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A Letter For My Future Self | Bucket List

Before I start my letter for my future self I should probably explain a little bit. Early this year I started a bucket list which basically holds all types of ideas and dreams that I want to turn into memories. Some of them are serious ones like get my degree, buy a house, have a baby and etc but then I have some crazy ones. I just want to step outside my comfort zone and experience new things. Every now and again I like to open my bucket list and pick something.

Here was my options for today:

  1. Get interviewed
  2. Have a son
  3. Perform the shrine maiden dance
  4. Learn how to belly dance
  5. Dance under the moonlight with an American Indian (Think the Pocahontas Tribe)
  6. Try Henna ink on myself
  7. Create my own dance routine
  8. Ice skate on a frozen lake
  9. Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one sitting
  10. Have a snow Christmas
  11. Make a snowman
  12. Write a letter for my future self
  13. DIY galaxy painting

Quite an interesting list if I do have to say so myself. It was a tossup between Harry Potter marathon, this letter and the galaxy painting. I don’t really have the time for a marathon right now as I’m concentrating on my Dutch and painting with Speculoos in our tiny apartment is a massive thing so letter it is!


Dear Cassandra

It’s the year 2027 now and the robots mostly likely took over but maybe your new master will allow this letter. You probably won’t remember writing this so prepare to be entertained. You used to be funny.

I’m trying to picture us/you as a 31 year old, oh wait sorry a 30 year old. We decided on forever 30 right? I guess I should start of by saying what I imagine where you are in life right now. Stop me when I’m wrong. To be honest this letter would be so much cooler if you wrote a letter for me and basically give me cheat codes but what’s the fun in that. Alright so you’re 30…You’ve been married for ten years and you probably have a busy career and kids…I’m trying to brainstorm on what I should say. I just imagine you to be very happy. I know how you’ve always wanted kids so I bet your loving every second with them. I bet they’re so cute and I really hope they took after Onno. I hope you decided on my baby boy name. I wrote it down but I know you wouldn’t have forgotten. Are you still enjoying the married life? Oh how is the dream house? Do you have the picture and paint wall like we dreamed of? If not then you have a big weekend ahead. The kids will love the painting wall. I’m sure you will make a big game out of it. Is Speculoos still around? He must be so old by now. As I’m writing this he’s still a kitten chewing on my toes. I hope you visit our parents often and still stay in touch with the friends and family. You probably have a lot of new friends now. I’m sure they’re great people. Oh your Dutch must be so good by now. I hope you haven’t forgotten where you came from. I hope you still speak Afrikaans and enjoy a good night in front of a fire.

Oh I wish you can tell me all about your studies. You probably just finished your master degree if you decided to proceed but all in all I just want to say I’m so proud. We both never thought we will have the opportunity to study and now look at you. You have a degree! I’m confident you are a great nutritionist and you help many people every day. Oh please tell me there is gluten free donuts or better yet a cure for celiac? I bet the robots cured cancer and the world finally has peace. I hope people are finally accepted for their true selves and hate is something of the past. I hope you still dream big. If not you better start! I’m sure there will be something in our pink book to tick off. Bucket lists are so much fun. Oh I hope you saw Japan! I bet you loved every second of it there. The cherry blossoms must have been an one in a lifetime sight. Did our parents come over to visit us in the Netherlands? I’m sure they love it as much as you do. I’m asking a lot of questions and I bet you have a few questions too. I guess I can try to guess what my future self would ask my current self.

Oh I can tell you that currently you’re studying Dutch for the big language immigration test. You’re three weeks out from the big test and your mother in law is helping you so much. I’m sure you thanked her properly. Your blog is still a baby and writing content has been so much fun. I’m confident you still love it. Oh how is your novels coming along? Did you ever finish those two big story ideas? You wrote the entire idea down and made a voice memo of it so if you forgot I’m sure you will find it. Oh look at me asking you more questions! What else would you ask me? Hmmmmm you probably want me to tell you a little bit about Onno. He’s as sweet as ever. Currently he’s working in his office in your poke a dot robe. He’s still working in Utrecht and the two of us are still living in our first apartment in Rotterdam. Oh and we’re training for our bicycle tour. I’m sure that was a great experience.

All in all…Cassandra I hope you are still the same quirky girl that moved to the Netherlands with so many dreams. I hope that you still watch anime, cry in sad movies, pet every dog you see and kiss Speculoos to the point of torture. I hope that you still drink milk in your tea and can drink one litre of orange juice in one big go. I hope you still paint your toenails every three months in that little rainbow you do. I hope you still fart in front of Onno and play with your hair when you’re nervous or bored. I hope you still write stories and I hope you’ve found peace and forgiveness from your childhood. I hope that you’re truly happy but who am I kidding. You must be the happiest you’ve ever been. Send my love and regards to our babies and tell them I can’t wait to meet them. Give a big kiss to Onno and tell him I still love him even if his bold now.

Oh I have an idea. Here is a command. You have to complete this with the family on the next weekend. Have a food fight in the backyard! I expect a big mess. Make tons of popcorn, buy chips, get flour, rice and everything you can think off. Make three packets of pasta. Really get a good amount of food. Every person gets three large bowls of food. Have fun! Oh and don’t worry about the clean up. I got you boo!

Lots of love, Cassy

And remember to…

Live every moment with a open heart!


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My Husband Chose My Look For The Day | Bucket List

I’ve brought up my age and bucket list on here before, all in one title if I’m being specific. It’s been awhile since I’ve ticked something off my list and as we have quite an empty weekend I figured why not now? This is kind of a challenge floating around on YouTube but I’m also genuinely curious to see what my husband would put together.

So the challenge is basically my husband will go through my wardrobe, throw an outfit together but it doesn’t end there. He also gets control over my make-up, so what look I will be going for my eyes and lips. He also gets to choose how my hair is going to look; straightened, curled, up, down etc. He also needs to accessorize my outfit with some type of jewelry. Afterwards I need to go out and about in the public eye for a minimum of two hours.

The Outfit Process:

Photo 16-09-2017, 17 02 20

We started with pants. I laid down all the long pants I own which I might add is on the low side and I asked Onno to pick his favorite three. He took his task very seriously and took his time choosing. “I don’t know the next round yet so I need to pick strategically.”

It was quite cute if I’m honest. The top three options was my black, dark blue jeans and my black leggings. Next up I took out all possible shirt options and asked him to choose his top three. It was interesting what colors he moved towards.

1-Photo 16-09-2017, 17 02 32

He ended up choosing a three quarter sleeved light blue striped shirt – a shirt I often wore in South Africa in the colder weather. He also chose a long sleeved grey shirt which I have had for years now but I don’t wear that often. It’s a bit tight on my arms. Last but not least he chose a very summery and cool flow and large orange shirt that I stole from my mom. It’s one of those with the big little wings on the side. I then asked him to choose the actual outfit.

“I’m leaning towards the black with something colorful at top.” At this point I was really just hoping he won’t go for the orange shirt because well it’s raining and cold outside. He chose my leggings and the light blue shirt. Two things I would never put together as a public outfit. It’s very casual. Usually I go for a shirt that’s long in length that would cover half of my butt or a dress. Mostly because I want to hide possible canal toe or panty lines.


For accessories I just asked him to choose one type so a necklace, bracelet or earrings. Onno leaned towards earrings and again he picked out his top three before making his final choice. I personally would’ve chosen the pearls or panda because it would suite the casual and natural look Onno was going for. Onno however chose the watermelons. I’m not mad. I love watermelons.

Unfortunately Onno had no choice when it came to my shoes and jacket. I only have one perfect jacket and shoes for this type of weather. It was cold and raining as usual here in the Netherlands in case I didn’t mention it before.

The Make-up Look:


Next I gave Onno all my eye shadow pallets and asked him to choose his top three. He went for two very colorful pallets with the shirt in mind and one very natural earthy pallet. 90% of the time I always go for the earthy and warm tones for my eye look. He did the same thing with the lip products. He immediately leaned towards bright colors; red and almost all my pinks.

I think he played it very safe by choosing a pallet that I would use normally and matched it with a light brown liquid lipstick. I never match an earthy eye look with an earthy lip and I almost never really use this pallet mostly because it’s not so great.


I used the bronzer shade on my lid in a oval shape and the purple metallic color in the outer corner of my lid to darken my crease. Now usually I would put a bright glittery color on my lid close to my lash line to brighten up my eye and have my eyes appear more open. I have hooded eyes so this is an important step I always take in my eye shadow routine. None of the light colors in the pallet was pigmented enough to show, so my eye look did turn out very dark.

The Hair Look:

Of course we can’t forget the hair. I really had to help Onno with this one because honestly the man is clueless when it comes to hair. I never really go all out with my hair. I have two looks I mostly rock when out in the public eye and I mostly have braided hair at home. So I just walked him through his options: my natural hair loose, my natural hair in a back pony, low pony, side pony, low side pony with the same options with straightened and curled hair. Two braids, one side braid, French braid, pony braid and all of those in a fishtail braid. Of course I brought up my messy bun which is my usual.

I never really straighten my hair or curl my hair with the iron mostly because I’m trying to grow out my hair and keep the damage to the minimal. Onno loves my straightened and curled hair and couldn’t choose between the two…so my hubby went for both. Bottom part of my hair straight with the top part in wavy curls. It took me a hour to do this. I would never think of specially styling my hair when it’s raining outside mostly because it’s a clear waste of time. What the hubby wants he will get.

Out And About In The Public Eye:

1-Photo 16-09-2017, 15 25 48



With the jacket out in the cold I felt a little more comfortable with my leggings. We first ran some errands before going for a small date at a coffee shop close by. There I took off my jacket and I have to say the entire look was a bit too casual for me but because my hair and makeup was all done up it worked in a way.


Final Thoughts:

The experience was quite interesting and although I wasn’t entirely out of my comfort zone it was still something I wouldn’t easily put together. I do think we were quite limited with the cold weather so I definitely want to redo this little experiment/challenge in the summer. My summer collection is huge as you would expect from someone who is originally from a warm climate. All in all the experience was fun. It was great to tick something off my bucket list.

This next part is Onno’s final thoughts: “I had a lot of fun choosing the outfit of Cassandra today, it was very interesting to try and combine the different elements into a complete look. The final look was, mostly because Cassandra can pull everything off, stunning. It was also fun for me to think about parts of her look I don’t know a lot off, such as her makeup, and learn something new. Overall it was a cool experience to cross this off the bucket list together!”



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I’m 21 And I Have A Bucket List

When you think about someone with a bucket list, my best bet is that a healthy twenty one year old women doesn’t come to mind. It’s for the sick and dying. It’s for the dreamers. It’s for the paranoid humans that believe the world is ending. I don’t know…it’s a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Why wait till it’s too late to start living your life? So I bought a book and started to write.

What do I want in life?

What memories do I want to make?

Some was quite plausible and expected: get married, buy a house, get my degree, move abroad, have children and etc. Now there is also a few things on the list that’s a bit crazy but something I will do mark my words.

Here is a few of my favorite Randoms:

Get a trust tattoo (I’m really okay with this one. My husband will choose the design and I’m really looking forward to it.)

Swim in the sea at midnight (Fun fact: I’m terrified of swimming in the sea. I get full blown panic attacks when in neck depth water in broad daylight. Yeah. Fun.)

Set of fireworks (Last time I was close to fireworks things went bad so this should be interesting)

Learn how to ballet dance (I’m not expecting miracles. I’m going to count a five year old routine as a success.)

Hold a spider for five minutes (Oh hell to the no. Sorry that was reflex.)

I firmly believe that you can’t live your life without ever stepping outside your comfort zone. I strive to challenge myself in every aspect of my life without going to stupid and dangerous means. So I made a list and every time something silly I want to do just for the sake that I’m alive and healthy and can do it I add it to my list. Every now and again I open my little book and see what I want to do. Life is short. I would hate to die without ever have lived.

So yeah, make that list and get out there and live.