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The Northern Lights For 365 Candy Free Days

Oh wow what a title right? So the new year is coming up and I’ve been spending the month of December thinking back of what I achieved in the year 2017 and what I want to achieve in the year 2018. Yes, I’m making my new year’s resolutions. This year was the first year I actually completed something on my list and it has lit up a fire inside my soul. I want to achieve more. I want to challenge myself. I want to see how far I can go. Now sometimes we change and grow as the year process and the goals we set in the beginning of the year are not something you want to achieve anymore. It happens. Now there is also so many things on my list that if I complete it, I will be so fucking proud of myself because none of it will be easy and a walk in the park. It will be a challenge but I want to see how far I can go.

So as I was making my list I was looking back to my 2017 list. One of the things on there was to limit my candy intake to twice a week. There was months in this year that I completed that goal. There was a month that I didn’t even touch anything candy related and there was months where I basically forgot all about that goal. These last few years I’ve tried to limit my candy intake as I know it will be better not only for my teeth health but overall health if I can achieve this goal. If I can enjoy candy every now and again my health would take a drastic improvement. So I decided I want to go candy free excluding special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, just over all big moments but truly a special occasion) for one year. Now I know that this will be anything but easy heck I have no idea if I can achieve this but I want to try. I want to be able to say I really tried. Plus I feel like if I can achieve one year…I don’t know I feel like if I can do I can do anything I set my mind too. Candy is my addiction. I have zero self control when it comes to the sugary goodness. I want to overcome my weakness. I want to see how far I can go.

I however also know myself very well. I know how my mind works and just saying one year of no candy because I want to see I can won’t motivate me to fight the cravings on a bad day. That I know so I had to dangle something delicious in front of me if I complete the goal. It’s like dangling the carrot in front of the donkey to get it to move forward. So I started to brainstorm. The carrot had to be juicy and something big that I can’t just convince my husband to buy. It had to be worth the work. It had to be a one in lifetime experience. The northern lights. Every since that snow day I fell in love with the idea of being far away from the city, surrounded by snow. Add the northern lights. That’s an experience I would do anything to get. 365 days without candy for the northern lights? That’s nothing. It’s the perfect carrot.



For this…


A price I’m willing to pay…

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New Bicycle Training Update| Week 1 – 4

Week 1

The first week following our new bicycle training program couldn’t have gone better. The two of  us nailed the brief and the level of accomplishment after we hit our mark will surely motivate us in the next week. This week our goal was 150km and this is how it went:

Cassandra’s Training Journal                 Onno’s Training Journal

Tuesday: 34km                                             Friday: 30km

Wednesday: 16km                                       Saturday: 60km

Saturday: 50km                                            Sunday: 60km

Sunday: 50km

Cassandra’s thoughts:

The idea of freedom turned out to work really well with me. I loved being able to control when I bicycle and for how long. A quick 20 minute workout went from being bleh to yay that’s 16km I didn’t have 20 minutes ago. On Saturday I sat for 110 minutes and pumped out my 50km but on Sunday I split it up in 30 minute sessions mostly because I was hurting from the day before. Over all I think for the next week I’m going to do smaller sessions more often and pace everything out. Just to see how it goes.

Onno’s thoughts:

I really liked this week of new training, there was little pressure to work every day and instead we got to bike when we want. It did end up biting me in the butt a bit near the weekend, because I hadn’t done anything so far… It was relatively easy to catch up, only some small shouting went on during the Sunday training, just definitely next week I want to do one weekday session to make it easier on the weekends.

Week 2

The second week following the new training program I aced it. Onno not so much. The week got away from him and he basically shot himself in the foot and had bicycle his entire 150km over the weekend. It was hilarious to watch. I would like to say he learned his lesson but give it a few seconds of scrolling.

Cassandra’s Training Journal                    Onno’s Training Journal

Thursday: 45km                                              Saturday: 75km

Friday: 35km                                                    Sunday: 75km

Saturday: 40km

Sunday: 30km

Cassandra’s thoughts:

I did quite well this week. I didn’t leave everything for the weekend which is the main goal if I’m honest. Now let’s keep it up for the next week.

Onno’s thoughts:

I’m surprised I survived this weekend. I promised to do a week training but it proved too much with all the other work I had lying around. It’s no excuse I should be able to find 2 hours during the week to do some simple bicycle training, but it’s what happened. I will have to double down on this promise.

Week 3

We made a little oopsie! The week just got away from us and before we could blink it was Sunday and I had 100km left and Onno had 140km. A distance that just won’t be possible to complete in one day so we accepted our fate and will have to make due. Luckily week 4 was our planned rest week but since we only bicycled on in week 3 the two weeks can take each other’s place.

Cassandra’s Training Journal                    Onno’s Training Journal

Tuesday: 50km                                                Friday: 10km

Week 4

Second try is the charm right? So this week I have 100km to cycle and Onno has 140km. It will be critical to finish it sooner than later as week 5 is 200km and you don’t want to screw yourself over my pushing everything to the weekend.

Cassandra’s Training Journal                    Onno’s Training Journal

Thursday: 30km                                              Saturday: 45km

Saturday: 30km                                               Sunday: 21km

Sunday: 40km                                                  73km left

Cassandra’s thoughts:

Damn now this was a week. It was a lot harder to get it done but willpower is a wonderful thing. That and unlike Onno I don’t have any time to ‘catch’ up as you will. If I don’t complete the goal at end the week with –km left…I shoot myself in the foot. Next week is 200km. 200km is quite a distance on its own. I have to stay strong after all I have three weeks ‘off’ in January while I’m in England.

Onno’s thoughts:

These past 2 weeks my head has not been in the game, however with the new year coming up and Cassandra sharing her new year goals it has reignited my own ambition to strive for more as well. It can’t be too hard and it’s a realistic goal, I just have to commit and make it happen.


Oh so Onno has 73km left from this week. He has some time while I’m in England to catch up as you will. So while I enjoy a few days on my lonesome with the dogs, Onno has to bicycle 73km. Insert evil laughter.



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My First (Real) Snow Day

I don’t know about you but seeing snow falls relaxes me. I’ve always loved the purity that is snow. No matter on what it falls, snow looks the same. A clear white blanket on all the ugly. I really can’t get over on how beautiful snow is. So imagine my happiness when I saw snow fall for the first time in person. When I heard that there will be snow over the weekend I thought a few snowflakes will fall but nothing massive but instead the snow came with a surprise with big and heavy snowflakes. I’m so happy right now because not only did I get one snow day, I got two right after each other. It was beautiful and so much fun!

On Sunday morning I woke up with a message from my cousin, the one who lives in England. It was snowing in England and he asked if we had any snow. I jumped up and ran to the window. There was light snow but nothing that exciting. I felt very disappointed. Where was my thick snow? So I begrudgingly went back to bed and spend two hours watching series. Eventually I got up for a bathroom pit stop and that’s when it caught my eye. Big heavy snow flakes falling. White covered everything. It was snowing! Real movie ready snow! I squealed and jumped up and down in front of the window in excitement. I immediately took photos for my parents and before they could reply I was calling them. First my mom whom then decided right there and then that instead of visiting me here in the Netherlands in the summer she is going to come in the winter. I chuckled a little because my mom is not known for her tolerance against the cold. I really can’t wait for the day my mom comes over to see my new home. I can only wish it will snow during her visit. After the two minute call, I dialed my dad who was just as pleased with the snow. Although he was very adamant that I should go outside and really enjoy it. I didn’t have to be told twice. I never dressed so quickly in my life.

The cold air that blew over my face when I opened my front door brought me more joy that I could ever imagine. I’m not exactly a cold blooded person. I’m the person who constantly complains that it’s cold and would rather stay inside and soak up the warmth. I basically embrace the hobbit inside of me. But this time around I didn’t want to turn around and go back in. I wanted to play around in the snow and that’s what I did. I danced. I made snow balls. I made a snow angel although, in the moment and the shock of how cold the snow was all over my body, I forgot to do my feet. I laughed so much. I destroyed Onno’s snowman because running through it was so much fun. It truly was so much fun. I love the snow. I even came to the conclusion that even though I was cold, I couldn’t care less because of how beautiful the snow is. I dare to even say that I wouldn’t mind living in a snowy country. Yes, the person who complains about a cold wind and loves being in the sun actually uttered those words. I even told Onno that one day I want to spend a week in a snow cabin with no internet connection. Oh that sounds so romantic. I really love the snow!

Day two in my snow experience I was out and about. My experience wasn’t unpleasant in any means but it could’ve gone wrong for me quite easily. So here in the Netherlands there was chaos. We made a new record for the longest time stuck in the traffic in years. I’m so happy I don’t drive here. There was trains delays basically left and right. If a train was running like it was supposed to you would consider yourself lucky. Now most people, those who could, decided to work from home that day. Onno was one of them and it is good that he did otherwise his day would’ve sucked. I will get back to that one in a minute. I had an appointment in Amsterdam that I couldn’t get out of, my visa appointment for England. It’s quite critical that I make the appointment otherwise there is no England trip for me. So Onno spend the morning constantly checking the trains. I left home just before one. My appointment is at three. It took me nearly two hours to get there. Once I got to the final station, I had a five minute walk to the agency. Maps of course didn’t know if I should go left or right and couldn’t understand the concept of a few bridges. It took me a few tries and wrong turns, but I found the place.

There I spend nearly two hours, just waiting. Oh I have to tell you this. It was so cool and impressive. I’m still giving my ninja self a pat on the back. I’m not kidding. The second I could, I told my husband about this because it’s that cool. So there is two rooms at the visa place. The right hand side is the entryway and the left hand side is the desks where they help you. Separating these two rooms is a knee length glass door that swings open into the entryway. So when your appointment is finished, you click on a button and the door swings open and off you go. The entire two hours I sat there the door always opened into the entryway. When it was my turn to leave the door swung the other way around. Before I could hit me, heck before my brain could even process what was happening. I sidestepped it and it missed me. I just casually sidestepped the swinging door before it could hit me. The guard was like wow and another customer was like wow impressive. I felt like a ninja. So fabulous with the reflexes of a cat. I’m seriously still patting myself on the back. I really needed that confidence boost because I’m still blushing from embarrassment at my little Starbucks Dutch blunder. I can’t even get myself to retell that story. Eeeeppppp! Hide me!

When I arrived at the Amsterdam station it was close 5pm, the snow was still going very strong and train delays were everywhere. I’ve never seen so many train delays in my life. Chaos I tell you. There was three possible trains I could take that would take me home, all delayed and it wasn’t clear which one would actually get me home. I took a risk and it paid off. I found a train that will take me straight to Rotterdam Central Station. It’s a long ride, over a hour but I won’t have to transfer anywhere and stand I chance to get stranded. Nope. None of that. Straight sailing for me. Once I got home however Onno informed me on how close I got to being stranded in Amsterdam for the night. The train I took…yeah it was the last one out. If I missed that one I would’ve had a very cold night at the station. I’m counting my lucky stars. If Onno went to work, he also would’ve been stranded.

So although I love the snow, I like being able to go home and enjoy warmth while I watch the snow fall. It’s melting as I’m writing this and I miss it already. Snow is still so beautiful especially if I can share it with my husband.


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I Got A Present From My Mommy Dearest | NT2 Update

My Thursday morning started with going online and fighting the internet because for some reason it couldn’t open the website or it will shut down once I click on the ‘see results’ tab. I should explain a little. So remember five weeks ago I wrote my NT2 or Dutch as a second language test. It was finally time to see the results and boy could I hardly breathe while waiting for the internet to finally get its shit together. So I clicked enter after putting in my details, closed my eyes and blocked the screen with a piece of paper. After a few minutes I grew a pair and finally checked. Boy did I get a sucker punch. Please give me a few minutes while I rant. Just skip it but also feel free to read because it’s probably entertaining.

What the actual fuck man. I mean I failed the one test (writing) with 8 points. 8 points. Throw a bitch a bone man. I mean 8 points. Now I have to redo the test just to make an extra 8 points. Like come on! 8 points. 492. That’s a lot of points. The worst part is I have no idea where I went wrong. It wasn’t a test I was that worried about afterwards. The only part that made me second guess the success of the test was the two long questions at the end. They asked for 180 words and I gave them 350 easy. It could go two ways. First they only mark the first 180 words and then leave out the rest or mark everything as is. I suspect they only marked the first 180 words. That’s the only way I could lose so many points and fail. I really can’t think of how else I lost those 8 points. It was just really disappointing if I’m upfront with you. I worked really hard and studied my ass off and now I have to redo it again. What a sucker punch.

I failed the speaking test too. It wasn’t a super close call like the writing test but 37 points from passing is still pretty frustrating if you catch my drift. The speaking test is the one that made me panic and I honestly thought I would be lucky if I get half of the stuff correct but then again it still feels pretty disappointed that I failed. I don’t want to fail. I also really don’t want to retake this test. It was fucking horrible. I hated that test so much and now I have to do it again. It just really was a blow and I know it’s not that big and all but it does change my future plans a little bit. I think the worst part outside retaking the test is just how frustrating it. I just really wanted that part of my life behind me but now I have to wait weeks before I can retake the test and then wait weeks for my results. The positive thing is I know exactly what to expect and can properly prepare myself.

The one thing that really worried me was how this could affect my studies. I’ve been trying to start my studies a few years now. I’ve been ready but there is always something that needs to be done that takes months. My studies start in March and hopefully I can still start even though I won’t have all four certificates by the time I start. Oh that’s a messy sentence. All in all. It would have been wonderful if I passed all four tests but there is nothing I can do about it now. I just need to stand up, dust myself off and make sure I don’t make the same mistakes again. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself either. The test isn’t known to be easy and at that point I was probably actively studying Dutch for four  months. I mean this test is for people who are fluent in the language. I was close, 80% fluent so it really just adds to the frustration. But anyway there is nothing I can do about it and after sulking for a few hours I’ve moved on. I will probably make the appointment for the next test this weekend. It takes six weeks so I have time to prepare.

Now let’s move on to the good stuff. So I mentioned my sulking and pity part already but the results couldn’t have came on a better day because today I was expecting a package from my mommy dearest. I went out in the cold and picked up my package, basically sprinted home, died a little carrying the package up four flight of stairs before switching on Facebook Live and digging in. Boy I was like a little kid on a Christmas morning. My mom went all out with this package. All my favorites treats. Three packets of my favorite soft candy in the world. Two bar of chocolates that’s literally heaven. Six packets of rice chips in a flavor that is home and so much more. Speculoos even got some toys and the husband is just as obsessed with his present. It was truly just what I needed to end my day and got me out of my pity party and into a yay I can’t wait to stuff my face party.

I will be honest. Its hard sometimes to be so far away from family and the country that was your home and all you knew for nearly two decades and it will probably always be hard but festive season just takes it up a notch. I get homesick and I wish I can have my family by my side as I celebrate this season but I signed up for this when I made the big move. I will find a way to deal with the homesickness I’m sure but for now I’m just going to feel what I feel and enjoy my time here with my two favorite boys. (Okay I have three but my dad doesn’t even count. I mean he is my dad. He is included.)

Here is the picture of my big present. Quite impressive isn’t it? I’m so happy right now. I already made quite a big dent in it as I’m writing this and you bet your sweet little booty by the time this blog goes online there will be another big dent in it. I can’t wait. I’m going to stuff my face.



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Challenge: Sumo Down With 500 Sit Ups In 30 Days (Level 3: Third Wheel)

Do you like a challenge? This is a 30 day challenge where you start with a small amount of sit ups per day and as you get stronger and more dead inside, you push the limits and do even more squats the next day. All the way till you can easily do 500 sit ups.

This is for someone in the third wheel of fitness. So if you’ve been working out for a long time now and really know your way through the gym this is definitely something to space things up for you. It’s a great way to challenge yourself.

Happy Sit Ups! 

500 sit ups 3.png

PS: If you complete or join the challenge use the hashtag #fitcouchpotatochallenge so I can get in touch with you.

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Challenge: Sumo Down With 150 Sit Ups In 30 Days (Level 2: Middle Child)

Do you like a challenge? This is a 30 day challenge where you start with a small amount of sit ups per day and as you get stronger and more dead inside, you push the limits and do even more squats the next day. All the way till you can easily do 150 sit ups.

This is for the middle child in fitness. So if you’ve been working out for a hot minute and kind of know a thing or a two and just feel like a change than this is definitely something fun for you. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and build your strength.

Happy Sit Ups! 

150 sit ups 2.png

PS: If you complete or join the challenge use the hashtag #fitcouchpotatochallenge so I can get in touch with you.

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Challenge: Sumo Down With 50 Sit Ups In 30 Days (Level 1: Beginners Luck)

Do you like a challenge? This is a 30 day challenge where you start with a small amount of sit ups per day and as you get stronger and more dead inside, you push the limits and do even more squats the next day. All the way till you can easily do 50 sit ups.

This is for beginners. So if you’re new and just decided to make a change in your life this is definitely something fun for you. It’s a great way to start and build your strength.

Happy Sit Ups! 

50 sit ups 1

PS: If you complete or join the challenge use the hashtag #fitcouchpotatochallenge so I can get in touch with you.

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Upcoming Travel Plans: I’m Going To England Baby!!

I’m going to England baby! I’m sorry for the repeat but I’m so beyond excited. I’ve been dreaming about going to England ever since I watched the Harry Potter movies. It’s been in so many of my favorite movies that I’m genuinely interested to see it. Now the main place in my dreams is London but I also really want to see the country side and the smaller towns as an entire country isn’t just one city.

So quite out of the blue my cousin who lives in England asked if I would be willing to look after his four dogs for two weeks while they go to visit the family in South Africa. At this time Onno was at the shops to buy stuff for dinner so me being a great wife said nothing before I spoke to the husband…but then my cousin said he would buy my airplane ticket and pay for the VISA and without any hesitation I agreed. Onno came home and I cheered and did my little I’m going to England dance which he rudely ended with; “What about Speculoos?” I will be honest. I completely forgot about my boy even though he was basically sleeping on top of me as he always does. I’m such a great mom. I mean my cat freaks out when I leave the house for 8 hours. What is he going to do when he can’t see me and cuddle with his favorite human for two and half weeks? The poor thing.

I’m applying for the VISA somewhere in the next two weeks and I’m flying over the pond (I made a funny) just after New Years. There I can meet their fur babies and human baby before they make the long flight to South Africa. I’m so excited to have a dog again. I love dogs and I can’t wait to get one. They have four huskies! I’m a sucker for huskies. They’re absolutely beautiful. I can already promise everyone on my social media that there will be a lot of dog photos on my instant stories. I’m going to be on my own for a week before Onno joins me. Once we meet up we will do a little London tour and all that jazz and the best part is…wait for it…I’m celebrating my birthday in London! Insert fan girl squeals. I’m seriously jumping up and down while I’m writing this. Okay that’s a lie. I’m sitting on the couch with a blank facial impression while writing this but it’s only because I’m so focused and…Speculoos just bit my toe. Okay another lie. His resting his head on my foot but I promise you the second I move I will be bitten.

I must not tell lies

I must not tell lies

I must not tell lies

Oh hell yeah Harry Potter reference for the win! As you might tell; I’m pretty excited for my upcoming trip. I haven’t really gone to another place like actually properly travel in quite some time. If I don’t count Onno’s trip in South Africa which I should totally write a blog about then the last travel I did was Crete, Greece and that was over a year ago. So yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to the time away although I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do before Onno joins my little mini vocation.

Please stand by while I Google possible things I would like to do. Annndddd I’ve returned…I guess I will just wing it. Maybe try to meet up with England fitness babes but otherwise I’m just going to enjoy the dogs, take them on walks, drink a lot of tea and catch up on my series. Once Onno joins…that’s when we go full tourist on England. In case it’s not clear yet, at the start of every trip I have no idea what I’m going to do on what day. I normally have an idea of what I want to see but never in great detail. I’m just talking in circles now but no worries the after travel blog post will be awesome.

Can I just say how incredibly excited I’m for England! I’ve started with the VISA process, my appointment is in December and damn I thought it was all behind me. The documents, the letters, the entire process. The requirements border line on being ridiculous like do you want my unborn child as well? Just so I can go on a two week holiday 300km away from where I live. Sorry I just had to complain about it once. The Dutch culture is rubbing off on me insert chuckle at my funny joke. It’s always such a big thing before I can travel anywhere but awwh well it’s something small. Anyway till the next one!

PS If anyone knows of great gluten free restaurants that can be trusted in London please let me know. Thanks!



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My Second Date With My Husband (His Perspective)

Insert the romantic music with slideshow of every couple picture we have. While I’m here insert some romantic poems.


Okay now that is behind us here is Onno’s journal entry of our second date. Reading this gives me so many warm and a fluffy feelings. It was also the day we kissed for the first time and also our first selfie together ever. The ball really started to roll after this date and in a blink of an eye we were girlfriend and boyfriend. Nevertheless here is what you all came for. Onno’s thoughts. I’m sure you will miss my brilliant words but no worries I will be back tomorrow.

19 July 2015

The day started quite early for me, it was our 2nd date and I remembered being very excited, saying we had a great first date would be an understatement. I had high hopes it would only get better. We went to Blijdorp on Saturday and its literally been years that I went to the zoo, Cassy also was very excited about it, there were some animals that are seen in the wild in South Africa.

The action started around 12, we had been texting all morning and I picked Cassy up from the station. We went by Starbucks and I introduced Cassy to my favorite drink. The weather wasn’t ideal so I got an umbrella and we started walking to the zoo. It was a small 5 minute walk and we just spend it chatting away and further getting to meet each other, a short walk felt even shorter and before I knew it we were at the zoo. There we’re some animals we really wanted to see, Cassy was excited about the lions and I wanted to see the aquarium and Polar bears. We had a lot of time so we could take it chill and just spend the day. There was almost too much to mention but time passed quick, we spend some time sitting near the pond with the birds and it was just perfect. I felt completely happy and just so comfortable already, it was an instant connection.

Next we’re the little piggies, I’m not sure anymore which species it was exactly but they stuck their noses thru the fence and could lick your fingers, it was adorable and the feeling was very ticklish! We moved on past the Gorilla’s, and giraffe’s. Next we’re also some tropical animals including birds and crocodiles! As we moved thru the zoo we slowly got hungry and Cassy introduced me to something I, in hindsight embarrassingly, didn’t know about before. It was a potato on a stick that got fried off and dusted with a flavor mixture.

After this it was off to the polar bears, there was a female with 2 little cups and it was super cute! Our next move was the Aquarium, this is where we shot our first selfie! Little did I know there were so much more to come, although at this point I was very much hoping there were. Just look at how pretty Cassy looks, I was mesmerized. After the aquarium we ran into the gift shop and there were a lot of fluffy stuffed animals, I wanted to give Cassy something to remember this day by so was happy to look around and pick something out. The polar bear looked cute but we decided on a little gorilla, I saw a little heart and couldn’t help myself and wanted to give it to Cassy. She loved it and said she would never take it off! Little did I know she truly kept this promise.

At this point we crossed the zoo and planned our return journey thru the zoo, there was still the lions, and this was perhaps the first disappointment of the day, Cassy had really looked forward to them but there we’re only 2 very small ones, not what we were expecting at all. After the zoo it was time to go back to the apartment, we walked the same way back thru the central station and just chatted about the day and the rest of the plans. There was also some mental preparation for the stairs! We managed to climb it easily and were back on the couch. It was around 5 and we we’re deciding what to do for dinner. Eventually I thought it would be best to go to a simple restaurant down the street. There wasn’t much special about the food, it was a Vietnamese place and we ordered a bit much thus we took the chicken wings back home again.

It was now around 20:30 and we were back on the couch, we cuddled for a bit and I knew at this point how much I liked Cassy’s company and the whole day had just been perfect. I got a bit nervous as I realized how much I wanted to kiss her, in the end it wasn’t the perfect moment but a moment I will not forget for the rest of my life anyhow. It felt significant and I’m not sure how much skill I managed to show in the kiss as the nerves did get the better of me. We basically spend the rest of the evening perfecting our technique though and by the end of the evening I felt a lot more confident. Overall it had been amazing but Cassy had to leave soon as she had a curfew and an early morning with the kids. We walked back to the station and shared a great last kiss of the evening, it had been a truly amazing day and I was just in the clouds with my head.

It would be a while till I see Cassy again and the feeling I felt just made me realize how much I loved spending time with her. A week just felt so long, Cassy had to work and then had a trip planned to Berlin. I knew I was gonna miss her a lot, and couldn’t wait for the next time I saw her.


Oh this is our first selfie together. So young. So new. So fresh. So innocent.


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My First Date With My Husband (My Perspective)

The first year of our relationship I documented everything. I had my journal with photos, tickets and a little journey entry on every day we shared together. I would write the journal entry on my phone and every two months or so I would spend the entire weekend catching up with my entry. I’m so far behind I’m not even sure I can catch up. I’m 6 months behind on making a journal entry on my phone and now that I live here and see my husband every single day I can’t even try to catch up. I would have to pick the good days out and where do I even start with that one. To make matters worse the last entry I made in the journal itself is somewhere in March 2016. Yeah…Catching up isn’t an option. Well I guess I can try but I would rather not thank you very much. I still save every ticket and instant photo we take together. Old habits die hard.

Anyway my point is I have our first date in our journal and I wrote it just before we celebrated our one month anniversary but I’m probably going to add a few details here and there to make it into a nice story. The actual journal entry is in the cursive writing and the new bits and pieces I added to have the entire thing make more sense for someone who wasn’t on the date themselves, is in normal writing. I’m not sure if I explained that correctly but you will understand once you see it.

I love being able to look back at the beginning of our relationship. It’s so sweet and it makes my insides all warm and fluffy. The journal entry itself is quite cute. I mean the time I wrote it I had no idea we would get married. I knew I wanted to spend my life with him somehow. I just had a feeling but putting it in reality wasn’t going to be easy and it sure as hell wasn’t. Anyway I’m getting slightly off track. I use the word anyway quite a lot in my blogs. I should whip out Google and see if I can find anything else. Regardless, however, nevertheless, anyhow and probably so much more. Nevertheless back to the topic at hand. Oh that makes me sound so posh. Like hello my dear would you like a cup of tea? I’m seriously so far of track I’m going a different direction. Let’s return to the first journal entry. Oh the second journal entry is our second date (now duh!) and later on I made Onno write a journal entry for that day too! I should definitely make that into a blog. I mean he already wrote it. Score! Nevertheless here is the journal entry you had to wait so long for.

14 July 2015

Our first date was perfect, magical even. Onno and I haven’t been texting very long when we decided it was time to meet. We met on Tinder only weeks before and although Onno was busy with his thesis and wasn’t an active texter we still felt like there was something there. Something worth going on a date and seeing what happens. So he arranged the big date. I had no idea what we would do till the day before. I for some reason thought he wouldn’t even show up so I got ready and decided if he doesn’t show up I will buy some snacks and go back home but he was there and awkward. He immediately pulled me in close and did the Dutch three cheeks kisses which completely freaked me out as it’s something that never happens to me. He picked me up with his mom’s little red car. We drove to Rotterdam, the conversation flowing. We just clicked. It felt so right. With a few twists and turns, a wrong turn here and there, we finally made it to our first stop of the evening. The escape room. The first 30 minutes went smoothly. I found all the math clues and Onno worked the math out. Along the way we got stuck on the math problem that would open the last lock, the white lock. And I on the other hand couldn’t wrap my head around what the short pipes could be a clue for. It didn’t mean anything in the end (the guy who gave us clues every now and again used the pipes so we could hear a new clue coming in after the tubes ran out), but we both agreed it was a valid thought process. Afterwards we went to a very nice restaurant where we enjoyed a great pizza and I impressed Onno with my excellent knife skills. (I fidget with my hands when I’m nervous and flip the knife around so I would constantly try to cut the pizza on the dull side.) Closer to the end of the dinner Onno exclaimed that he forgot to pay for the parking. It was our first lucky moment as a couple. Just as we walked to the car, the car guards arrived and we got away with +2 hours free parking and no fine. We wanted dessert (restaurant ran out of yummy ice cream flavors) next and so Onno parked his car close to his apartment and his excuse was that he has to pay the parking ticket on his laptop. (PS it’s a completely valid excuse. He gets a discount if he parks it through the one website as he lives on the street.) So I of course said: “Sure, let’s go upstairs.” It was clear that I liked him because the stairs to his place (75, we counted later) is hell. There we spend the rest of the night eating ice cream (I got stomach ache in the car on our way back) and cuddling on the couch watching some boring old movie, that only Onno would remember the name of. Eventually it got late and I had to go back home. On the way home, the conversation was smooth and I felt like I would see this guy again. I remember thinking that maybe I don’t dislike his annoying nervous chuckle. I would say it was a pretty good start to a great relationship.


Cue romantic music with a fade out on a wedding photo.