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My Favorite Full Body Workout

This is my favorite full body workout to do. It’s easy to follow and to remember and I’ve been doing it on and off for months. It was originally designed around recovering from my shoulder injury. It’s a quick and easy workout to do I just have to get into the habit of doing it at least once a week till I recover my strength. Anyway I really enjoy this workout so I figured I should share it with you all.

Before I start I really want to clarify that I’m not a personal trainer. I designed this workout for myself after years of following other workouts. After my shoulder injury I couldn’t follow my normal workouts so alas this was born.

full body workout.png

The only thing I should explain is the full rotation with bicep curls. This is for my shoulder mobility. I basically rotate my arms starting from side out to the side of my head before I bring it forward to my side where I finally end it with a bicep curl.

Oh maybe I should explain the reverse fly too. Before I found it online when I was searching for arm workouts I had no idea what it is. Basically you lay on your stomach and stretch out your arms backwards like your flying. Hence the reverse fly. I bet you can find a video on YouTube, if my explanation sucks.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


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My Fitness Regime For 2018 | Bicycle Tour Update

You know what is really amazing…? How much can change in a short amount of time. Not all change is always good but you always learn and grow from it. Now before I sound too much like a inspiring quote on a bathroom stall I’m just going to get to the point.

There is another slight change in the bicycle tour. If your making a frustrated sigh and thinking: ‘make up your mind woman!’ – then kindly get in line. I was here first. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself though. I have never done something like this before. Obviously I’m not going to know everything straight of the bat. I’m learning. Now surprisingly enough the latest version of the bicycle tour, the mini tour is still the final draft. That’s how we’re going to do it. I figured that part out. The only part that is now a problem is the time I chose: 18th of May till the 3rd of June. Something came up and we will have to postpone the tour with a few months. I can’t really say when we will finally do the tour as I can’t predict the future. How neat would that be? Predicting the future…if you could predict the future what would you do? Let’s say you can only do it once. You can only choose one thing you want to look into and nothing else what would you choose to look into? Would you check lottery numbers? Would you check how Game of Thrones ends? Would you check when and how you die? So many options. I’m getting slightly of topic but I’m still genuinely curious. I’m not even sure what I would want to predict…It’s a thinker all right.

Okay let me just steer this boat in the right direction before I get too off track like hello what type of super power would you want for the day talk…Whoops nearly did it again! But seriously if you could have any super power that you can possibly think off what would it be?

Back on track in 3…2…1

Because I have no idea when we will finally do the tour I’m just going to plan 2018 as if I’m training or preparing for it. So basically what that means I’m going to continue training on the bicycle every week and when we choose the date we will be ready. However I see an opportunity…because we can’t say when we will do the tour we don’t have to be that drastic about our training, no 250km anytime soon. The new plan and I can say that this will be a constant program for as long as possible; is to bicycle 150km a week for three weeks straight and 50km in the fourth week which is our rest week. So our muscles can recover. It’s easy enough right?

Week 1 – 150km

Week 2 – 150km

Week 3 – 150km

Week 4 – 50km

Week 5 – 150km and etc

Maybe in the later weeks 150km will go up to 200km but again can’t be sure. Oh yeah back to the opportunity I was talking about…because our entire lives won’t revolve around JUST bicycling I can finally incorporate proper strengthening workouts. Finally! For now I’m going to start with one arms and abs workout in the 150km week and two to three strengthening workouts (arms, abs, maybe some legs etc) in the 50km  week. Depends on how our bodies feel and how much time they need to recover. REST DAYS ARE IMPORTANT!

Outside bicycle training and incorporating at least one strengthening workout per week I have two other goals fitness wise for the year 2018. I want to complete a 30day yoga challenge somewhere in the year. It was my goal for 2017 and I never got to it so I definitely want to get it done. Somewhere in the year I’m going to switch over to four weeks of 50km a week with one strengthening workout. It will be my rest and recover month. My 30 day yoga month.

My last fitness related goal for 2018 is to complete 5000km in LISS for the year. In 2017 it was 1000km and I proudly ticked that box and far passed it by August. This year I want to step it up. See how far I can go.

What will count:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Bicycling
  • Anything where you move forward and…basically cardio. If I by some reason start playing football (soccer) the km I run in the sport will count.

Yeah that’s about it. 2018 IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING YEAR!! I want to make new goals, learn new things and push my body in new and exciting ways.


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I Had My Body Analyzed

I weighed myself over the weekend and although I feel like I’m past the point of where the number on the scale effects me in a negative I hate my body kind of way. This time around it started to make me think. These last few months my body has been going through so much change. I feel like literally overnight I went from 64kg to 68kg. I was about 68kg when I started my bicycle training and almost instantly went up to 70-72kg which I explained as muscle growth but these last few weeks as most of you will know if you read my bicycle training updates I haven’t been that active but my eating habits staid the same. Now normally when I start to slack with my training but I still eat as I normally would I pick up 2kg at most but this time around? No baby I shot up to 76,6kg. Less than 9 days ago I was 72-74kg. Suddenly I’m 76,6kg?  When I write it out like this it kind of makes sense but at the same time I’m still a little baffled. I guess because although I can see I picked up a little fat and lost some muscle I don’t feel like my body changed so much in 9 days. The most logical thing I can think of is that my body is holding onto water and some of my muscles switched over to fat. I’m not expert (well not yet wink, wink) so this is all just guessing work.

Anyway as my body has changed so much I thought this would a be perfect time to take another body composition analyzer test. That and I finally feel in a good mental place to restart my bicycle training. I made a few adjustments because it’s quite clear the old training schedule wasn’t working out for me. I always stumble but once I find a way that works for me then I’m set baby but that’s a story for another blog post.

Alright so below I’m comparing a body composition result that I took just after my arrival here in the Netherlands and before we started our serious bicycle training. It’s a good starting base. Anyway I’m comparing that test with the test I took over the weekend.

body composition test

Okay before I talk about the test here is some graphs with the exact same information. I couldn’t help myself. They’re so fun to make. Scroll along if you don’t share my joy.graph 1

muscle mass


The numbers don’t lie however and it just goes to show how informative this test is. Basically I need to drink more water and eat less candy and I’m set. The lady that helped us stated that I’m kind of healthy but I probably eat too much candy and damn it’s pretty much spot on. I don’t really have a clear goal where I want the numbers to be if I’m honest. As long as I’m in a good place mentally, physically and nutrition wise I’m happy. Although the fat mass can go a bit lower but all in all I’m not upset about the test. I guess it comes with age. I’m making a joke about my metabolic age if that wasn’t clear. Fun fact it’s effected by the amount of water you drank before the test. She could see I only drank 40% of my daily intake around that time and as it was around 2pm I don’t think it’s too bad although I do tend to skip on my water intake but I’m going off track.

I’m very happy with the test and I don’t see myself as being unhealthy and obese (fun fact the second test said I’m on the heavy side. My response? Bite me!) and that’s the important part. I’ve been describing myself as healthy but on the edge for over a year now and you know what? I’m happy with that. Sometimes I eat more candy and cross the bridge and go into the realm of unhealthy and the next week I barely eat any candy and cross into the realm of healthy. Sometimes I’m in perfect balance and others not so much. It’s life you know. Stuff happens that throws me off and the last thing I should do is stress out about it so I’m taking life with stride and just do me.


If you’re anything like me and half of the code names and extra stuff is like French then here is a link where the company itself explains a few things. Tanita is the machine behind the test if that wasn’t clear. Anyway check this website out. It’s very informative. —

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5 Steps On How To Get Started In Fitness

So you want to get active and start your fitness journey? First of all I want you to know it’s not at all as glamorized as you might see on Instagram. It’s not easy. It’s a roller coaster ride to be honest. One week you’re working out five times a week drinking smoothies all day around and the next week you have a steady relationship with your couch and pizza is your soulmate. It’s completely normal and with time you will learn the fine line that is balance.

I’ve been in the fitness world since May 2015. I’ve stayed on track for months without end and I’ve also derailed for months without end. This has taught me a few things about getting started and I’m here to share them with you.

  1. Baby Steps

Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps. I can’t repeat it enough. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps. Did I make my point? You really can’t jump in head first and expect to be on the same level as a professional athlete by the end of the month. What I mean with this is you need to start of slow.

When I started my fitness journey I only did three strengthening (legs, arms, abs) workouts per week with two active LISS sessions (run, bicycle ride, walk, swim, etc.). Two years later I have four to five strengthening workouts per week with five to six LISS sessions. Oh and one stretch/yoga session. Please stretch and warm up before any workout. Injuries aren’t a joke. I’m speaking out of experience.

Can you see the difference? I didn’t jump in with a full blown workout routine, I started off slow and steadily build myself up. I keep this in mind every time I fall of track, I start with the basics and go from there. Like the famous saying goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  1. Set Weekly Goals

Having something to work for, that motivates you to get up and get that workout in come rain, binge TV and a bad day is incredibly important. So set those goals. Mine this week is to push myself and see how much kilometer I can bicycle in one go. I’m pushing for 60km. (Edit: I DID IT!!)

  1. Find a program/plan that works for YOU

You can’t exactly jump into a battle and expect to come out as the victor. You need to have a plan. By plan I mean how your week is going to look like. What workouts do you want to do and on what day? If you have a well structured plan you’re more likely to stick to it. Winging it makes you stand a risk of failing.

week 1

Next up you obviously need to know what exercises your doing when it’s leg day. There is so many options and personal trainers online, you can really take your time, experiment till you find a program you enjoy. I recommend the two following YouTube channels.



  1. Stay accountable

If you stay accountable by posting daily updates on Instagram then go ahead honey. If you stay accountable by documenting every workout and making notes then go ahead. Find a way that motivates you to keep active even on days where the idea of working out is beyond horrible.

  1. Trust the progress

You won’t see progress overnight so please don’t get unmotivated when you don’t have abs after two weeks of training. Slow progress is real progress.

Best of luck and remember the only bad workout is the one you never did!