this book is the FIRST DRAFT. It’s very raw and there WILL be grammar mistakes. If you want to point out every single spelling mistake, go right ahead. Just know, I won’t necessarily respond to it. I’m going to start the heavy editing process in August 2019 so hopefully, you will have the final version of this book early 2020. We will have to see how things play out. Thank you so much for the support and I hope you will enjoy this story.

PS This is a coming of age story so it’s a story designed for young adults. I touch on serious subjects in this book.

Now, without further ado…

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails PDF FIRST DRAFT