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Chapter Six: Dancing Queen

“So tell me again what exactly this competition is.” Zack sighed before rolling over to his side. It was currently late afternoon and we have yet to leave our hotel room. After our early arrival from our night out in town as pastel Goths we slept in till noon, had a late breakfast before walking straight back to our room to become one with the bed as useless reality TV played in the background. Zack tapped on his phone and scrolled through his Instagram while I read a short story on Wattpad. Something called My Alpha Mate Got Me Pregnant And He Loves It. A werewolf story. As this was a trip all about trying out new thing, exploring a new genre was called for. “So it’s one of those dance for hours thing and one something.” Zack muttered as this would make perfect sense and explain the entire competition. Once I didn’t respond to his explanation, he glanced up from his phone and sighed. Well I’m sorry that I don’t magically understand the competition by your 12 worded sentence.

“So the competition works like this. You have to be in contact with your partner at all times and move slightly. This could be rocking from side to side or full on dancing. There is different marks that could strive for. The last couple standing goes home with the biggest prize, a five thousand dollar check while other participants get prizes for the amount of hours they reach. Three hours is a free Starbucks coffee and muffin. Five hours is a fabulous T-shirt and a McDonald happy meal. Seven hours is a 20 dollar gift card to Target and the same old fabulous T-shirt. Ten hours is a 50 dollar gift card to Target and again the T-shirt. Fifteen hours is a 200 dollar gift card to Target, a voucher for a free full course meal at this pizza joint and the stupid T-shirt again. Twenty hours is a 500 dollar gift card to Target, the full course meal at the pizza joint, free beer all night at this one club and the stupid T-shirt. After that point it’s just whoever is still standing and goes for the big prize.” Well now that makes sense. “It sounds like fun. What time does it start?” It’s something new and different. Very much so outside my comfort zone but it should be a lot of fun. “8pm. So we should just stay in bed all day till we have to go. You know preserve our energy.” Zack replied before returning his attention to his social media. I nodded before rolling onto my side and returning to the werewolf world of Wattpad.


  “Tell me exactly why I’m wearing this frumpy prom dress?” Zack rolled his eyes before fixing his tie. “M. It’s a dancing competition.” Zack stated in a tone that meant that I was stupid for not connecting the frumpy prom dress to the dancing competition. I sighed before throwing my hands up in the air in surrender. You can’t convince crazy of anything. If he decided that we couldn’t possibly compete in this competition without going all out with our costume, then well I guess I’m wearing a stupid pink prom dress with flowers and something I would never physically choose for my own prom in a few months. “What did my dad’s say when you called?” I asked as I tucked my curly brown her up in a messy bun. “Rick made me promise to take pictures of you in your dress. In fact he said I wasn’t allowed to ever show my face again if I don’t take pictures…” Zack trailed off before winking. I sighed, surrendering to my fate and striking a pose. Daddy Dearest wasn’t playing around. He would very well stay true to his promise and would chase Zack away before he could even step onto our driveway. “Put some pep in your step. Rick is expecting great things from me.” Zack mumbled before dropping to the ground to get a short from the ground. I sighed, the silly boy can’t do anything half ass.

“Come on M! Stop fussing over your dress and get out of the damn car!” Zack huffed before taking matters into his own hands and pulled me out of the cabbie. “I look ridiculous. No. We look ridiculous.” Zack rolled his eyes, clearly enjoying being the center of attention. To say that we’re undressed would be the understatement of the century. It would be as in to say that without sun there would be no life. Wait. That’s not right. I glanced at the crowd once again before hiding my body behind Zack’s large build. The men attired in dark a semi formal blank pants and a button up shirt while the woman wore semi formal dresses. A tux and massive ball of poof of a pink prom dress didn’t fit in with the dress code. Zack only chuckled at my horror before dragging me along to the entrance. “You did this on purpose!” I screamed and huffed in anger. The sick little puppy. “Come on M! Live a little!” Zack pouted and I sighed. “Fine!” Zack smiled before spinning me into a circle. “This is going to be so much fun! Let’s go sign in!”

My knees threatened to buckle and collapse under my weight. This was a horrible idea. Two hours of dancing wasn’t my idea of fun. The song came to an end and Zack smiled and spun me in the circle when the next song came on. I laughed before following his lead. “Ooh! You can dance! You can jive! Having the time of your life!” Zack sang with so much spunk and passion, he effected the dancers behind us. “Ooh, see that girl! Watch that scene! Dig in the dancing queen!” I joined him all the while laughing. “Friday night and the lights are low! Looking out for a place to go! Where they play the right music! Getting in the swing!” I followed his cue with a couple disco dancing that only Zack could create on the spot. The goofball might be crazy but he sure is a hell a lot of fun. “You come to look for a king! Anybody could be that guy! Night is young and the music’s high! With a bit of rock music! Everything is fine! You’re in the mood for a dance! And when you get the chance!” Zack paused with a goofy chuckle before pulling me in for another spin. “You are the dancing queen! Young and sweet! Only seventeen! Dancing queen! Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah! You can dance! You can jive! Having the time of your life! Ooh, see that girl! Watch that scene! Dig in the dancing queen!” The crowd cheered as Zack and I gave the performance of our lives.

I laughed and stepped into Zack’s arms as the slow song played in the background. He rocked us side to side as we took the time to catch our breath. “You’re crazy!” Zack smirked before pinching my bum. I squealed and slapped his arm. “Hey! Keep it clean!” Zack simply laughed as he moved me across the floor as the song came to an end and switched to a higher pace song. With energy unknown to normal humans, Zack danced to the beat of the song all the while pulling me along for the ride.


I threw myself back onto the bed, the dress drowning Zack under layers of pink fabric. He rolled to his side to escape the frumpy dress, panting for breath. My legs burned and my feet pounded. “I can’t believe we danced for ten hours and we just have this stupid T-shirt to show for it!” I huffed as I threw the said T-shirt to the wall. “Don’t forget the 50 dollar gift card to Target!” I rolled my eyes. Oh yes, that made everything better. “I don’t have the energy to get out of this dress!” Zack simply laughed at my pain. “Let me!” Zack rolled over before climbing on top of me. He winked and tickled my sides. I panted and kicked against his hold but the heavy loaf pressed his weight on my waist, pushing me into the bed. “Oh you’re so hilarious.” I rolled my eyes before bucking my hips into the air, catching Zack of guard. He squeaked as he tumbled over to the side, missing the edge of the bed with inches and flopping onto the floor in one but thump. I laughed so hard till the point of tears running down my cheeks. After a few moments of grunting and groaning in self pity and fake pain, Zack joined me in uncontrollable laughter. “Thank you for everything.” I said with a pause after a few minutes of silence. Zack poked his head up from the edge of the bed and smiled. My heart missed a beat and before I could over think the action. Zack got up and launched himself on to the bed. I screamed and scrambled up to my feet the best I could but the heavy frumpy dress dragged me to the ground. I fell back onto the bed with a bounce. Zack scrambled into action but the sheets tangled around his monkey suit and pulled him along as the two of us bounced from the bed and landed on the ground with a heavy thump. “Fuc.king hell that hurt!”


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The Supplements I Take For My PCOS | Natural Solutions To PCOS

When I started my fitness journey I had this idea in my head that drinking supplements is wrong. It means that you can improve your diet even more. It means that you’re not healthy enough. What a load of crap. I could slap my past self. How ridiculous is that notion?

*In theory, you should be able to get all the nutrients you need from your diet, but sadly, food today doesn’t always contain good amounts of the key nutrients you need. Over-farming and the use of pesticides mean that much of the soil our food is grown in has become depleted in vital nutrients. Many fruits and vegetables at the supermarket have travelled great distances over many days to get to the shelves, with already meagre nutrients dwindling further still. Our fruit and vegetables today contain an average of 20 per cent fewer minerals. Many people are significantly deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, such as Omega 3 fats. This happens if you eat more food than you need (causing weight gain). If the bulk of your diet is highly processed and refined, you may not be getting enough nutrients and you may end up overweight, and deficient in many key vitamins and minerals.  

This part is straight from the book by Marilyn Glenville called Natural Solutions to PCOS (Here is the link — —). After I was diagnosed with PCOS, I went home and started searching for more information on the syndrome on Google. If stumbled onto the YouTube video of Marilyn Glenville giving a lecture on PCOS (Here is the link — —) and I just really love her approach to PCOS. I immediately bought her book and it was the first book on PCOS that I’ve ever read. Before that moment I was still in the mindset that drinking supplements means that you’re diet isn’t that great and you can get everything you need from a proper diet. That little snippet from before really opened my eyes, well her entire book did but anyway I became open to the suggestion of drinking supplements. The more I read and learned on how these supplements might improve my health and control my PCOS symptoms, the more I started to cheer for the supplement team. By the end of the book I ordered the supplements and currently I’ve been drinking them for six months. They truly do work and I’ve seen results. More on that in a minute.

It was overwhelming in the beginning. It’s a lot of pills and it was really difficult to 1) remember to drink them and 2) actually get them down. Now it’s all smooth sailing. Before I get into the list of supplements, let me quickly share my results.

My hormonal mood swings are less. Before I was on such a fine line of emotional outbursts. I would cry because someone spoke to me in a heavy voice or I would start to cry because I can’t find the TV remote. I also started to cry once because I had to repeat my sentence twice. It was incredibly frustrating and I just didn’t feel like myself.

My acne has improved tenfold. Although I do think that the no coffee in my diet has played a role in this, the supplements definitely has an effect as well. My skin cleared up. I still break out here and there but otherwise my skin is looking great. My back acne is completely gone which is amazing. I can’t tell you how good that one feels.

My uncontrollable and unstoppable (sure as hell felt like it) weight gain stopped. Even though I’ve made some changes in my diet, there hasn’t been a big enough change that I can contribute this to different eating habits. I mentioned before but I gained weight overnight even though I was working out almost every single day. Nearly 15kg in three months and a total of 20kg in five months. Ever since I started taking the supplements, I’m no longer gaining weight. I’m not losing any (well not yet. I just restarted my workout program) but that’s more than enough for me. I felt like I was gaining weight for just blinking so the fact that the number on the scale isn’t climbing anymore feels amazing. There was a stage I was gaining 2-3kg a week even though I practically lived on greens and my stationary bicycle.

My hair is also healthier and overall my cycles has improved. I went for an ovarian scan the other day and the doctor could see the results and well the fruit of my pill swallowing labour. I will surely continue to drink them in the future. I do want to add that in the time I’m writing this blog, I’ve been making more healthier food choices and we’ve picked up really good eating habits over these last few months. I’m even eating zucchini twice a week now. Those who might know me will probably fall of their chair with this news. It’s amazing that just three years ago I ate my first ‘greens’.

This one is quite embarrassing but my hair growth is a lot better. When my body spiralled out of control just before I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was growing dark hair and damn quickly too in all of the unsightly places. My chin and moustache was a nightmare. This has improved greatly since I started the supplements. The growth at my arms pits, lady bits and legs has also slowed. They’re growing at a normal speed again. For the awhile there…it just wasn’t pretty. Heck even the hairs on my toes are different.


Here is the list of supplements I drink and why I take them. Before I get into it, I really want to stress that I’m not a doctor. What I know about these supplements is purely from reading her book. I ran the tests and decided to give her approach to PCOS a fair chance. Overall for all of those ladies out there struggling with PCOS and the ugly things that comes with it, I really recommend you read her book. The natural route can be the answer you’ve been searching for. For those ladies trying to conceive, she also talks of ways you can boost your fertility naturally.


*I believe chromium is the key nutrient for PCOS as it helps to balance your blood sugar, improves insulin resistance, counteracts food cravings and is also useful for losing weight. Chromium assists in the body’s efficient use of insulin, which then controls your blood sugar.

In the book she proceed to talk about the benefit of chromium when you are more sensitive to insulin and etc. She also advises the amount you should take but she does this with all of her recommendations.


Link to the pills pictured above —

B vitamins

*The B vitamins in general are important in the reversal of PCOS symptoms. Vitamin B2 helps to turn fat, sugar and protein into energy, which makes it useful for both blood-sugar balance and weight control.

She continues to explain what the each of the B vitamins would do for your PCOS symptoms. It’s really informative. Like mentioned above, my weight has been under control since I started the supplements. I have yet to lose weight but that’s really only because I haven’t worked out while taking the supplements.


Link to the pills pictured above —

Vitamin D

*Vitamin D, the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, is now recognized as being very active in controlling blood sugar and improving insulin sensitivity, and research suggests that having good levels of Vitamin D can help prevent Type 2 diabetes.

She goes into the detail of the critical role that Vitamin D plays in our bodies. For the ladies trying to conceive, vitamin D is essential to your mix of supplements. The doctor could actually see a difference in my ovaries and I’m thanking the little sunshine tablet for that one.


Link to the pills pictured above —


*Magnesium is an important mineral for dealing with PCOS because it is involved in glucose metabolism.

She goes again into the detail about the role magnesium plays in your body and the benefit you will reap from adding it into your diet.


*Zinc helps enormously with PCOS as it is instrumental in the production of  your reproductive hormones; it also regulates your blood sugar by assisting insulin in its job and moving glucose (blood sugar) from your blood to your sells.

She continued by sharing how the mineral is important for appetite control and why. Zinc also plays a role with coping with stress. It’s a supplement you should definitely have in your collection. I’ve seen a massive difference in my appetite control. I do want to mention that my depression could’ve played a role but who knows. I used to have binge eating episodes all the time. I would just be hungry and just eat none stop. I haven’t really had that in a really long time. Not since I started taking the supplements but again around this time my depression spiked and I tend to have a bad appetite when it does.


Link to the pills pictured above —


*Manganese helps to balance your blood sugar and with healthy thyroid function and improves your body’s ability to burn your food as energy.


Link to the pills pictured above —

Co-enzyme Q10

*Co-enzyme Q10 is a substance that your body produces in nearly every cell. It breaks down carbohydrates and turns them into energy instead of being stored as fat.


Link to the pills pictured above —

Alpha-Lipoic Acid

*This powerful antioxidant contributes to regulating your blood-sugar levels because it releases energy by burning glucose, and it also helps to make you more insulin sensitive.

She continues listing the benefits of the supplement towards weight loss and liver function.


Link to the pills pictured above —

Omega 3 fats

*These important fatty acids are absolutely crucial in the treatment of PCOS. They will help your body become more sensitive to insulin and play a strong role in controlling the destructive inflammatory process.

She continues by sharing the benefits of Omega 3 with the reduction of testosterone levels in women with PCOS. I’ve definitely seen a difference here. Like mentioned before, I’ve seen a massive difference in my ‘manly’ facial hair.


Link to the pills pictured above —

Vitamin C

*Women with PCOS have lower levels of Vitamin C than women without PCOS so this is particularly important supplement for you.

She continues to share the other benefits of the vitamin as in how it can help you burn more fat when you exercise, enabling you to lose weight faster. I’ve always taken Vitamin C to help fight the cold season mostly because my body is still adapting to the different weather here in the Netherlands I’m almost constantly sick with a cold/flu in the winter.


Link to the pills pictured above —

Amino Acids

*Certain amino acid can be very beneficial for PCOS as they can improve your insulin sensitivity and can also have an effect on weight loss.


Link to the pills pictured above —

N-acetyl cysteine

*N-acetyl cysteine is a form of amino acid cysteine which helps with the metabolism of the Omega 3 fats found in oily fish and linseed (flaxseed.)

She continues to go into detail about the other benefits and for the ladies trying to conceive, she has a lot to say about this supplement.


Link to the pills pictured above —


*Arginine can be useful in reversing insulin resistance.

She proceeds to go into more detail and describes of a study that showed the results that would benefit the trying to conceive ladies.


*Carnitine assists the body’s breakdown of fat to release energy and can improve insulin sensitivity.


*Tyrosine is helpful for women with PCOS who are overweight as it is active in suppressing the appetite and burning off fat.


*This amino acid is useful for helping with sugar cravings as it can be converted to sugar for energy and so takes away the need to eat something sweet.

I personally haven’t noticed anything about less sugar cravings but I’m probably the wrong person to ask that. I’m all about my sugar treats. I do try my utmost best to not stuff my face with candy all day every day. I’m still struggling with the regards of candy control.


I take two other supplements not listed by the dear doctor. Cranberry pills to help with my frequent bladder infections. I started taking them when I would basically get a bladder infection every two months and ever since then, I’ve had one bladder infection. So I’ve definitely seen the benefit of that one. I also take  a multivitamin to get the last bits of pieces of vitamins I need in. Oh and although I don’t take this daily, I take iron pills when I’m on my period. When I was younger I had anemia with a very low iron count. If I’m not careful or healthy, my iron levels drop below the normal count.

I hope you’ve found this blog to be informative and helpful. I wanted to wait a few months so I could share my response to the supplements. Good luck to all of my cysters out there and I hope you find the answers and support you’re looking for. There is so many of us out there and we understand the struggle.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!



All words in italic is snippets/quotes from the book by Marilyn Glenville called Natural Solutions to PCOS (Here is the link — —).

You would’ve noticed that I don’t have a picture under every supplement she recommends. It’s merely because the quantity needed per day  is found in some of the other products.

The links to the products are not affiliated. I’m not getting anything out of it. I’m merely sharing the links for those ladies here in the Netherlands who wishes to follow the advice of the book mentioned above and purchase the supplements. Although saying that, it would be pretty great if the two companies would help a girl out. I’m going to be a lifetime client.

A quick tip: Holland & Barrett often has a two for one sale on their supplements so definitely keep an eye on that.



Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails, Writing Corner

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails | Chapter Five | Writing Corner

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Chapter Five: Pink Nails

“My buddies bet me that I wouldn’t be able to start a conversation with the hottest person in the bar. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?” I turned my head to the girl that spoke. With long straight pink hair and a my little pony bow, she blended into the crowd like a champ. At the same time her blue eyes stood out from the dark eye shadow. A pretty petite girl with a heart shaped face but the smirk on her mouth said she was anything but the innocent little girl her appearance told her to be. That and the Goth skull choker. “Let’s buy the most expensive drink on the menu then.” I winked in response. She laughed before holding out her hand in greeting. “Hannah.” I smiled and took her hand. “M.” She smirked before signalling the bartender. “Would you grab my arm, so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?” I laughed and grabbed her arm as requested. “Your friends sure are demanding. Is there anything else they want us to do?” Wait. Am I flirting? “They just wanted to know something…” Hannah paused leaning forward in her seat. “Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?” I laughed before leaning forward, licking my lips the closer I got. Hannah’s eyes widened in shock before her gaze moved to my lips. A sly smirk crossed her lips and as I moved closer. Her eyes fluttered shut and her mouth puckered. I moved away and took a sip of my drink. “Nice try, but it’s going to take more than three pick up lines to get a kiss out of me!” I laughed. Hannah pouted before shaking her head and taking a sip of her drink with a chuckle. “That’s fair. I have twenty memorized.” I laughed before glancing to Zack’s direction. The boy seemed utterly pleased with the girl on his lap and tongue down his throat.

“Well you’re in luck. My company is preoccupied so I have some time to kill. Hit me with your best shot.” I smirked while leaning back into the bar stool before sipping on my pink drink. “They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you.” I raised my eyebrow at this one. “Disneyland? Really? Come on I asked for your best one!” Hannah laughed before leaning forward. “For some reason, I was feeling a little off today. But when you came along, you definitely turned me on.” I laughed hard at this one. “Now that was smooth!” Hannah smirked before moving closer till the point her knees brushed my own. “I have a lot more where that came from. Let’s make this into a fun little game. You score my pick up lines by 1 to 5. 1 is lame and 5 is worthy of a kiss. When you get one worthy of a kiss you have to move a little closer to me and when you get a lame one you get to move away.” I paused, pondering over her suggestion. “And what is in it for me?” Hannah chuckle deeply before leaning forward, her face close to my ear. “Me.” She whispered before pecking the sensitive skin behind my ear. I shivered and bit my lip. “Sounds like a good bet to me.” Hannah pulled away with a sly smirk on her lips.

“Hey, you’re pretty and I’m cute. Together we’d be Pretty Cute.” 3. She moved her chair slightly forward. “I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true.” 3. Her knees touched mine once more. Is your name Google? Because you have everything I’ve been searching for.” 4. Her hand moved to the edge of my bar stool armrest, lightly brushing the skin of my arms. “Hello. Cupid called. He wants to tell you that he needs my heart back.” 1. She removed her arm with a slight smirk. “Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase your past and write our future.” 2. She touched the edge of my bar stool armrest, just out of reach of my arm. “Can you take me to the doctor? Because I just broke my leg falling for you.” 1. She removed her arm once again, the same old sly smirk hanging on her lips. “There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can’t take them off you.” 1. She leaned backwards into her seat, her knees no longer touching mine. “You don’t need keys to drive me crazy.” 3. She moved forward, her knees separating mine. Locking me in. It was quite clear she wasn’t planning on letting me go. She was striving for the magical number five and to win the game with a kiss. “Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?” 3. She leaned forward, both of her arms resting on my armrest. “I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art.” 4. She leaned forward, her face only inches from mine. The sly smirk hanging from her lips as her sweet breath tickled my nose. She smells so good. “I’m no mathematician, but I’m pretty good with numbers. Tell you what, give me yours and watch what I can do with it.” And with that she earns a five and seals the deal with a hot kiss on my lips.

“You know when I found out you’re into girls, this is what I wanted to see.” I chuckled at Zack’s words, leaning further into Hannah’s lap. She was slowly trailing her fingers up and down my arms, leaving a trail of goose bumps behind. After a hot make out session right there at the bar, we pulled away panting for breath. Zack pulled up the chair close to our little spot by the lounge before setting down his drink in front of him. “This one girl gave me this.” I glanced at his hands. Pink nail polish. How fitting. I placed my hand onto the table and without another word, he slowly started to paint my nails in the light pastel pink.


  “Tonight was insane. Hannah was so into you and damn girl you were all over her! Tell me everything!” Zack gushed as the cabbie drove us back to our hotel hours later. I blushed before telling Zack everything he missed before he found us making out by the bar. “Damn the girl is smooth. I should remember a few of those. What was your favorite?” I hummed as I pondered over his question. “The one that got her the kiss for sure.” Zack laughed before leaning into my side, resting his head onto my shoulder. “This has been really fun M. I really needed this…” He trailed off as his voice hitched in emotion. “You don’t have to say anything. I’m here for you.” I replied, pecking his forehead before returning my attention to the window. Zack’s snores filled the cabbie minutes later. I meant every damn word. I will always be there for him. I will support him in all his future crazy adventures. I will smooth away his nightmares and I will feed him chocolate chip cookies. I smiled holding his hand. Our matching pink nails glowed as the street lights hit them. Maybe falling hopelessly in love and having your heart broken by your best friend is a good thing. My close friendship with Zack did start after all when he found me crying my eyes out in his living room.

It was a few weeks into Sasha and John’s relationship. The two was attached to the hip, you couldn’t find the one without the other. Sasha no longer had time for me and if she did it wasn’t even real. I would come over for our usual marathon night or game night and she would spend the entire night on her phone. It was lonely and for the first time in our friendship, a guy was more important than me. In all of her previous relationships, our friendship remained the same. John was different. She loved him. Heck she lost her virginity to him. She called me the second he left and begged me to come over. I rushed over, thinking that just maybe the two broke up and I would get my best friend back. Why I thought that was beyond me but like a complete twat I raced to her house and ran to her bedroom, excited and anxious at the same time. She was so overjoyed about their lovemaking, the words spilled out of her mouth before her bedroom door could close behind me. “John and I had sex!”

The news quite literally took my breath away. My heart clenched and cracked at the news. My deluded and hopeful mind dreamt that our first time would be together, something special. In that very moment, it became painfully clear that my best friend would never love me romantically. My skin turned cold and my heart dropped into my stomach. Sasha rambled on and on about her first sexual encounter while I forced a smile here and there. If she found my behavior strange, she didn’t speak of it. Instead her attention turned towards her phone as John’s caller ID flashed on her screen. I took that as my cue to leave. I forced another smile and bid my goodbye. It was only once I was downstairs and out of hearing shot that I allowed myself to cry. A big heartbreakingly sob escaped my throat as I dropped to the floor and curled myself into a little ball. Zack found me there and after pulling me into his arms, he whispered comforting words into my hair. Once I calmed down, he led me up to his bedroom where I proceeded to spill the beans about my unrequited love and his sister’s sexual awakening. From that moment, Zack became my rock. A close friend to lean on. A brother that would always support and love me and I became that for him. A close friend he could open up about his time in the army. The pain and heartbreak he felt for his fallen brother. The terror of the gruesome nightmare he experienced. It was his turn to cry and my turn to rock him inside my arms and whisper sweet nothing into his buzz cut. I became his rock. A close friend to lean on. A sister that would always support and love him.


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Gluten Free Oats and Muesli Honey Bites Recipe

Recently I started to play around with baking again. I used to bake all the damn time in high school, heck I would even come home and make scones. It’s something I love doing and something I really missed when we lived in the apartment. There was a few things I could still bake with our tiny mini oven but some things just wouldn’t turn out well. Anyway I love following recipes but every now and again I like to play around and create my own. I basically wing it. Most of the times it’s a massive fail, but every now and again we have a golden winner in the mist. These honey bites are a winner for sure. It only took me two attempts to get the recipe right. It’s so good that I want to share it with you all. Just a quick note, it’s a very filling treat and super delicious.

Gluten Free Oats and Muesli Honey Bites Recipe

Serves 16 Honey Bites/Balls

Preparation time 15 minutes

Total time 40 minutes

Store in an airtight container and eat within 2 weeks. (Ours never lasted longer than that.)



100g Maizena

100g Gluten Free Flour

1tsp Baking Soda

2tsp Baking Powder

1tsp Salt

260g Gluten Free Oats

400g Gluten Free Muesli (can be nuts & fruits muesli)

4 eggs

300g honey

Optional: Handful of raisins/nuts per choice


  1. Pre-heat your oven at 180˚C and place baking paper on top of your oven pan.
  2. In one large mixing bowl, mix your ‘flour’ ingredients lightly. ‘Flour’ mixture is maizena, gf flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt.
  3. Make a little hole in the center of the flour and add your four eggs. Give it a light mix (doesn’t need to be completely mixed) and then proceed to add the oats and muesli.
  4. Add honey and mix. Mix until everything is coated and you can no longer see the white flour mixture at all. You will be able to tell when it’s properly mixed.
  5. Optional: You can add a handful of raisins or nuts per choice. You still want the mixture to be sticky and mostly coated with honey so don’t go overboard. If you do, just add more honey to save the day.
  6. Once everything is mixed, the honey bites are ready for the oven. Simply take a tablespoon to get the amount and then tightly press the mixture into a ball. You need to really compress this so be prepared for messy hands. You can also you an ice cream scoop for the amount.
  7. Place the balls with at least a 3cm distance between them on the prepared oven pan. Once you’ve rolled out all of your balls, drizzle some honey on top and then pop it into the oven for 15min – 25min or until golden.


Tsp = teaspoon

Maizena is a binding agent. You can use it in sauces to thicken them. Without this product the honey bites will fall apart when you bite into them.


That’s it! If you do ever end up making them, make sure to tag me and let me know what you think. My husband and I are obsessed with them and can’t stop eating them.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails, Writing Corner

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails | Chapter Four | Writing Corner

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Chapter Four: Black Eyeliner

“Remind me again why this idea is so great?” Zack rolled his eyes at my lingering question. The man did not joke around when he said that he planned to do something crazy every day while we’re in New York. “It’s something different. Now stop complaining and try not the purple wig!” Zack huffed before turning his attention to the nearby shelves. Zack had the brilliant idea that we should sneak into a Pastel Goth club and just well need new people. Both of our usual clothes was deemed averagely casual at best. Jeans and T-shirts are life. “Nothing fun ever happens inside your comfort zone M. You wanted a crazy adventure and I’m going to give it to you. Come on I saw this in a movie once and this is going to be so much fun!” I sighed before finally nodding in agreement. The boy has a point. I turn and start to pull the long girly pastel purple wig over my head. The shop assistant quickly rushed over when she saw my wonderfully but very much so failed attempt at applying a wig. Zack pulled out a two piece skirt with a little crop top shirt and wiggled his eyebrows. “Now this is so you!” I glanced at the blue dress and reluctantly agreed with Zack. Although it was drastically different from my Iron Man T-shirt, it was in my range of stuff I like. The pastel blue dress was covered in a purple and pink rainbow, bats, hearts, stars and moons. Perfectly cute.

“Why don’t you come over and try on your wig as well?” The wig in question was in pastel blue with a pink strip at the front. Short but wavy. Similar to the fresh baby faced Justin Bieber. While the shop assistant helped Zack into his wig, I browsed the aisles for his outfit. My eyes landed on a pastel yellow hoodie with a blue horizontal stripe through the chest. It was littered with little stars and would match my dress perfectly. I finished the outfit with a light washed blue jeans overall that was cut of mid thigh. It would look great with the black stocking. Armed with the knowledge to apply a wig correctly we got everything else we needed. Gothic stockings, big bulky boots and a lot of accessories. Chains, chokes, clip op earrings, bulky skull rings and enough arm bracelets to reach our elbows. Next stop was Sephora for makeup. “How hard could applying makeup be? I will watch a tutorial when we’re back at the hotel.” Zack chuckled, doubting my makeup skills before I could even touch a makeup product. His laughter only grew louder when I asked the shop assistant what contour was. The girl however was a champ and once she learned that we would be doing a Gothic look, steered us towards black lipstick, eye shadows, eyeliner. She then continued to walk me through the process and ended the little walk through with a pale foundation. She made me promise that I would blend down our necks.


  “Zack! Have you seen the butt plug sponge? This lady on YouTube says its essential for an even application!” Zack mumbled before stuffing another chocolate chip cookie into his mouth. His attention solely focused on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian. “I’m judging you so hard right now.” I sneered and Zack responded like any young adult would. He threw a cookie. “Shut up! Like you don’t think Kylie Jenner is hot as!” I rolled my eyes and returned my attention to my laptop screen. The girl was now explaining contour and how we should use a grey tone over the really pale foundation to give the whole Gothic look. “If this makeup looks turns into a black smudge, just go with it okay.” I said before getting up and moving to the bathroom. Time to start applying the makeup. How hard could it be? I mean I can kind of draw and paint so I shouldn’t suck too much of it. “Here is the butt plug!” Zack screamed and threw the blending sponge at the bathroom door. “Thanks! Order some room service. I’m starving.” Zack hummed and continued to stuff his face with cookies. I followed the instructions step by step, taking my time in the application. It took awhile and a few failed attempts that a makeup remover wipe had to fix but a full two hours later, I stepped out into the hotel room. Zack’s mouth dropped open at my appearance and whistled. “Now that is a Goth Up!” He paused. “Do you get it? Glow Up. Goth Up.” Zack trailed off when I didn’t abrupt in endless laughter at his joke. I quickly dug into my meal, being aware not to smudge my makeup. “Alright now it’s your turn!” Zack groaned in response but moved to face my regardless. “I’m going to give you the Goth Up of the mother century.” Zack shot me a glare which only caused more loud laughter to stream from my mouth.

“Did you call my dads’ yet?” I asked as I applied the foundation. Can’t forget the ears and neck. The beauty gurus would be proud. Zack answered my question by whipping out his phone and dialing my Dad. I take that as a no. Dad picked up by the third ring, out of breath. I blushed as Zack wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. “How is it going there in the apple?” Dad asked once he caught his breath. It didn’t take a genius to guess what he was up too before Zack called. A workout of course. “It’s going great sir. M is doing my make up as we speak.” Daddy Dearest gasped in the background. “Are you pulling my leg? My daughter, Madeline, is applying makeup?” I rolled my eyes at the dramatic antics by my father. “We’re going to a Pastel Goth club in two hours.” If my two fathers found this to be strange, they didn’t voice it. Zack continued the conversation for a few more short minutes before ending the call. “They’re so getting down and dirty while you’re gone.” I responded by stabbing him in the gut with the makeup brush. Not funny.


  “I don’t know about you but I feel ridiculously confident in this outfit.” Zack said as he did his own version of a catwalk down the hotel hallway. I laughed and followed his lead. Once again Zack was dead on the money. The outfit so different then my usual attire made me feel strangely confident. “I don’t know about you but I want to dye my hair in a crazy color!” Zack shot me the are-you-serious look. Oh hell yes. Dead serious. Change is good. Plus if I hate it I can always dye my hair back brown. “Tonight is going to be.” Pause. Oh no. Please don’t. “Wait for it.” Another pause. “Legend-” Pause for dramatic build up. “-dairy!” I rolled my eyes at the Barney reference before hailing a cab. “You’re such a dork!” Zack chuckled before throwing his arms over my shoulder. “Oh and don’t you love me for it!” Once in the cab, Zack continued to show just how much of millennials we are by taking selfies and uploading the best one onto Instagram. “You should get Instagram so I can tag you in all of the pictures.” He mumbled as he scrolled through his feet. I gasped when I saw the picture of me sleeping in his arms, covered in greasy chicken nuggets and fries. “Hey! Delete that right now!” Zack rolled his eyes and tapped on the picture to browse through the comments. “Boy some of these f.uck boys are thirsty!” He stated and I simply shoot my head and returned my attention to the window.

“You’re the worst!” Zack ignored my snide comment and continued to scroll through his own Instagram pictures, opening a picture here and there to read the comments. Once he stalked his own feed for ten minutes, he moved onto stalking those of celebrities. I rolled my eyes when he found himself on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page. The boy was obsessed with the young social light. “I f.ucking knew she was pregnant!” Zack gushed as he tapped onto the now famous picture of her holding Stormi’s little hand. “She’s twenty years old and she just had a baby. Holy shit man. Can you imagine that two years from now you could be a mother?” I choked on my own spit. “Oh hell no. I don’t want kids.” Zack rolled his eyes in response. “You shouldn’t be talking too much. You’re twenty five. You know your mom is going to start hounding you to settle down and tie the knot soon.” I sneered and Zack groaned dramatically, throwing his head back into the seat and closing his eyes. “The women should just relax already. I just got back from deployment and I just need to relax and do nothing for like a year.” Zack groaned and continued to rant about his mother and her desperate need to marry Zack off before he can run back to the army. “Are you seriously going back in September?” My heart clenched at the idea of Zack on the battlefields. Now that we’ve grown closer, I couldn’t help but worry that my friend would die in the dirt in some foreign country. Zack noticed my distress and pulled me into his arms. “It’s only for six months and then I’m done. Then you will be stuck with me forever!” Zack cackled in his iconic evil laughter. It wasn’t long before I joined him. The big goofball always managed to put a smile on my face. The cabbie glanced to the backside from the rear-view window and I simply smiled back. The poor bloke probably think we’re nuts. After awhile Zack returned his attention to stalking the famous Kardashian family. Ten minutes later the cabbie rolled to a holt before the club entrance. The neon lights lit up the night in bright colors. Dark Pink. A fitting name for the people spilling out of the open doors. “Let’s go make some awesome memories!” I squealed in excitement before dragging Zack out of the cab who hastily paid the cabbie. “And some awesome pictures!” Zack added and I rolled my eyes. Instagram obsessed dork.


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We Got A Puppy And This Is What I Learned

Onno and I’ve discussed about getting a dog for a really long time. I’m a dog person. Nearly my entire life, we’ve owned a dog. It feels natural to me and after a few years I always miss it. Onno has never owned a dog in his life as his father is allergic to the furry animal. We decided that once we have our house with a nice backyard, we will get our dog. We also had the breed down because well I’m obsessed with a golden retriever and nothing else would do. Flash forward to buying a house, renovating that said house and working in the garden. Once we moved in and finally start to work in the backyard, we started to browse the internet for our new family member. We found him just as his breeders placed the ad for him and his four brothers. The ad was placed just after he was born (2-3 weeks) so we had more than enough time to finish the garden and prepare our home for a dog. We called the lady and we made an appointment to choose and view the dog in three weeks.

I could barely contain my excitement and slowly started to buy anything dog related we might need minus the big stuff. Mostly just toys and his blanket. Finally the Saturday I was waiting for arrived. We drove through all the way to the South of the Netherlands with our new car to see our puppy. It was a part of the Netherlands neither of us has been too before so it was exciting to see how the area looked like. A lot of farms. I kind of liked it. I’m all about the country life but there is this fine line I love, but that’s a blog for another day. Back to the puppy, we arrived and I practically drowned in puppy love. Dankie immediately climbed into my lap and started to play with my hair. Stole my heart right then and there. We want the pink dog! He wasn’t pink of course, but the breeder had color collars on the dogs to tell which one is which. We stuck around long enough for lots of cuddles and drools, one container of strawberries (The breeder owns a strawberry farm. The freshest strawberries I’ve had in my entire life.) before we headed back, incredibly excited for the end of July. We of course didn’t leave without taking pictures of Dankie.

For preparation of welcoming a new fur baby in our house, we worked on the garden almost daily. It was a rough and dirty work. We literally laid down the grass the day before we got Dankie. His bench/cage arrived a week before that and we had a hick up with his food. The company send two bags of the wrong food and it took us over a week to get the correct bag of food. A few days before we got Dankie, we also got his food ball and more toys. The last bits of pieces. In between all of the shopping and slaving in the garden, I was reading a book about puppy training. As mentioned before, I’ve had quite a few of dogs in my lifetime. All of them turned out to be decent happy adult dogs. Decent as my one dog has the bad habit of jumping onto people and scratching the living hell out of them. A habit all puppies have, a habit that I never learned to nib in the bud before it became a habit. Oh wow that’s a lot of habits in one sentence. My brain nearly hurts. Anyway so I know enough about dogs but I wanted to go the extra mile. I also knew that having a dog here in the Netherlands is a lot different than what I’m used to.

In South Africa most of our dogs sleep outside in a kennel. Some dogs aren’t even allowed inside the house while others are allowed to come inside for a few hours. Others will also have the dogs just sleep inside the house and have free rein. There is a lot of different type of dog owners out there. We personally always had an outside dog. Our dogs sleep outside in the dog kennel but can come inside throughout the day. But here in the Netherlands, things go a bit differently. No dogs sleep outside, mostly because in some winters it snows. You can’t exactly have your dog sleep outside in that type of cold weather. Maybe quite a bit of the year it’s okay but definitely not in the winter. Anyway, so here most dogs are inside dogs. They sleep inside and spend most of their day inside. I knew that this would mean more training for the dog. I need to properly house train him. I need to teach him to stay of the couch and bed and many more. Hence why I spend two weeks reading the most boring book ever. I learned a lot though, but some pages were mind numbing things.

I also asked for advice. Onno’s aunt has three golden retrievers and obviously knows the ins and outs of having a dog here in the Netherlands. The main thing that I struggled to wrap my head around is the whole bench/cage situation. It felt wrong, to lock up your dog in a cage throughout the night. Now I see it as his kennel. It’s his safe little place. No one else goes into his bench. It’s his bed. Of course it keeps him safe throughout the night while we sleep. He can’t chew and eat on our furniture (choking hazards) or raise terror for the cat. I will share a blog about bench training in more detail later but the quick rundown, get him excited for the cage. Play around it. Leave treats in it. I always have his favorite teddy in there.

In the beginning your puppy won’t have the ability to hold his bladder. There is more bathroom breaks. Heck the book said you should take him out every 30 minutes. The less he goes inside the house, the better. In the beginning, we would take Dankie out around 3am. Now Dankie sleeps through the night. After about a week of waking up at 3am and then 5am, with a dog refusing to pee…we just let him sleep through the night. He does sometimes bark in the middle of the night to tell us he wants to go potty but other than that, he can hold it and sleep through the night. Oh I should make a blog about house training. I just have so much to share. So much knowledge. Some has nowhere to go! Oh Dankie can also do a few tricks! He can sit, wait for his treat while sitting, lay down, wait ten seconds with his treat right in front of him before I tell him to go eat it, he can kind of roll over. That one is still a work in progress. Fetch is okay. It needs more work and I just started to teach him to shake my hand before he gets a treat. He is a very smart boy and learns the tricks quite quickly. Most of the tricks he only does with me, so he needs some more work.

Where was I? I was talking about something before it went off to so many babbles. Oh yes. The cage/bench thing. I think I said everything I wanted to say about that. Let me think. What else was there I wanted to say in here? How funny would it be if you could actually answer me right now? I would probably have a heart attack and ask why the hell you’re in my house at 8am on a Monday morning. Not cool buddy.

Oh yes. What I learned. So by the time I’m writing this, we’ve had Dankie for one month. I learned that patience and repeating things is the key. Patience because your puppy won’t know that this is what you want from him and repeating things because well it will take him awhile to learn it. Puppy brain and all. Plus he needs to learn the human language and that might take some time. It took me two weeks of constantly fretting over the dog, constantly taking him out before he got into the habit of going outside to potty. He knows he has to go do his business outside. We still have a few accident inside here and there. House training can take a year. My main advice is to always be excited for him/her when he goes outside. Make a big deal out of it. Your puppy wants to please you so when he sees if he goes outside, he makes you happy, he will do it again. We cheer, congratulate him and even give him a belly rub. If he does go inside, don’t punish him. It will cause mistrust and most of the time he peed there twenty minutes ago and he won’t connect your punishing him about this. Just clean it up and move on with your day. I know it’s frustrating but hey patience is key. Just study your dog, eventually you will be able to pick up when he wants to pee. The way he walks and acts before doing so. Then jump up and take him out.

I will be honest with you, the first two weeks of having Dankie was rough. I was an emotional mess, two minutes away from a mental breakdown, but the added frustration that I can’t really leave Dankie alone or do much didn’t help things. Dankie had a really bad case of separation anxiety. I’m not even joking. He would full on lose his shit when he couldn’t see me for five seconds. A week after we got him, I had to go to the dentist. I put him in his cage for that time. I was gone for a hour and half tops. He was screaming when I left and he was screaming when I got back. Now he is a lot better. A real big boy.

That’s about everything I wanted to tell you. Oh wait. I should explain the whole Dankie as name thing. I explained it a little on his and mine Instagram account but I should explain it on here as well. And yes he has an Instagram account. I will have a link at the bottom of this blog. So Dankie is Afrikaans for Thank You. When I was young my mom would tell me that you need to be thankful and say thank you every single day. A good lesson right? So basically I called my dog thank you because I found it funny. And now I say thank you 300 times per day. Maybe this is only funny to me? But yes. The name is Dankie. I was stuck between Happy and Sunny for a few months, but Dankie is just so original.

Alright now that’s everything. I promise. Before I end this blog. Here is a bunch of pictures of my second fur baby.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Check out Dankie’s Instagram! Just click on this link — — and enjoy all the cuteness.

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails, Writing Corner

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails | Chapter Three | Writing Corner

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Chapter Three: Greasy Sheets

“Remember I want a text every day. I need to know that you’re alive okay.” Daddy Dearest fussed before pulling me in for his famous bear hug. “I still don’t understand why you want to turn your phone off. What if there is an accident?” Dad question, concern etched into his tired face. Daddy Dearest pulled him into our now family bear hug. “Don’t worry sir. My phone will be on at all times. I will personally call you every night at 7pm with an update. I will take good care of your daughter. I promise.” Zack promised as he stood at the open door. We were running late but my doting fathers struggled to let me go. “Take care of her okay.” Daddy Dearest whispered before finally releasing me and giving me a light peck on the forehead. “Okay go before I change my mind!” Dad huffed before abruptly turning around, mumbling to himself as he disappeared into the kitchen. “I love you too!” I called after him with a chuckle.


  “Come on Zack! At least give me a hint!” I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. Zack refused as to so much peep about what we’re going to do once we arrive in New York. No hints whatsoever. “Come on M. Not knowing what the future holds makes living fun.” I paused at his words. Is he right? Is truly not knowing what your future has in store a good thing? How does this make living life fun? I pondered over his words the entire flight. Constantly over thinking is truly exhausting. I’ve been indecisive my entire life. The idea of not knowing what my life will be like in only a short six months scares me endlessly. A routine is safe. My weekdays is painstakingly similar. My morning starts early with a quick 30 minute high intensity workout supplied via YouTube. After my shower, I pull on the usual outfit: Jeans and a graphic T-shirt. Once dressed I will have breakfast with my fathers’ while Daddy Dearest styles my hair. After breakfast I pull on my jacket and shoes before racing to school on my bicycle. At school I meet up with Sasha and get a rundown of whatever is happening in her life and how John is doing. I know more personal details about John that I care to remember. No one but his girlfriend and mom should know what face he makes when he poops. Sasha didn’t spare any details and I haven’t been able to look at John the same ever since. We separate once the bell rings and my classes start. Then it’s simply just making small talk to my classmates here and there before meeting up with Sasha for lunch which is mainly the time she sucks face with John. After fighting the urge to vomit and cry, I finish my lunch before bidding her goodbye and making a beeline for the library. There I will return my books and loan new ones before joining my game friends in the computer lounge. We talk shop till the bell rings and I return to my classes. In the short second break I don’t even bother to meet up with Sasha and instead do some homework. After school it’s back home to do whatever the hell I want. Watch series or read mainly. Occasionally I would hang out with Sasha like the good old days but there is only so much John stories a girl can take. This would repeat five days a week. The most exciting thing would be an occasional trip to the shopping center where I would stuff my face with McDonald’s and explore the bookstore and gaming center. Weekends was constant as well. Saturday is hang out day with Sasha or chill day at the house. Sundays is family day and whatever else you still need to do for school day. Nothing exciting ever really happened. I kept to my set routine like clockwork and although exciting opportunities would arrive; my fathers’ European cruise, rock legend ACDC in town, comic con, festivals and etc. Stepping outside my safe little bubble terrified me enough to stop me from every straying. Hence why this crazy adventure is long overdue. Who knows maybe I will hate every second. At least I tried something new. At least I left my safe routine and experience an adventure. At least I took one step forward to change.


  “I would like to order 300 large chips and 300 of your largest containers of chicken nuggets.” Zack ordered as casual as can be. His tone so monotone you would think the crazy boy just asked directions, but oh no. Instead he asked for the impossible. The lady blinked, mirroring my confused expression. “Sir did you mean THREE large chips and THREE nine chicken nuggets?” I nodded my head. Of course that’s what he meant. What else could he possibly mean? “I meant as in 300 large chips and 300 nine chicken nuggets.” Zack repeated himself and added a nice little eye role in my direction. It’s official. He was dropped on his head as a baby and has gone insane. Just my luck I go to a strange town with a complete loon. Is he going to sell my organs on the black market? Turn my insides into chicken nuggets? “Uhmmm sir we can’t sell that amount to just one person…” The lady trailed off. “Why not? Can I speak to your manager?” The young girl nodded unsure about what the hell she is supposed to do right about now. I mean same girl. Same. At least after your done with this order you won’ t have to see this loon again. I’m stuck with him for a week. I repeat. A week. The manager arrived and after having a brief conversation with Zack turned to the girl and gave her the go ahead to put in the order. A hour later we walked out of McDonalds with enough junk food to kill ten adults. “So what exactly are we going to do with all of this food? Hand it out to homeless people like those narcissistic YouTubers’ do when their views are low?” Zack simply shook his head before hailing a cab. “My dear sweet little innocent friend. We’re about to have a food fight in our pretty hotel room.” Zack tut like his answer should’ve been obvious. I was right. He is bat shit crazy. Instead of slowing turning around and making a run for it, I followed him into the taxi. “Prepare to lose.” I chuckled in my best evil villain chuckle before grabbing a mouthful of chips. Victory will taste oh so sweet. And oily. So much grease.

If the hotel staff was concerned about our large quantity of McDonald bags, they didn’t show it as they guided us to our room. Zack clearly has whipped out his daddy’s credit card with a very nice, almost too white, room with a view. Once in the room, he turned to the TV and played around till he found what he was looking for. A epic dance soundtrack. I raised my eyebrow. “So Zack…” I paused when a wicked grin crossed his features. Before I could respond and move, a flock of fries hit me square in the face. The cold fries, soggy by now slowly dropped from my body and onto the white carpet. I blinked. What. Just. Happened? Instead of allowing my brain to just comprehend that Zack threw fries in my face, he picked up a box of chicken nuggets, took one and aimed. It hit me square in the boob. “Oh it’s on!” With a war cry, I grabbed as many McDonalds bags as I could and ducked for cover behind the chair. I immediately launched my own greasy attack, throwing a continues handful of fries as Zack squealed and ran to escape my soggy bullets. “Die! Die! Die!” I cackled as Zack squealed in pain as a large chicken nugget hit him straight in the nose. Zack however refuse to stand down. With his own battle cry, he gathered a handful of chicken nuggets, jumped on top of the bed and launched the greasy rocks to my head. I screamed, scrambled from behind the chair and ran to the bathroom. The greasy floor however had other plans. I gracefully tumbled to the floor, sliding a few meters. Zack stopped his attack abruptly. “Are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?” I viciously took his moment of weakness to attack with everything I got. Chicken nuggets flew through the air, hitting him all over his body. He dropped to the bed in one big thump, groaning in pain after the largest chicken nugget I could find hit him square in the balls. It was my turn to pause as I walked to my friend in concern. Zack turned the tables and pulled me into his greasy grasp and attacked my sides with his fingers. I squealed and wiggled but Zack simply cackled at my agony. “Stop! Please just stop!” After another few minute of ticklish torture, he let me go. I collapsed next to him on the bed, gasping for air. I turned to face my friend and laughed. Laughed so hard tears ran down my cheeks and snot flew out of my nose. Zack joined in.


  “I feel so gross.” I rolled onto my side. Once our laughter died down, Zack and I slipped into a peaceful nap covered in greasy sheets. The smell alone pulled me from my slumber. Soggy and greasy food stuck to everything. “Let’s go shower.” Zack rolled over to his side, pulling me into his arms. “In a minute.” He mumbled sleepily. I laughed before for pushing his arms off me and getting up from the bed. I pulled a face as I took in the no longer pretty and white hotel room. “The cleaning crew is going to hate us so much.” Zack simply laughed before slowly getting up. “Wait. Where are you going?” Zack paused as he stopped in front of the bathroom door. “Shower?” It was his turn to give me the are-you-nuts look. “I called it first!” I huffed before sprinting to the bathroom door. Zack simply stood strong and blocked my path. “We can always shower together.” Zack wiggled his eyebrows and added with wink: “You know to save some water.” I rolled my eyes and shoved him out of the way. “No way in hell buddy. You’re not my type…” Both of us paused at my words. “Does this mean you only like girls?” Zack asked after a few moments of silence. I bit my lip. I never really thought about it. Love is love. It’s not only stuck to one gender. If I ever do move on from Sasha…I guess would I start to look romantically at other girls. Or will the next person I fall in love with be a guy? “Nah, I think both fields are fine.” I finally replied before closing the bathroom door. Glancing at myself in the mirror, I pulled a face and laughed. Oh a shower is definitely needed. I look so gross.


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