Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails | Chapter Fourteen | Writing Corner

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A friendly reminder: Copyright of this story belongs to Cassandra Meaker. This chapter nor any other chapter is edited unless indicated otherwise. Things are going to start to speed up as we near the end of this story. Only six chapters to go! I have big plans for this story so strap in everyone and enjoy the ride!

Chapter Fourteen: Cotton Candy Hair

“Why don’t we go to the carnival? A good outing would do us wonders.” I broke the silence at the breakfast table. Mason glanced up with a small little smile before returning his attention to the car magazine. Daddy Dearest hummed in response that only succeed to play on my broken heart. Ever since Dad left, Daddy Dearest just haven’t been the same. Gone is the joyous laughter that would greet you when you arrive home. Gone is the live karaoke when he prepared the meal. Gone is the dancing in the living room. It as if his very soul left his body. I bit back the tears and wracked my brain. There has to be something that would make my precious Daddy Dearest excited to go out. “You can dress me up?” This sparked his attention and with a small grin, I knew that I won. Daddy Dearest, no matter how depressed, would never miss out on a makeover. He has been dying to dress me up since he saw the photos of the New York trip. “Are you going to invite your boyfriend?” Mason joked and I rolled my eyes. Mason is convinced that Zack and I are an item. Although we made it clear that we were simply friends, the boy didn’t believe us. It also didn’t help that Zack would make funny little comments that would fuel these thoughts. These last few weeks although quite grim, we managed to get in few laughs. I clung to that. Although the moments were short and far in between, it was like a breath of fresh hair.

After Dad moved out, life just wasn’t the same. Daddy Dearest was playing into the denial card in every move. He refused to accept that the only man he has ever loved cheated on him with a woman. How he could deny how much the betrayal cut his very soul and still accept Mason into our home is beyond me. Mason took residence of our old guestroom and to make him feel at home Daddy Dearest gave him full rein of redecorating the room. The two just clicked as they went on and on about this one football team and this new car about to be released on the market. I had no idea my adorable ex-drag queen of a father had this much boy talk in him. “I will ask but he has been so busy with training.” For weeks now, Zack has been training for this amateur boxing competition. He was obsessed with the sport and although I couldn’t stand to watch his body turn black and blue, I tried to be supportive. I went to all the training sessions, prepared his meals and protein shakes. I even went as far as to learn the basics of giving a sports massage from the other girls at the club. I tried to be supportive but that doesn’t mean I always approve of the violence that goes into it. If done right, it can be a great sport to support but the way Zack seemed to go at it…Something was different with him. Although he was still his goofy self with a smile on his face, something was different. It was this nagging feeling in the back of my mind and although I couldn’t place what exactly was different, I knew there was something. If asked if there was something bothering him, Zack would wave my concern away and distract me by changing the subjects. I must be overthinking things. Zack would tell me if there was something wrong, right? He knew that I was there for him, right?

I rubbed my temples as I tried to finish my breakfast. These last few weeks were stressful, to say the least. Not only was there the tense home life and the suffocating anger that grew every time Dad tried to call, but there was also the exams just looming over my head with this ugly sneer. Graduation selflessly grew close. I was nowhere near close to deciding what I would be doing with myself, come next year than what I was months ago in New York. It feels like a different time, a different story almost. So much has changed in such a short amount of time. My love for Sasha vanished as we continued to ignore each other in school. The same girl I loved for so many years, now wandered the hall showing and glowing in teen pregnancy. According to Zack, she’s having a boy and her lovely boyfriend, John, isn’t stepping up to plate. He had his football scholarship to worry about. If this cut her deep, she didn’t show. “Let’s go on Saturday. We can go shopping on Friday.” Daddy Dearest pulled me from my thoughts and I blinked. I nodded in response and pushed my now cold pancake away. “Maybe we can go out for dinner and a movie on Friday after the shopping,” Mason suggested and Daddy Dearest clapped his hands in excitement. “I’ve been dying to see the new Jurassic World! It actually premieres on Friday.” Daddy Dearest exclaimed with joy. I pulled a face not that interested in watching a bunch of dinosaurs but as the chatted about the said dinosaurs, I reluctantly admitted defeat. Seeing Daddy Dearest smile with his old spark in his eyes, I could never snub out that flame. “We should get the tickets soon. M, call Zack and ask him if he wants to join.” Daddy Dearest ordered before opening his phone to watch the trailer. Mason eagerly joined as the two watched the dinosaurs run around on the tiny screen. I got up and left the room as I called Zack. He opened at the third ring, his voice husky with sleep. “Good morning sleepyhead, do you have plans on Friday and Saturday?” Zack chuckled into the phone and threw me a line that made my heart beat a little faster. “For you, never.” I laughed and shook my head. “Was that supposed to sound cool?” Zack laughed before mumbling a soft no.

The movie as predicted was action-packed and incredibly boring. Although between the four of us, it seemed that only I shared this opinion. Not only did Daddy Dearest drag me against my will to the first film of the growing franchise, but he also quizzed me after the show. The men went on and on about the graphics and whatnot as I played with my meal. Most of the meal the three talked about what they would do in the situation of dinosaurs roaming the earth once more. It became a long discussion that I didn’t even bother to follow. After dinner, Zack decided to go for a run before joining us for dessert on the couch. The next morning, Zack joined him at the club as he trained while Daddy Dearest started the makeover process. I sat on the floor, my hands on the table as I tried to watch TV over Daddy Dearest shoulders. He got to work by applying a hair mask, face mask and then getting to work on my nails. My tender skins screamed in protest as he pushed and probed at my cuticles. “What color do you want?” He asked after an eternity of time passed. Is my face supposed to tingle? “Pink.”

I scratched at my arms as the glittery material irritated my skin. Daddy Dearest went above and beyond with the makeover. By the time he finished, I looked like I was my own attraction at the carnival. With a glittery and somehow fluffy dress, glitter stockings with shoes that glowed at every step, I walked around with cotton candy styled hair, with a lot of glitter of course, through the park. Zack full out broke out in laughter when he came home after the club and saw my attire. I looked so incredibly out of place as everyone else wore casual clothing. Kids would stop and point, adults would glance and shake their head and teenagers would snicker at my pain. Some even asked to take a picture with me which made the entire experience, much more entertaining to three men. I swallowed my complaints as I watched my father laugh the entire night away for the first time in weeks. If I knew that this would give him a pep in his steps, I would’ve offered myself on a silver platter days ago.


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Sims 4 Meals

Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One: Fruit Salad | Part 2

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I thought long and hard about this one. I mean doing this meal was so easy I almost consider it to be cheating. I then just try to remind myself yes, there are a few meals with this Sims challenge that is easy and something I already make often. I mean later on there is Spaghetti and we have that every week. There are also some really complicated meals where I still have to figure out what and how I’m supposed to go about making it. I do want to make the next meal a little more difficult for the sake of keeping this challenge interesting. Maybe the honey cake? Alright so let’s jump in with today’s meal. The fruit salad.

In the Sims game, Susan made the fruit salad quite quickly. They only showed two fruits in the preparation but near the end, you can tell there is more. She started off with the apple and then some watermelon. So I knew as long as I can get those two in, I would hit the challenge right on the nail.

I went to the supermarket and bought a fruit salad and watermelon. That’s it. All I had to do is open up the packets and throw it in a bowl, take pictures and call it a day. I told you it was so easy it’s almost cheating. I could’ve made it a tiny bit harder by buying all the fruit and cutting it myself but if I’m honest I didn’t want to buy all that fruit and have some of it go to waste. I can’t finish a big watermelon on my own. I hate apples and I almost never finish all the kiwi’s when we buy the bag. So I went for the easy route and bought it already cut and ready to go.

It was a really cold meal to eat in the winter but nice and refreshing. I liked most of the fruit in the salad and although I normally add soya yogurt to my fruit bowls, without wasn’t so bad. The only thing I didn’t like as much was the apples but that’s only because well I don’t like to eat apples. I used to love it. Heck for the longest time I only ate apples but that’s actually the reason why I don’t like them now. I ate so much of it growing up that the idea of eating it now makes my entire body shiver.

As this meal was so easy and there wasn’t really a recipe to follow, I’m going to end this blog here. It’s a bit short for my liking but we can’t all have winners in the bunch. This is just a dud. The fruit salad was great though. Just not a challenge. If it helps I eventually need to make a hamburger cake which is basically a lot on fondant and shaping. Now that meal is going to be difficult and a real challenge. Before I leave let’s rate this cook!

Taste: 9/10 – Only one point down because of the apples for me but really it’s a healthy and easy snack/meal.

Look: 10/10 – I mean a bowl of fruit is always pretty. Dankie did help though. Is this considered cheating?

How easy it is to cook: 10/10 – So easy it’s cheating. I literally only had to open two packets and put it into a bowl. It’s not even considered to be cooking…

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails | Chapter Thirteen | Writing Corner

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This chapter is on the shorter side but I wanted to end it organically.

Chapter Thirteen: Family

After a good scream and cry into my pillow I turn to my side and called Zack. He picked up by the third ring with a slurred hello. “Zack, I really need to talk to you. Please come over.” I whisper cried into the phone. “I will be right over.” I could barely hear his voice over the noise in the background. “Where are you even?” Zack hung up before I could get my answer but I shrugged. I will see him in a bit anyway. A soft knock pulled me out of my thoughts and Dad, the villain of the hour, poked his head through the crack of the door. I crossed my arms and shot him my best glare. “Look, let me at least explain.” I turned my head and chose to ignore him. I don’t want to hear his excuses. Dad however ignored my body language and entered my room anyway. “It was an accident. A mistake really. I was drunk one night and in a really bad space after your dad and I fought and-” I jumped up from my bed, my blood boiling with anger. “After a fight with dad? You cheated on him?” I screamed, tears rolling down my cheeks. My heart broke into tiny little pieces at the thought of the pure betrayal and heartbreak my precious Daddy Dearest must be feeling. “Get the fuck out of my room!” Dad scowled and instead took a step towards me. “Hey now, that’s no way to speak to your father.” Oh how I wished he would’ve left when I asked him too because my next words cut deep. “You’re not my father!” My heart shattered at the look on his face, before I could utter an apology, Dad turned around and left the room. What did I do? Why did I have to say that? My body shook as uncontrollable tears rolled down my cheeks. Why did I say that? Zack found me a good twenty minutes later, sobbing on my bedroom floor. In my distress, he picked me up and laid me down on the bed. He climbed in next to me and held me close towards his body. He didn’t say anything, he simply played with my hair and held me close. My body so exhausted by the turn of events of the day, I didn’t think to ask why he smelled so strongly of alcohol at 6pm.

Zack woke me up around dinner and we all sat around the table in a very tense silence. Dad sat at the head of the table as always with a grim expression on his face. Daddy Dearest ignored his usual seat and instead sat at the opposite end of the table. He wouldn’t even glance at Dad. In his mind, Dad didn’t even exist much less seated at the head of the table. Next to Dad sat his son who I have yet to learn the name off. I felt faint but as Zack tightened his hold on my hand underneath the table, I took one deep breath in before I finally broke the tension. “So, what is your name?” The boy shot me a surprised look before answering. “My name is Mason.” I smiled and leaned over to shake his hand. “My name is Melissa but everyone calls me M.” Mason simply nodded before returning his attention to his dinner in front of me. “Zack, my boy, how is your family?” Dad spoke up and the tension in the room returned full force and then some more. Zack laughed awkwardly before taking a sip of water. “Well, Sasha just announced that she’s pregnant so not so great?” I bit my lip to bite back my laughter but one look at Zack’s face, a small chuckle escaped my lips. Zack shot me a glare which only fuelled my laughter even more. “I mean it’s pretty funny. You saw the exact moment your little niece or nephew was created.” I snorted in between laughter which eventually infected the others at the table. “It’s not funny.” Zack hissed and shot me his ugliest glare. I choke on my own spit as I laughed. “I literally have no other information to this story and it’s even funny to me,” Mason mumbled which only fuelled the roaring laughter even more. I poked Zack’s side and he shook his head before chuckling. “You suck, M.”

“Mason, why don’t we take a walk and get to know each other?” I said which caught the boys by surprised. I shrugged in response. “Well you’re kind of family now and we should at least get know each other. Also, it will give the two dads some time to talk.” Mason paused before nodding. I got up, gave Daddy Dearest a peck on his cheek before leaving the room with Zack and Mason trailing close behind me. I refused to glance at Dad’s side on the way out. After grabbing out winter clothes, we opened the door and started to walk down the street. “So, Mason. How old are you?” I broke the silence after a few moments passed. For over an hour we just talked about the basics before we headed back to the house. Zack waved us goodbye when he crossed his house and for the last few streets, silence filled the space between us. Mason was a troubled fifteen-year-old teenager, that much was clear. Apparently, he has been living with his grandparents for the last five years after his mom passed away from cancer. They were, however, getting too old to raise a teenage boy and reluctantly shared that his father was just one town over. A father that has been sending checks these last fifteen years. A father who clearly knew he existed but never bothered to meet. A father he met up two months ago who was reluctant to tell his family. A father who was sounding more and more like the biggest dick in the world. I couldn’t stop myself as I hugged the boy only two years younger than myself who have suffered so much pain in his short life. “From now on you have me.” It was a promise that I never intended to break. We might not share blood but his family now. It came to absolutely no surprise that when we came home, Dad’s car was gone and Daddy Dearest was crying in the living room with a bottle of Jack as comfort. I instructed Mason to get the ice cream while I got the winter blankets from the closet. Quite naturally we all huddled up on the couch in front of the TV under the blanket. The rest of the night we didn’t talk, we simply just watched mindless TV and ate ice cream.


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Little Hero #PlanetOrPlastic

I wrote this little short story for National Geographic as they fight against single-use plastic. This story is inspired by the image of the seahorse holding onto a Q-tip. This is a competition currently ongoing on the writing platform, Wattpad. You can find the story on my profile here — — and for more information on the competition, please follow this link — — It’s our time to be heroes.

Little Hero

Little Hero

I swam through the murky waters, exploring the new area with a curious mind. In a distance, something drifts. I peer my eyes, it’s unfamiliar shape bobbing as the tide runs through its path. It’s abandoned I note, just like me. The creature of sorts is pulled viscously by the unforgiving waters. I should save it but my little body would never survive the tide. I would simply be pulled along but as I watched the creature desperately attempt to escape the tide, I urge myself to swim towards it. I need to help it. It’s going to die if I don’t. Clinging to my new found bravery, with determination I pushed my body into the tide and desperately clung onto the creature. Before I could rejoice in my act of heroism, the tide slashed at my body. I closed my eyes as pain burned through my tiny body. The ocean is a very unforgiving place to the tiny creatures that inhabit it. I urge myself to swim forward but with my energy completed, I could only cling to the small creature as we hurled through the tide. Is this how I’m going to die? The creature, long in shape, weighed heavy on my tail. It dragged me deeper and deeper into the tide. It must be tired. It can’t swim anymore. Is it even alive? A shadow falls over my body and fear stilled my body. Friend or Foe? The orange skin of the creature seemed to glow in the murky body. My heart skipped a beat as I recognized my foe. I was correct with my earlier predicament, death awaits me in my quest to save this unknown creature. My foe seemed to pause, unsure if it will venture into the tide willingly for its next meal. Although his body, much larger than my own, would be overwhelmed in the tide. His best bet would be to wait out the tide and hope his own predators would miss his glowing skin in the murky waters. Seemingly deciding to take the risk, the fish swam into the tide excited for its meal. Survival instinct kicked in and new found energy surged through my body. With every bit of force inside my tiny body, I swam forward. My damsel in distress whipped behind me, slowing me down. It’s heavy body fought against the water. Is this creature I’m risking my life for even my friend? Or is it just another foe? The tide relentlessly pushed and I could feel my orange foe close in on me. I clung to my heroism and with the last bit of energy left inside of my body, I stopped and whipped my tail to the side. The creature urged forward. Did I save it? Unable to escape like before, it could only bob in the vicious tide. My heart sank, my actions were in vain. The orange foe swallowed me, hole. The Q-tip continued to drift through the water causing destruction in its path.

Making A House A Home (DIY and more)

How To Paint A Geometric Wall In Five Easy Steps

This blog is so late, it’s not even funny. It was one of the first things I knew that I wanted to paint in the house way before we even got the house. I’m not even kidding, 2 months before we even got the house, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint in our bedroom and how. I have been beyond careful on social media not to show this wall but well the moment has arrive. Drum roll please.



TA-DA! It’s out geometric feature wall in our bedroom! Isn’t it so pretty? I will pause here and await your compliments and praises in the comment section. Go on now. Shower me honey.

Jokes aside, this wall was beyond easy to paint. All you need is time and patience. Before I start, this is not an original idea. I saw it online once a long time ago and just knew I would paint that sometime. I didn’t follow any instructions however, it was pretty straightforward. I could tell by the picture how they achieved it and well I just followed my gut and this was the end result.

1. Choosing the colors and buying the paint

When it came to choosing the color theme of our bedroom, Onno and I were stuck between two colors. I wanted purple because it’s been one of my favorite colors since I could function and Onno wanted turquoise. As my actual theme on my blog is in the two shades, you can guess why I wanted them both. I pondered on the idea on how we could get both without going the ombré route for a few days, when that old picture I saw online clicked in my head. It was perfect and although Onno had no idea how it would turn out, I could see the end result.

I knew however right of the bat that just one shade of the color wouldn’t look good as a hole. It needed some contrast. So I chose three shades in every color. Dark, medium and light. I then just matched it with the perfect fit in the other color and called it a day. Similar to the ombré wall, I took the paint strips (the samples) and just compared it to other side to choose the complimenting color. Here let me show you what I mean.

paint strips

My main advice is just to take your time in choosing the exact shade because there is so many options out there and you want to be sure of your color and shade choices. Also give some thought about the area/location of the room. What I mean with that is; is your room facing the sun of not? If your room faces the sun then you can get away with the cool color choices. A good example of this is; we painted our office bright sunny yellow because otherwise it was too cool and gloomy.

You’re also going to need a break up color. In my instance I went with grey to match our furniture and our hallway color but you can go with black or well any neutral color you want. You just need a neutral color to break up the colors and give your eye a break. Otherwise the wall is way too overwhelming.

2. Clean surface

This is going to be the shortest step in history. Paint the wall white. The reason for this is that when you pull of the strips of tape, you want the lines separating your colors to be clear and bright white. Our walls were crème so this was critical for us but if your walls are white then well you don’t need this step.

3. Map out your wall

This step is relatively straightforward. You simply stick on the tape. Start of in the one corner of your wall and take it all the way to the other side almost. And then you simply just start to branch out and continue the process. Try to make some type of path. Have short pieces and long pieces. You want to once everything is finished to be able to see a clear line and almost follow it. Similar to those games you used to play as a kid. Where you go through the maze. I’m not sure if my explanation is correct but here is a drawing I did on PowerPoint to show you what I mean.

sample of how

The boxes on the side is simply just to show in the order I made the lines. As you can see the length and directions are all random. It’s all in your own hands. Just enjoy yourself really. There is no right way or wrong way to do this. It’s simply just going nuts and creating a lot of different shapes. Have fun! I sure did!

4. Paint!

And finally the moment has arrived! Painting time! Match your colors and shade. Dark, medium and light matched with the complimenting color in dark, medium and light. Take a moment to study this picture and you will see what I mean.


You will also see that I used the grey specially to break up the colors if it was too difficult to match it with the correct shade without painting the same shade of color next to each other.

I recommend you work out a system. I opened up all the cans of paint, starting from grey, my purple from dark to light and then my turquoise from light to dark. I had a brush for every color and would just switch between the colors as I went through it. It took me an entire day (8 hours if not more) to paint the first layer. For the second and last layer, you want a smooth layer. No brush strokes. To achieve this I took a dish sponge, the same SpongeBob sponge I used in the ombré wall, to tap in the second layer.

5. Remove tape and clean up

The title pretty much says it all. Simply just remove the tape and clean up the lines where needed with white. It is however very important that you give the paint enough time to properly dry. I only removed the tape the day after I finished the second layer. It had over 8 hours to dry.


That is it folks! I really hope my instructions are easy to follow. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section below. Don’t forget to tell me what you think! I seriously love this piece. I do want to add that it’s very busy and does almost all the decorating for us in our bedroom. If you’re one of those type of people who can’t sleep in such a busy area, I wouldn’t recommend this for your bedroom. It took me awhile (2-3 days) to get used to it. I do balance out the busy wall in our bedroom with black furniture and curtains. A grey carpet and pillows, etc.

Before I leave, here is all the pictures of the wall from start to finish.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails

Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails | Chapter Twelve | Writing Corner

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Chapter Twelve: A Horrible Day

I picked the dirt from under my nails as I waited for his royal highness to finish in the locker room. “Here you go!” I glanced up and smiled at the beautiful and delicious smoothie. “Thanks, Jack!” Jack flashed me a smile before taking the chair next to me. I took one big sip of berry goodness before returning my attention to my nails. “Zack still getting ready?” Jack asked after a few moments of silence. I nodded and Zack practically came out running from the locker room with a smile. “I’m ready, man!” Jack chuckled before joining him in the boxing ring. With mild interest, I watched the two circle each other in the ring before starting their fight when the bell ringed. The two eyed each other like trained practice, carefully accessing their opponent. Zack was the first the move. His movements so fast that I could barely follow the action but Jack easily sidestepped the blow before throwing a calculated punch right in Zack’s ribs. He flinched, the blow catching his but surprise but without halting his movement he threw his own punch. This time Jack couldn’t avoid the blow to his stomach. He jumped back gasping for air. Zack followed his attack with another ruthless punch. The game of throwing a punch and blocking another continued as the two danced in the ring for two hours. The fight ended at the sound of the bell, the two panted on opposite sides both sporting a hue of blue bruises on their skin. The two simply did the one-sided hug with a pat on the back before leaving the ring. They chatted happily as the two walked towards the locker rooms to clean up. I shook my head. Boys. I will never understand them. Zack isn’t a boy, my consciousness sneered but with a wave, I ignored whatever deeper meaning followed those words.

I fought back a yawn as I watched the student filled the classroom. Sasha and her pack of mindless minions was one of the last to enter. They all seemed sullen as they whispered among each other. I frowned when Sasha finally glanced my way. Her face was red and puffy. She’s been crying. I clenched my fist as her pain stricken face pulled at my heartstrings. Should I do something? She’s my best friend. No, you guys thought, remember? The bell rung signaling the start of the class before I could act on any of my thoughts. My eyes followed her as she took her seat, her hand comfortably resting on her stomach. It seemed to be an unconscious action on her part as if a part of her is protecting her stomach. My eyes widened at the sudden realization. No. I must be wrong. She would tell me, right? Suddenly those spam of panic messages crossed my mind. He came inside of her back then. It’s a possibility. At lunch, as I waited in line for my meal, my prediction became even more justified. One sniff of whatever meat they’re serving in the cafeteria sent Sasha running for the closet bathroom. Whispers and rumors spread through the school and by the last period, I was dying to know if it was really true. As I neared Sasha and her gang of minions, my heart hammered in my throat. We haven’t talked since our big fight and although I’m still ridiculously angry at her, I still care for her. She was my closet friend for years. Heck, not even that long ago I was madly in love with her. Was it even love? It died out as a small flame licked by a strong wind. Before I could overthink the situation, Sasha saw my approached and a scowl crossed her features. “What do you want?” Sasha sneered in anger. I stung I would admit but I squared my shoulders and reminded myself that she’s still that same girl I loved so much deep down. “Are you okay?” My sincere question caught her off guard. She frowned, shock clear on her features. “Back off, you homo freak!” Minion one stepped before Sasha before she could respond and snarled. I bit my lip and clenched my fits. They’re empty words, M. Don’t even give them the satisfaction than allowing the words to hurt you. They’re just empty words filled with lies. I glanced at Sasha, for what I couldn’t be sure. Sympathy? Reassurance? The same girl I fell in love with? The girl that would’ve stood up and glared at the mindless minion and told her actually where she could shove her cheap hair extensions. I saw none of that. Just a hardened scowl, a face so corrupted with anger, that old friend was long gone. “What the fuck do you want, Melissa?” Sasha spat my word and I glared. She knew I wasn’t a big fan of my full name. No one calls me Melissa, not even my fathers. “Why do you have to be such a bitch?” I spat before I stormed out of the classroom. Fuck her. I was just trying to be nice to her and she just threw it in my face. I don’t even care anymore. She could be just another cliché and tick off a teenage mother off the list.

I met up with Zack at the usual place and after watching him spar with Jack for two hours, we took a long walk in the park nearby. Zack would flinch on occasion but stubbornly refused to sit back and relax. I threw myself down on the soft grass next to the lake and begrudgingly and very slowly, Zack lowered himself onto the ground. Birds chirped and ducks quaked as we just watched the scenery before us. “Just ask already!” Zack broke the silence with an annoyed huff. I laughed and played with my fingers. “Is Sasha pregnant?” By the deep sigh and angry clench of his fist was anything to go by, I would say that would be a yes. “Oh wow. That’s big.” I gasped in shock and Zack simply nodded. Holy shit. Sasha really is pregnant. “Well her life is completely to the shits now. Do you know what she is going to do?” Zack shrugged and tossed a rock over the lake waters. Alright so someone doesn’t want to talk about his little sister being knocked up. “Why don’t you two just make up already? I’m not your fucking middleman?” I gaped in shock and before I could even comprehend Zack’s sudden outburst, he was walking away from me. What the hell just happened? “Hey, wait up!” Zack seemed to pause for two seconds before he spat up and disappeared around the corner. What the hell just happened?


“I’m home!” I called as I stepped into the house. I frowned when I couldn’t hear the normal commotion. Usually, Daddy Dearest was humming in the kitchen as he cooked dinner around this time and you could always hear Dad typing in his office. I heart hammered in my throat as every horror movie with a similar scenario played in my head. “We’re in the living room.” Daddy Dearest finally broke the silence and I clasped heart, relieved. However, my momentary relief and happiness came to a crashing halt when I entered the living room and saw the somber expression on my fathers’ faces. Next to them was a boy, only two years younger than me if I would guess, angry at the world. No one was happy and one quick glance at Daddy Dearest, I could tell he has been crying. “What’s going on?” My heart pounded in my throat, maybe a crazy ax murder would’ve been nicer right about now. “Honey, why don’t you sit down?” Dad asked with his most gentle voice. He too looked upset. I shook my head as fear glued my feet to the floor. Moments passed before Dad sighed and glanced at the boy who seemed to get angrier by the minute. “There is no easy way to say this but…” Dad paused and swallowed with effort. “You’re dad over here has a bastard son.” Daddy Dearest snapped before storming out of the room. I blinked. No. My mind reeled with the new information and I shook my head. No. I didn’t hear him correctly. Dad dropped his head into his hands and sobbed. His body shook and his entire body language screamed shame. No. This can’t be happening. I turned and ran to my bedroom. No. This can’t be real life? I must be dreaming. I dropped onto my bed and screamed into my pillow. What a horrible day.


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Story Time

My Husband Stressed Over A 2000 Euro Key For Years

This my favorite story to tell because honestly, it’s hilarious to me. If you ever meet me in person ask me to tell this story. I get so passionate about it with hand gestures and voices. So this story is the key story.

When I met Onno he was already in his apartment in the city for a few months and at first, he always said that his second key is with his parents. I didn’t really care as I was only going to his place on the weekends and who needs more than one key anyway? About a month after we started dating he finally confessed that he lost the key and when I asked him why don’t you just say hey I lost the key and get a new one? His reason was very sound. In his contract, he signed that in the case of a lost key, he needs to pay for the replacement of the entire building. It is one of those special keys that can open the front door and your apartment. That is quite a mind-blowing, probably only to me, that they were able to do that for five different apartments in our building like wow technology man. Anyway to replace all of those keys is ridiculously expensive; over 2000 Euros. So you can understand why admitting that he lost the key is the last thing that Onno ever wanted to do.

Months passed and I went back to South Africa for a few months and the one key problem was completely forgotten. It was only when I came back for three months and actively lived with Onno that the one key thing became a problem. Oh, wait there was this one time while I was au pair that we got locked out of the apartment for a few hours in the freezing cold weather. Onno had a friend stay over and while he went out to meet me halfway (I was angry at him and didn’t want to come over like always did so he came to pick me up halfway completely and utterly hung over.) she went out shopping. Onno left the keys with her as he didn’t know how easy it would be to get me to his place (I was really angry.). What ended up happening is that she didn’t answer her phone for a long time and we had to wait for her to finally get back to access the apartment. Of course, this didn’t make me any less pissed at Onno. It was a bad and awkward weekend. The poor guy. Anyway back to the future where we started living together. At that time I was on a three-month Tourist VISA and you’re not allowed to work on this said VISA. So I was mostly alone at the apartment while Onno worked. I had enough to do with keeping the apartment clean, doing the grocery shopping and all that jazz…who am I kidding? It was pretty boring and I watched a lot of Netflix. In my defense, I was working out a lot back then. It was when I was still doing BBG, something I’m restarting today (it didn’t stick though. I’ve been trying to restart BBG for months now and it’s not sticking. I made a new game plan that by the time this blog goes up, should be in action for 3 weeks.) and I think I was writing. Who knows. It’s two years ago.

I’m getting off track. So Onno would leave the keys at the house while he went to work so I could go in and out. He would ring the intercom when he got home and I would ring him in. It was a system and it worked but it would’ve been nice if we both had our own set of keys. Other than having the real fear that if we lost this key we’re completely and utterly screwed all was right in the world. It really wasn’t a problem as I would go back to South Africa before we could blink and it would be a few months before I’m back to live here in the Netherlands permanently.

Wait, let’s put a pin in this blog. As I’m writing this, this story is coming off quite boring. I just feel like I have to give some back story to it otherwise it might not make any sense but in the process, it’s coming off as well not funny. Sorry about that but I’m almost 800 words in and it’s too late to go back now. Alright let’s return to regular programming in 3…2…1

Flash forward a few months and I’m officially back in the Netherlands. I wasn’t even here for a week before we started talking about finding a new place. It was a subject we touched on before but we just had to wait for me to well live in the country before we could really consider it. At this time I was also convinced that I would most likely study in Amsterdam or Utrecht and since Onno works in Utrecht we figured moving to a place closer in that area would be the smartest move forward. We started looking for a place to rent and this is when the dreaded key problem came up again. One, over a year later after Onno lost the said key, he still didn’t want to call the realtor company. He was convinced that our downstairs neighbor also lost his key as the two very awkwardly had an interesting conversation about the keys a few weeks back. Basically, Onno was in a faceoff with our neighbor. Who is going to call first and pay the 2000 Euros? So basically who is going to give in and move first?

Although I wasn’t exactly eager to hand over 2000 Euros for a key, I also really wanted to get out of our small apartment and into a place with a yard. We looked around and saw a few places but ‘altemilately’ – Here is where everything derailed. For the life of me, I couldn’t spell this word and autocorrect wasn’t coming in to save the day. Normally if I can’t spell a word and auto correct is useless I would retype my sentence so I wouldn’t have to use the said word but I was stubborn. So here are my attempts to spell this word correctly. Altemitately. Ultemitely. And finally auto correct saved the day and helped a girl out, ultimately – I refused to spend so much money on a place we would only rent. The rent was also ridiculously high. So to explain myself more, even though this might make perfect sense to some people but to me (a South African this literally makes no sense) it’s bonkers. Here in the Netherlands when you rent a place you have to put in your own goddamn floor and closets. The one place we found we even had to put up our own fence and it wasn’t like oh never mind we could live without the fence type of deal. It had to be done or your backyard is open to the public. They also expected us to plant the entire garden (it was newly built) and basically make their shitty place nice. Coupled with the deposit, moving costs and the really expensive rent it was just not worth it for us. I honestly just refused to basically throw all that money away on a rental house. It’s not my house. Why the hell should I put in the floor? It just blows my mind. Anyway back to the story.

In the end, we just didn’t have the money to pay for the rental place and for the new keys. We decided that hey let’s wait a few more months. Maybe the neighbor will cave and move first. Months went by where Onno would ‘occiosanely’- and we’re derailing again. Come on Cassandra. You use this word all the damn time why the hell can’t you spell it tonight and also auto correct why aren’t you helping me out tonight? Occosian. Occasianly. occasionally – ask the neighbor without actually asking about the key and his said living plans in the future. The one key story was forgotten for a few months before we decided hey we’re at a good place in our lives let’s buy a house.

It took Onno three months after our offer was confirmed, papers were signed and we ’re basically one week shy from receiving the keys before he finally made the call. A call he was supposed to make a week prior but ‘forgot’. I had to press the call button for him. Onno was a bundle of nerves and went into this long story that his parents were cleaning out their house over the weekend and couldn’t find our extra key and they couldn’t tell how long it was lost and blah blah blah blah. The lady on the phone basically asked Onno to get to his point as she didn’t have the time. Begrudgingly Onno said that we don’t have a second key and would like to get one. AND GUESS WHAT? For only 40 Euros we could get a new key in a week! I repeat. FOR ONLY 40 EUROS WE COULD GET A NEW KEY IN A WEEK. You can’t hear my laughter through the screen but I assure you, I laughed my ass off when he told me with this stupid embarrassed look on his face. I’m chuckling now just remembering it.

Nearly two years of postponing this call out of pure dread, putting our life on hold a little bit and having this awkward face off with our neighbor who had no idea, we got our second key for 40 Euros. It turns out that the management of the apartment went to a new company and they didn’t make a big deal out of the whole key thing. Onno is convinced that if he called them sooner (if only with a few months) we would have had to pay the 2000 Euros.

Now that I think about it…maybe this key story is only funny to me?

Update from future Cassy

I wrote the first part of this blog months ago before we even moved. We had to wait however for our deposit before I could share it online. We didn’t want to take any risks when it came to such a big deposit that would really help to smooth things over at the bank after the renovations. Getting the deposit back was anything but easy. Now that I think about it, I can probably write another blog just about the troubles we faced to get back our money but I will spare you all on the details. We moved on the Saturday with all of the big things, the bed, couch, table, desk and etc. Basically the entire apartment. That Monday I went through to Rotterdam to fully spring clean the apartment while Onno did a few things around the house. It was a boiling hot day and anything but pleasant. It was a lot of hard work. The next day we had to return the keys. Onno went through as he had to be present for the check up from the rental agency. The person was late and it was a long and boring procedure. They basically walked through the entire apartment and took pictures so they could send it back to the owner who would then see how much of the deposit we would get back. Let’s say the shower door was broken. The owner would then hire someone to fix the shower door and withdraw the amount from the deposit. He would need the pictures as proof.

They promised that we would receive the deposit within two months we finally closed that chapter of our lives. Life got pretty damn crazy soon afterwards and before we knew it, it was just shy over two months later without a single peep from receiving the deposit. We called to hear what’s going on and that’s when we found out that the company received the pictures from the real estate agent last week. Apparently, the SD card of their camera was acting up and it took a while to fix the problem. They then promised they would have the deposit in our bank account by the end of the month. The end of the month came and went by without a word. Moral of the story after four months we finally got the deposit. It only took a dozen or so calls and unanswered emails every week. We did get the entire deposit back which is pretty great but what a journey it was. Reading through this blog in the editing process, I realize that maybe this story is only funny to me. Oops!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!