Sims 4 Meals

Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One | First Ten Parts Review

I can’t believe we are ten meals into this challenge already. It feels like I’ve been doing this for a lifetime. I thought it would be nice to always take a moment to review or truly showcase all of the meals once we take our break when we hit that ten meal mark. Wow, that was a messy sentence, but you know what I mean. I’m not going to stretch this introduction out and instead, I’m just going to get straight to it.


Mac and cheese

Fruit salad —

Honey cake

Grilled cheese

Chocolate cake

Franks and beans

Pan de Muerto (“Bread of the Dead”)

Scrambled eggs with bacon and toast

White Cake

Garden Salad

And that my friends, it the first ten meals of this challenge! Some of them were easy to make while others were the opposite. I had a lot of fun and I’m super excited for the next ten parts. The hamburger cake (part 11) will be up on the 5th of August so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Sims 4 Meals

Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One: Green Salad | Part 10

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I can’t believe that this is my tenth Sims meal I’m remaking. It’s crazy to me. It feels like I’ve been doing this challenge forever. It’s been an interesting journey and I’m super curious if I will walk away at the end of this with a new-found passion for food and a lot of new personal favourites. Onno and I somehow stick to the same few meals and I slowly want to incorporate new things into our diet. I explained it before but since this is the last meal for a while, I should probably explain it one more time. I’ve decided to take a small break every 10 parts when it comes to all of my blog series. This is mainly to give me some breathing room. I like to prepare these Sims meal in advance and as we go through all the levels, some of the meals will require more time to prepare. It also gives me my blog some space. At the moment my Mondays look like this: random blog, review, sims meal, random blog, review, sims meal and etc. I realize not all of my readers are here for my blog series and this way I have a finely tuned balance with what type of content I release. The breaks will be 6 months long. What this means that part 11 of this blog series will go up on the 5th of August. It’s going to be the one you’ve all been waiting for, the hamburger cake! Honestly, when this thought of this entire challenge popped into my head and I saw that I had to a hamburger cake, I nearly pulled the plug. I don’t know what I’m dreading more, the hamburger cake or the turkey dinner. Anyway, so while this meal might be a bit boring and uneventful, the next one will make up for it. I would definitely recommend you check out the introduction and index blog of this blog series, there you can see what meals are next. It’s the first link that I always post at the start of these.

Okay, now that the long introduction is out of the way, let’s get started.

Green Salad

I think it’s safe to say that most of my readers reading this blog has seen or tried a green salad before. It’s super simple and incredibly popular with vegetable lovers. I personally have never liked the green salad. It’s just all types of textures that makes my skin crawl and it doesn’t taste like anything. I hate raw tomatoes and I don’t know, there is just nothing I like about it. Well, maybe the feta cheese but that’s about it. So, I wasn’t entirely excited for this one but I figured, hey make this and if you don’t like it just give to the husband. He will eat it.

I started by grating one medium sized carrot. I then cut up one onion and sliced the cucumbers into little triangles. I then sliced the cherry tomatoes into half and dumped it into the bowl.

I added the lettuce, some olive oil, seasoning and olives for the husband and gave it a good mix. That’s it. The green salad was finished within 5 minutes.

I took a few bites and called it a day. The husband ate most of it and yeah. What else is there to say? It’s a green salad… Here is the finished result.


Susan from the Sims made her salad within seconds. It’s a quick job. On her cutting board straight from the fridge she had some onion, lettuce, tomatoes and a yellow pepper. She then proceeded to cut the vegetables and seasoned them before mixing it all together in a mixing bowl.

Her final green salad looks pretty good although it seems to have mushrooms in and I didn’t think to add that in my green salad. I still think it’s an acceptable match and a job well done.

Let’s compare the two!

And now, let’s rate!

Taste: 10/10 – Once again, I allowed my husband to choose the rating on this one. My raiting is minus ten as I knew walking into it that my husband would be the one eating it and thus I couldn’t add the only part I like; the feta cheese.

Look: 10/10 – It’s a green salad. It looks like one. It’s just that simple.

How easy it is to cook: 10/10 – Techincally I didn’t cook a single thing. I just cut up some vegetables and called it a day.

That’s about it. There isn’t much else that I can say. I hope you enjoyed this blog and I will see you on the 5th of August when we continue where we left off.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Sims 4 Meals

Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One: White Cake | Part 9

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White Cake

Walking into this challenge, baking the white cake was probably one of the meals I looked forward the most when it came to remaking it. I love white chocolate. I will take white chocolate over normal chocolate any day of the week. Heck, I eat normal chocolate very rarely. So, it’s safe to say I was really excited to make this cake but well, I couldn’t eat it. I’m trying this new candy free challenge and cake counts so yeah that sucks. To avoid all temptation, I made the cake packed full of gluten. To save money, I bought a box cake. It is one of those cake mixes that you have to add three ingredients and then you’re done. Normally when I make my gluten-free cake, I have to measure out all of my ingredients: flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and etc but this time it was super easy. I just had to add butter, milk, and eggs. That’s it. I’m going to save you from a long ass introduction and instead just jump straight into it.

The first step of the recipe was to mix the butter until it’s soft and creamy. At first, I had no idea what this means exactly but if you mix the butter with your electric mixer for about two minutes, it starts to become soft and creamy. Who knew? Once the butter was ready, I had to add four tablespoons of milk and the 4 eggs.


I then added my flour and started the mixing process. According to the instruction on the box, I had to mix it on low speed for 1 minute and at high speed for 2 minutes. I wasn’t sure how the cake batter was supposed to look like but I just called it a day after mixing it for 3 minutes. The batter was super creamy and a bit on the thick side but otherwise it looked pretty standard. I then popped the cake in the oven for 70 minutes.


I allowed the cake to cool for almost two hours before I attempted the white chocolate glaze. Our supermarket sells chocolate drips where you heat the container in the microwave for 20 seconds and then you just spread it on your cake. It’s super easy. I popped my dry cake on my liquid measuring cup in the sink and emptied out the white chocolate drip on the cake. I used a tablespoon to guide the product everywhere while Onno grabbed the product on the side to taste test. I left the dripping cake in the sink for a good hour or so before I popped it in the fridge and left it to chill.


The final result is pretty nice. It looks like a white cake so that’s a job considered well done although Onno says the white chocolate drip is incredibly sweet so it might be too much for most people. It’s one of those cakes where you only need a few bites to hit your sweet limit. I can’t vouch for any of this as I can’t taste the cake. I still had fun baking it and it was a quick process so no complaints here. Here are the final pictures. Peep at my Speculoos doing a little sniff test.


Susan in the Sims finished baking her white cake in a snap of my fingers. The process like mine was pretty straightforward and quick. She mixed the ingredients on the countertop for a bit before popping the cake in the oven. Her cake came out with the glazed topping but other than that, the process was pretty similar.



Let’s compare the two!


That’s about everything I can say about remaking the white cake. It’s pretty standard with no surprises. It wasn’t a hard one to make and yeah…some of the meals in this challenge will be easier than others although as we climb the levels, we will have more difficult ones. I glanced at the upcoming few meals and some of them are so much effort. I’m not going to stretch this out too much so let’s rate this puppy and finish this blog off.

Let’s rate!

Taste: 8/10 – It’s on the sweet side. Onno isn’t the biggest white chocolate fan so he would’ve preferred the chocolate cake again but yeah. I definitely want to attempt making this white cake glutenfree style and improve the recipe. One look at the cake itself it looks dense and on the dry side so I would want to play around until I can make a moist white chocolate cake. Stay tuned?

Look: 9/10 – It looks like a white cake. I see now that I could’ve gone the extra mile and put some sprinkles at the top but it’s too late now. It stills looks really good and can be compared to the Sims version. Mine doesn’t have the two layers so hence it’s not full marks.

How easy it is to cook: 10/10 – It’s really easy. I simply had to follow some instructions on the box, mix everything together for a few minutes and then let the oven do the magic. The white chocolate drip was just as easy. I didn’t even have to melt my own chocolate.

And that’s a wrap, folks! I hope you’re enjoying this series. A quick disclaimer before you leave: there is only one part to go before we have the 3 months break from this series. I’ve explained it before and I will probably explain it again but here we go: every ten parts of any blog series I have here on my website, there will be a 3 months break period. This way it gives my blog some breathing room and allows me to prepare stuff in advance so I can stick to the regular three weeks update. As the Mondays of my website are quite cluttered with series this break allows more other content. I realize not all of you enjoy this series and this way I can maintain the fine balance. I’m sure you all will understand this. Part 11 will be up on the 5th of August and it’s going to be a hard one: the hamburger cake!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Sims 4 Meals

Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One: Scrambled Eggs And Bacon | Part 8

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Scrambled Eggs And Bacon (With Toast)

Oh, the one I was probably dreading more than the hamburger cake. If there is one thing you should know about me it’s that I really hate scrambled eggs. The texture and the taste, I just can’t handle it. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. It wasn’t always like this. When I was a young little snot, I used to eat scrambled eggs all the time. It was the only thing my fussy ass liked. I think it’s the reason why I don’t like it as an adult. So, I was less than excited when it came to making this one. So, I opted the easy way out. My lovely husband loves scrambled eggs and bacon so I just took pictures as he prepared his usual weekend breakfast and called it a day. Okay, in my defense I’ve made this twice. Before this series was a thing, I was playing around with the concept and decided to start off with scrambled eggs and bacon because that’s what we had at the apartment. I took some pictures and I begrudgingly ate it. I meant to write a blog but then the renovations started and things got way to crazy. I also didn’t want to announce the series or post the first meal before I had a few completed and scheduled. So, I waited out the renovations and remade the meal when the timing was right. Unfortunately, my impatient ass couldn’t wait for the bacon to get nice and crispy and dumped the eggs with the bacon. Obviously, the two mussed together and it was disgusting. Not even the husband wanted to eat it. At this point, I just switched to another meal I can start off with and push scrambled eggs and bacon further down the line. It’s a problem for future Cassy. Well, future Cassy didn’t want to make and eat it either so we went for the easier route. I’m not even sorry.

Okay, now that my long ass excuse, I mean introduction is out of the way, we can start with the meal. It’s scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast so the amount of effort that goes into it is minimal. Onno put the four bacon pieces in the pan and in a cereal bowl mixed his scrambled eggs mixture. 3 eggs, seasoning, milk, and butter. He added some chili to the mix because the boy will add chili to his cereal if he could. He popped the bread into the oven when I told him the Sims meal had toast on it and we waited.

We fried more bacon because I ate the first batch and when the bread had only one minute to go, he dumped his egg mixture into the pan and low and behold, a few seconds later he had scrambled eggs. That’s it. It was just that quick.

And drumroll please for the finished product.

Urgh. Just looking at the scrambled eggs in the photo is enough to make my skin crawl. I hate it so much. Let’s move on to Susan in the Sims. Susan from the Sims prepared her scrambled eggs with bacon and toast just as quickly. It was a quick mix at the counter, straight to the oven for two seconds and then ta-da it’s done!

Okay, now let’s compare the two because it makes the blog look longer than what it really is. I’m laughing myself silly that Susan’s boob is just in the corner of the frame. I just love that.

That’s it. I can’t really stretch this one out. It’s not that exciting but hey, what is there to do? Some of these meals are easier than others but I’m sure the level of effort and difficulty will continue to climb as we go through all the levels. Next up is a white cake which I’m going to make all gluten so I don’t have any temptation to eat it. I just want to mention this again in case you missed it, once we hit part 10 so two more meal, there will be a short 3 months break. This reason for that is simple. 1) It gives me some time to prepare some of the meals in advance and 2) It gives my blog a bit of a breather. At the moment it’s mostly just my blog series every Monday and I realize that for the readers who aren’t interested in this series it might be a bit annoying. Currently, my Mondays look like: random normal blog, review, sims meal, random normal blog, review, sims meal and etc.

That’s about everything I wanted to say. Let’s rate and finish this one off.

Taste: 10/10 – This is my husband’s vote. If I was voting it would be one out of ten just because bacon is heaven.

Look: 9/10 – It looks like scrambled eggs with bacon and toast. It’s not that deep. It couldn’t really mess this one up. I will extract a point because the bread they used in the Sims meal is different than Onno’s usual.

How easy it is to cook: 10/10 – It’s beyond easy.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Sims 4 Meals

Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One: Pan De Muerto (“Bread Of The Dead”) | Part 7

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Pan De Muerto (“Bread Of The Dead”)

I desperately needed to go to the shops and buy some groceries so I figured I should look into the next Sims meal I need to make and buy what I need. Next up on the list is Pan de Muerto. I had no idea what it was. All I knew was the Sims character never got full after eating one serving and that it looks like some sweet pastry. Similar to the Franks and Beans, I needed to deep dive on the internet and figure it out. I was anything but excited when I saw it was bread, a Mexican bread to be precise. Gluten-free breads are a bitch to make and I knew finding a recipe would be anything but easy. Very soon in my difficult journey of trying to find a recipe that will be Cassy friendly, I stumbled on what the Pan de Muerto means. This next part is the introduction to the recipe I’m going to attempt.  Pan de Muerto (“Bread of the Dead”) is a traditional Mexican sweet bread that is commonly made during Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos). It is very important during this season, and the meaning behind it is as rich as its flavor.

I immediately chose this recipe because they truly explained everything but it wasn’t gluten-free. So, I decided to do some research on how I can replace the normal flour with my gluten-free flour and still have the end result be successful. As far as I know, if I add Xanthan gum everything will be good. Sure enough, I found a website that said just that and I decided to jump right in and make it. Before we start, I do want to add that I truly appreciate the meaning that comes along with this bread. I think it’s wonderful that they do this and I think more cultures should do this. We should all appreciate dead and thank them for being in our lives.

The recipe (link is below) is incredibly detailed and very easy to follow but that doesn’t mean it was easy to make. I took a lot of pictures (or well the Husband took a lot of pictures) so let’s get this started.

Step one is: place the eggs, margarine (I just used butter), salt and half of the sugar in a mixer bowl. You need to mix this for 2 minutes.

Next, you need to add the flour in small amounts while alternating with the water. Now, this is when I needed to use my hands. In a separate bowl, I had already mixed gluten free flour they recommend for bread and pizza and added the Xanthan Gum. The website I followed recommended 2 teaspoons for every cup of flour. The thing you need to know about Xanthan Gum is that you can’t mix it with an electric mixer. The mix/dough will climb up and clog the mixer so I normally fold the flour in (for cake recipes) and in this instance I used my hands. Also, this is just from my experience, the gluten-free and Xanthan Gum mixture is drier than normal flour and you will need a tiny bit more moisture. This is especially needed when the recipe you’re following isn’t a gluten-free recipe. The next step is to add the dry active yeast and mix until it’s well combined.

Step two is to add the butter, one at a time. You also need to add the orange zest, the rest of the sugar and the orange blossom essence (I just used orange juice).

You need to mix this well. I had to do this by hand as it’s not possible to use the electric mixer anymore. Once you add the Xanthan gum it’s game over.

Now it was finally time to knead the dough on your work surface. You need to knead it for a good couple of minutes until it’s nice and smooth. You then need to transfer the dough and cover it for plastic wrap. It needs to stand in a warm place until it doubles in size. I can see now that my dough looks quite different than the recipe I was following. Hers is smooth and sticky and it’s clear now mine needed more liquid. I do want to add that the butter that a greased the bowl with did help with that as it melted while I had it sit. My dough also didn’t double in size. A lot was working against my bread as it was 1) gluten-free and 2) hand mixed in almost every step where the lady in the recipe had a special mixture.

The dough rested for two hours before I started to shape them. I followed the instructions and decided to make two big ones instead of a lot of smalls ones. It was already 11pm and I just wanted to be done for the night. My dumbass didn’t think to adjust the amount of time so most of the bread turned out raw. I put the timer on for the small pieces of bread and didn’t take into account that my large bread will need more time. I did double the time but that wasn’t nearly enough. We only noticed just how raw they were the next morning and by then it was too late. In the end, we could only taste the top parts.


Now, drumroll, please…Here is the finished result.

Our bread was also super dense but that might be because it couldn’t mix it as well and it’s still raw.


We did end up throwing most of it away as well it was raw and inedible but the little I could taste, I enjoyed. I don’t think I will make this again but I definitely want to play around with sweet bread in the future.

Now, how did Sims Susan make her pan de muerto? It was so easy for her it is considered cheating. She literally just mixed in her little mixing bowl for a few Sims minutes before putting it in the oven. And that was it. No kneading. No hours of waiting. Nothing like that. I’m not salty. At all. I’m not jealous of a game character. Not. At. All.

Okay, let’s compare our two.

Other than that my bread was raw and inedible, I did a pretty damn good job. I’m actually really proud of the outcome. At least it resembles the bread I was trying to make. That has to count for something. Okay, before we wrap up this blog with the rating, I do want to say one thing. I decided to always take a 3-month break every ten parts with all of my blog series. The reason for this is to switch things up. At this moment my website is just Sims Meals and Reviews and I love that but there needs to be a balance otherwise…it can get old real quick. At the moment my Mondays’ look like Sims Meal, something else, Review, Sims Meal, something else, Review, Sims Meals and etc. It’s a bit boring. Okay, now that is out of the way, let’s rate this puppy.

Taste: 8/10 – The little I can taste, tasted quite nice. I’m not the biggest fan of sweetbreads, a shock I know, but this one tasted quite nice. I really liked the orange taste.

Look: 9/10 – It definitely resembles a Pan De Muerto but you can tell it’s homemade.

How easy it is to cook: 3/10 – It’s anything but easy. I definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way but it requires a lot of time and effort. I’m lazy when it comes to cooking and baking. I want to mix for ten minutes and leave the rest to the oven.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this meal. The next one is a bit boring but aww well. This is still Level One of this challenge so I guess it makes sense. If you’re interested in making this bread, I definitely recommend you follow the recipe I used. It’s very detailed and only an idiot (me when it comes to baking bread) can mess it up.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Recipe —

Xanthan Gum —