Everything You Need To Know About My Blog For The Year 2019

Before we begin, Happy New Year! Alright, let’s jump straight into it. I’m probably not the only person out here in the big wide world that is incredibly happy to see 2018 in my rearview mirror. Not like I can drive here in the Netherlands. Even though I paid my dues and have a South-African drivers license. And no. I will never let this one go. I went through so much to get that license and I only really used it for two years max. Now I have to redo the entire process? Not cool. Naturally, I will bitch and moan about it for the next twenty years. At the start of 2018, even while some things were derailing near the end of 2017, I was dreaming of a great year. Now even though this year has been pretty damn great I mean we got a house, a car, a dog and we even went to London. Nice things happened but pretty fucking heart crushing horrible things happened too. 2018 is one ugly but beautiful year. Mostly ugly though. It tested me in ways I can’t even begin to explain. It forced me to reassess everything in my life and how I go about things. The turning point was in September. It wasn’t because suddenly things were all rainbows and sunshine. It was because I finally changed my viewpoint. It was the month that I started with sharing my past with the world. It was a month of raw healing. It was a month of hysterical crying but adjusting and finally moving forward. The next few months of the year was just as a rollercoaster than the months before but my new mindset made the world of difference.

I have big plans for 2019. Goals and plans that fell through the mud when 2018 kicked me in my figurative balls. Near the end there in 2018, I was finally figuring things out and I refuse to let go of that progress and driving force. So similar to last year, I want to share my goals and plans for the year on here. This blog will also become the featured blog for my website so for those who just stumbled onto my page, well hello there! It’s great having you!

I’m going to start with everything coming up on my website this upcoming year.


From this point onwards I’m always going to concentrate on my mental health so there will be frequent blogs on the subject. It’s something so important to me and I’ve been working on it every single day. No longer will I only concentrate it once a month for a week. No. I need to put my mental health first every single day and take at least one step, no matter the size, forward on the healing path.

I will probably still share about PCOS here and there but at this moment of time, I think I crossed the main points of the list.

From this year and onwards I’m going to start with reviews. Mostly because I really like doing them. You know me by now. I write about everything and nothing at the same time. My blog is all about different subjects for every type of reader out there. Some of my readers aren’t here for my silly story times, while others are only here for my not so frequent travel blogs. And that’s okay. It is my goal that this blog is your way of escaping the cruel world when you need a laugh. I also hope that some of my content on here is helpful. Alright back to the reviews. My reviews similar to my blog will be on a wide range of subjects. Books, products, movies, restaurants, services and maybe even series. This will be the second blog series here on my website. The first being the remaking Sims 4 meals. By now there is three online, with a new one going up just yesterday. I hope you’re enjoying the series. It’s incredibly fun to work on it. Similar to my Sims 4 series, the review series will be updated every three weeks.

Something that I wanted to start in 2018 but didn’t end up doing so is guest blogs. Which is basically what it reads. I will have another blogger share their content, story or whatever we decide on, here on my website while I do the same on their blog. I have never done anything like this so I can’t make any promises but I’m very excited to work with other bloggers. I will share more when the time comes but otherwise, if you’re a blogger and you feel our content are similar, please reach out to me. You can contact through my website or you can email me at cassandrameaker@gmail.com.

I will continue to share first drafts of my stories on here although it is very important to add that this won’t be my priority as I will be spending most of the year working on something very special. There won’t be regular updates. Currently, I’m still working on my coming of age story: Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails but it’s a short story and there aren’t that many chapters left. The last chapter of the first draft goes up on the 6th of January. Once this story is completed I will be taking at least a two-month break on ANY updates regarding my writing corner. To make everything less complicated, there won’t be a writing corner update on Sunday until April. When April comes I might have the first draft of a new story, I might restart my other ongoing story (The Girl Writing In The Train) or I might have some sort of writing series. I’m not entirely sure but we will see in April what ends up happening. I will definitely keep you guys up to date with any news regarding the writing corner. I will certainly make an update here when the time comes.

Although I only briefly mentioned this at the beginning of my blog, I want to cross some things off my bucket list. So basically there will be a few blogs about that as well. I’m looking the most forward to the food fight. Funny enough when I mentioned this, I actually opened up my little pink book that holds my bucket list and saw third on the list I wrote that I wanted to share my story and tell my parents about my past. I completely forget I wrote about this and it sparked these very emotional feelings in my gut. I’m happy I shared it with everyone. I don’t regret it at all. Another exciting thing on the list that I want to cross off is getting a trust tattoo. It’s basically as it sounds. You go into a tattoo parlor and have someone you trust to choose the design and place for it and you’re not allowed to see the finished product until it’s inked permanently onto your skin. I also for some reason have a goal to go without my phone for a week. That should actually be a very interesting experience although I have no idea why past Cassy even wanted to do that. I mean I read on my phone every single day. It’s also my way to tell time.

Although my main goal is to complete my language test so officially have the certificate that says Dutch is my second language and start the process on writing the immigration test, I also want to do all of those edX course I talked about before. At this point I only want to complete one course but we will just have to see how busy my schedule next year is. I plan to write a lot. If there is time this year I also want to get my driver’s license (fucking again). I will definitely share about whatever course I decide to take apart in when the time comes. Maybe some of you would want to join me. It’s free anyway.

Last but not least, similar to last year I will touch on the wide range of topics. I will probably have a blog go up about fitness every now and again. And who can forget about the bicycle tour that overwhelmed the start of my blog. As mentioned in my one blog, the goal didn’t change although the plan did. We want to do an extra mini bicycle tour completely and utterly split up. The short version is basically we’re going to bicycle 60km give or take over the weekend. Wherever we stop with the tour, we will restart on another weekend. We most likely will only have two of these weekend per year but who knows. We will have to wait and see where the road takes us. I also plan to write more experimental type of blogs where I try something for a set amount of time and share my thoughts and experience on it. I have so many exciting experiments planned already and I just can’t wait to share them with you. My content really does touch base on most topics and you can expect this going forward. I can’t see myself ever sticking to one genre so to say.

*My two blog series; Remaking Sims 4 Meals and Reviews will always take a short three month break every ten parts. This way it gives me a chance to catch up and for there to be different content on my blog. Now my Mondays look like Sims Meal, something else, Review, Sims Meal, something else and etc.

Update schedule

Although my big goal is to have two blogs and one chapter go up per week, I learned that this is too overwhelming. Honestly, sometimes I just don’t have two blogs ideas for the week. I’m still playing catch up with my few months offline but eventually, that content will run out and I would have to write from new blog ideas and experiences from the point forward. Meaning that sometimes nothing interesting happened for a great blog. Ever since I came back online, I’ve been sticking to one blog every Monday and one chapter every Friday. As I slowly want to inch back into the two blogs and one chapter per week, I figured let’s meet the middle ground.

The first week of the month there will be one blog and one chapter for that week. There will always be a blog on a Monday but to avoid confusion, my chapters will go back to going up every Sunday. The second week of the month there will be two blogs and one chapter. On Monday and Friday there will be a blog and then on Sunday, there will be a new chapter. This will repeat. One week it’s one blog, one chapter and another week it’s two blogs and one chapter. Here is a table to really show you what I mean. It’s probably not necessary but I really want to make a fun table. *Please note that there won’t be any chapter on a Sunday until April 2019.

2019 table

Another thing I really wanted to do this passing year is; have one month my super update month. Which basically means there will be a blog every single day with one chapter (if there is an ongoing story) on Sunday. It will be a month with 31 days. What month this will be is your best guess. It definitely won’t be anytime soon. I want to ensure I’m way ahead before I start to work on writing all of that content.


I have big dreams and goals for this year and I know that this time around I’m entering the year with the mindset that will push me through on those darker days. As always, I will continue to grow and I’m sure new content I can’t even predict will come up as the earth takes another lap around the sun. I’m always open to new things and as they would say, I go where the flow/wind takes me. I just want to take this moment to thank you all for all the love and support I received this past year. I’m very grateful. I hope 2019 is a great year for all of us!

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!



Little Hero #PlanetOrPlastic

I wrote this little short story for National Geographic as they fight against single-use plastic. This story is inspired by the image of the seahorse holding onto a Q-tip. This is a competition currently ongoing on the writing platform, Wattpad. You can find the story on my profile here — https://www.wattpad.com/story/167263466-little-hero-planetorplastic — and for more information on the competition, please follow this link — https://www.wattpad.com/638334874-planetorplastic-writing-contest-planetorplastic — It’s our time to be heroes.

Little Hero

Little Hero

I swam through the murky waters, exploring the new area with a curious mind. In a distance, something drifts. I peer my eyes, it’s unfamiliar shape bobbing as the tide runs through its path. It’s abandoned I note, just like me. The creature of sorts is pulled viscously by the unforgiving waters. I should save it but my little body would never survive the tide. I would simply be pulled along but as I watched the creature desperately attempt to escape the tide, I urge myself to swim towards it. I need to help it. It’s going to die if I don’t. Clinging to my new found bravery, with determination I pushed my body into the tide and desperately clung onto the creature. Before I could rejoice in my act of heroism, the tide slashed at my body. I closed my eyes as pain burned through my tiny body. The ocean is a very unforgiving place to the tiny creatures that inhabit it. I urge myself to swim forward but with my energy completed, I could only cling to the small creature as we hurled through the tide. Is this how I’m going to die? The creature, long in shape, weighed heavy on my tail. It dragged me deeper and deeper into the tide. It must be tired. It can’t swim anymore. Is it even alive? A shadow falls over my body and fear stilled my body. Friend or Foe? The orange skin of the creature seemed to glow in the murky body. My heart skipped a beat as I recognized my foe. I was correct with my earlier predicament, death awaits me in my quest to save this unknown creature. My foe seemed to pause, unsure if it will venture into the tide willingly for its next meal. Although his body, much larger than my own, would be overwhelmed in the tide. His best bet would be to wait out the tide and hope his own predators would miss his glowing skin in the murky waters. Seemingly deciding to take the risk, the fish swam into the tide excited for its meal. Survival instinct kicked in and new found energy surged through my body. With every bit of force inside my tiny body, I swam forward. My damsel in distress whipped behind me, slowing me down. It’s heavy body fought against the water. Is this creature I’m risking my life for even my friend? Or is it just another foe? The tide relentlessly pushed and I could feel my orange foe close in on me. I clung to my heroism and with the last bit of energy left inside of my body, I stopped and whipped my tail to the side. The creature urged forward. Did I save it? Unable to escape like before, it could only bob in the vicious tide. My heart sank, my actions were in vain. The orange foe swallowed me, hole. The Q-tip continued to drift through the water causing destruction in its path.


A Brand New Start | What To Expect From Me In September 2018

I’m back online! Well not completely. If I learned one thing while being offline for two months is that social media can be toxic. It can be incredibly good don’t get me wrong but I know that for my own mental health I shouldn’t be online 24/7 or allow the pressure to get to me. So I’m back online but I have a firm time limit of my social media usage per day. 30 minutes. That’s it. I’m going to set a timer and when the timer rings, I close the app and get on with my day. I’ve no idea how this will end up working out for me but I’m all about trying new things this month.

This blog is mainly just going to be technical as I want to share exactly what you can expect from me on here moving forward. So without further ado, I’m just going to get straight to it.

  • There will only be one blog and one story chapter for my writing corner per week.
  • You can expect my usual content but I will write about mental health more often (great books to read, my experience/story and etc.). I will also write about my puppy because will I really be me if I don’t? I also want to talk more about PCOS.

That’s it folks. There really wasn’t much to share other than I’m really excited to get back to writing my blogs. Maybe eventually I will switch back to two blogs per week but for now I need a lot of time for my therapy. Thank you for all the love and support I’ve received while I was offline. I appreciate it.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!  



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South African Travel Tips From A Native | Part One | Garden Route

South Africa is truly a beautiful country even if I do have to say so myself but I don’t because once you see it you will completely agree with me. It has the mountains. It has the sea. It has the wildlife. It has the great food. It has so much more but I can’t really come up with them now but seriously it’s a pretty good deal. Take a look at this video that the YouTube channel ‘We Travel The World’ made. It’s pretty well done.

youtube video for south africa


Now that you’ve watched the video (hands up if you actually watched it!) and you’re interested in the country here is a few things you should know. I first want to say that even though I would love to be able to sugar coat things and really sell you on my home country…I’m not going to do that because I want everyone to enjoy their visit there but most importantly stay safe. As horrible as it is, South Africa isn’t that safe anymore and tourist are the top victims. I’m sorry but it’s true and not just for South Africa it’s for every place in the world.

The other day I was talking to a friend who showed interested in visiting South Africa. I just started to lists great places to go too and what you should keep into account and etc. It was a lot and I’m not even sure if most of it settled so I figured a blog post dedicated to travel tips.

I’m going to start off in Cape Town mostly because that’s where I spend most of my life and I actually know my stuff in that area. So like most countries you can go through a travel company but I’m writing this blog to those who are do it on your own types of travelers. Renting a car is incredibly important. Public transports isn’t a thing. There is Ubers but not in all the small towns and can be quite expensive. Car rental companies are luckily all over the place, heck there is one right at the airport. Now because you don’t know the area GPS is going to make a massive difference. I would recommend you spend the extra money on insurance. There is a lot of hit and runs, or scratch and bumps in South Africa. You could’ve parked your car and went out and about and come back with a massive scratch on the side or a bump in the back. The last thing you want is to have that type of damage on you. Luckily the petrol isn’t that expensive with most rental cars so really, get that insurance.

Okay so there is a lot to see and experience in Cape Town itself, there is probably a lot of information about all the tourist sites in the city on the web. Here is a link to one — http://www.touropia.com/tourist-attractions-in-cape-town/ — I’m going to talk a little more about the towns and experiences close by. I will be up front, you will be traveling a lot via the car but I promise you some of it will make it worthwhile. I will also recommend you try to find a place to stay outside the big cities. Cape Town hotels can be quite expensive and you can get just as great sea view on the side of a mountain with a hour drive. Don’t worry. I will tell you all about it. There is a small beach town really close to Cape Town, Hout Bay, you can look into staying there. The views are pretty amazing.

The main thing I would recommend is the table mountain I mean just look at this view.


I’m going to recommended  a small but sweet beach town called Gordon’s Bay. It’s where I used to stay so I can tell you that it’s a pretty great spot to spend some time. The drive from Cape Town to there is very short, here is a screenshot from Google. There is a few things I want to tell you about driving in South Africa. We drive on the left side of the road. We have stop streets and we call traffic lights robots. We also have taxis which are famous for being the worst drivers around. They’re not like you’re imagining that I can tell you now. It’s like a mini bus – always over crowded, painted with graffiti art and a little beat up – and they drive however they want too. They will speed up next to you, half push you out of the road, go in front of you and then suddenly stop on the side of the road to drop someone off. It’s very annoying but just keep an eye out. Also while we’re talking about pigs on the road. When a traffic light turns green of red, don’t immediately floor it and go for it. Give it five seconds and double check there isn’t a straggler trying to make it through the red light. I almost got killed once. Seriously just look. Don’t trust the other people on the road.

cape town to gordon's bay

Try to avoid driving on the highway in the middle of the night and never stop. Never go into the townships, you will know what it is when you see it. I mean no offence but that’s the last place you want to be as a tourist in the middle of the night. Unfortunately there is a lot of people who would steal that nice car and all your belongings right under from you. I really don’t want to scare you but all countries have areas where bad folk gather a little more. Just keep your doors lock and don’t stop on the side of the highway if you can help it. Awhile ago the people from the township would throw rocks from the bridge over the highway to get the cars to stop. Once the cars stop, friends waiting on the side of the road pounce.

Okay the drive to Gordon’s Bay is quite nice. Close by you have Stellenbosch which is small little university towns that’s famous for great wine and going out to party. Somerset West is just as close, which has a great nature reserve if you want to go for a hike. Here is the pictures I took when I hiked that nature reserve. It’s a hike I’ve done quite a few times and I enjoy it every time.


Strand is next to Somerset West, it has a nice beach but Gordon’s bay is literally a throw away with a small beach too. Here is a picture I took when I was still there.


There is many great places there so really try to look into staying there for a bit. For day activities close to Gordon’s Bay you can go to crystal pools which is a beautiful waterfall hike. Here is a link for more details — https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g1020231-d9828027-Reviews-Crystal_Pools_Waterfall_Hike-Gordon_s_Bay_Western_Cape.html — While I’m in Gordon’s Bay. A restaurant I would hundred percent recommend is — https://www.facebook.com/The-Thirsty-Oyster-Tavern-763767090329474/ — Try their pork roast. My dad had it on my 21st dinner and it looked delicious. I was seriously considering ‘glutening’ myself for a bite.

After you seen and done what you wanted to do in Gordon’s Bay here is a great drive I want you to take. It’s in the mountains. It’s a beautiful ride. On the one side you have you mountain and on the other side you have you ocean. There is many beautiful small towns that you can stop and maybe even stay a night. Look on airbnb for a possible place to stay but there is hotels if you’re feeling fancy. The dollars/euros/pounds compared to the ZAR is quite nice. You can go all out for a lot less money in South Africa.

gordons bay to hermanus drive

You make this a day drive trip as there is quite a few pretty small towns. Betty’s Bay is beautiful small beach town. You will find penguins there! Kleinmond also has it’s attractions to tourist but I want to take you too Hermanus. They are pretty famous for their whale watching points (although they’re only around certain times in the year. Find more information here — http://www.hermanus.co.za/whale-watching —) but they also have some great fish food. The restaurant on the edge, wait let me find their website (—http://www.bientangscave.com/ —) has the best fish food I’ve tried in a long time. Their prawns is magical! The view from the restaurant is also pretty beautiful. Seriously if you’re in Hermanus GO THERE!

Here is some of the views you can find on this drive.


From Hermanus I’m going to take you down a very famous drive in South Africa, the garden route. It’s a drive I’ve taken so many times in my life its actually almost painful. After this route I’m going to take you down a little bit more before I end this part one. As you can see you can’t see the entire country in three weeks. I would break it up if I were you. I mean we’re just touching the surface but you’re seeing quite a bit of the Western and Eastern Cape. Alright let’s go back to the garden route.

garden route

Here is a website that has a ton of information about everything. I mean why would I go through everything when this website has already done it for me. — http://www.gardenroute.co.za/ — I would recommended you stop in as many towns that pulls your attention as you can. My favourite places that I would recommend a overnight stop is Mossel Bay, Knysna (Sedgefield and Plettenberg Bay is just as beautiful and a short drive away), Jeffrey’s Bay and Port Elizabeth.

Mossel Bay is a harbour town with many great tourist stops. Knysna is beautiful with its forest walks and so much more. I would recommend you go to the heads and this restaurant. They’re food is amazing — http://www.sirocco.co.za/ — Sedgefield has a great flea and farmer market every Saturday right on the outside. You have to drive through but you can’t miss it. Let me see if I can find a link to it — http://www.wildoatsmarket.co.za/ — Plettenberg Bay has a beautiful beach and let’s not even begin to talk about all the little tourist parks on the way there. There is a elephant park (Here is the link for you — https://knysnaelephantpark.co.za/ —), a wolf sanctuary (Here is the link for you — http://wolfsanctuary.co.za/ —) and so much more. Google will probably give you more information. There is also a great nature park just outside Knysna. Here is the link — https://www.sanparks.org/parks/garden_route/  — You can even stay inside the park and I’m sure it would be a wonderful experience. Just look up ‘knysna tsitsikamma national park’ for more information. There is some great actives you can do there.

I personally went to the wolf sanctuary a few years back with my dad and I loved every second of it mostly because I’m obsessed with wolves. Here is a few photos from that day.


There is so many things you can do that I would seriously recommended you plan the drive and look up every town and see what there is to do that you would like. It’s a big country hey. If I have to go through every single town and what you can do there this would become a very long post (it already is but still). Also stop in Oudshoorn if you can because this — https://www.gardenroute.com/Cango-Caves-Garden-Route-South-Africa_content_op_view_id_41 — There is so many other places I could go into detail that it’s almost difficult to decide on one thing. Maybe I should make a separate blog and go through every town…someone probably did that. Google will probably pull through where I don’t. I mean I found this website after one second of searching — https://www.goatsontheroad.com/top-stops-garden-route-south-africa/ — so just take the time to look into everything. The last stop I want to recommend is Port Elizabeth. They have a small elephant slash game reserve park there that I would recommend. You drive through in your car and you might just sit between elephants.

Here is the photos we took when we went there. It was amazing.


Here is the link to the park — https://www.sanparks.org/parks/addo/

You can also stay inside the park and do tour through them which is probably an experience by itself. It’s a smaller park I mean if you think game reserve park in South Africa you think — https://www.sanparks.org/parks/kruger/ — but that’s on the other side and can be a completely other trip all together. otherwise you can also just trade in your rental car at Port Elizabeth, catch a plane to Johannesburg, get a new car and go from there. Depends on how you want to go about it. From Port Elizabeth you can go to East London but I have never been there personally so Google will have to fill in the blanks.

I think that’s about it for part one. There is just a few things I want to recommend for the entire country all together. Mug ‘n Bean is a restaurant you will find all over. They’re food is high quality and pretty great. Woolworths almost always have the nicest fruit and vegetables (they are very strict with they’re quality). I would also recommend you buy some clothes there if you need some because they’re quality is quite nice. It’s like a cheat. We bought work pants for my husband when he was in South Africa and for the price of one here in Europe we could get two to three really great quality ones. There is Truworths too but use your own judgement. It’s quite easy to see which is great quality clothing and which is not. For the ladies you can stop at Foschini for makeup and perfume. They have some brands that paying in ZAR can save you a bit of money. YOU NEED TO TRY A BRAAI, there is probably some restaurants that can give you something similar but I’m sure if you go to a park or something the opportunity will arise. It’s a barbeque (but don’t call it that) but South Africans are quite passionate about their meat on the fire. It’s really great though. I saw some airbnb places offer a Braai with the package. Safety wise don’t walk around in the dead of the night in side streets. Lock your car and don’t leave valuables in eye sight. Hold tight onto your handbag and don’t walk around with a phone in your hand (outside) if you can help it. Don’t leave your wallet or phone on the table at a restaurant where someone can grab it. Just be conscious about it and you will be fine.

There is so much more I can tell you but I should probably end it here before this gets ridiculously long. I’ve never really explored the countries at the top but I will do some research and ask friends and family and make a part two sometime in the next few weeks. If you end up going to South Africa I hope you would enjoy it fully. It’s truly a beautiful country with great food, people and experiences.

I wish you all the best and I will see you in a click!


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Hair Care Advice | From Double Bleach To Kind Of Okay Hair

My oh my have I done so much shit to my hair these last few years. I’ve bleached it. I’ve colored it more times than I could even count. I’ve heat treated it to a point of extreme damage. My hair was falling out with handfuls at a time. I’m not even being over dramatic either. I was truly shedding like no other. My hair was dry and felt like grass. It wasn’t a pleasant look. Styling my hair would cause even more breakage. It came to a point where no matter what I did, I was having a bad hair day.

I’m not a hairdresser nor do I have a large amount of information on healthy hair and all that jazz. All I know is that once I started to incorporate these few things into my hair care routine, my damaged hair made a complete u-turn. It’s not 100% but every month it gets better. I do notice that if I’m less consistent with my hair care routine my hair quality decreases.

  1. Limit all heat

Heat is something that can truly damage your hair. Hair straighter, curlers and blowers WITHOUT any heat protection is definitely not doing any wonders to your hair. I read somewhere online for ultimate hair growth rinsing your hair with cold water just before your shower can work miracles. It closes the hair follicles. Something smart like that. I haven’t tried it but hey the internet get some things right? I saw awhile back Buzzfeed had some of their people shower in cold water for a month. They noted a difference in their hair. It’s worth looking into if you really want to grow your hair. Fast.

  1. Limit chemicals

Strong chemicals, as logic would tell you, are anything but healthy for your hair. So stay away from hair dye –avoid bleach like a plague- and strong products promising this and that. Read the back of the product and make sure they use natural products. This will make a difference.

  1. Limit shampooing

This is one can sound a little fun but you have to give your hair time to create its own natural oils. Study has shown the time between washes should be longer instead of shorter. Luckily dry shampoo and even baby power can save the day if your hair is just too oily. I grew up with the idea to wash my hair every single day. Now I wash it every four days. I feel like there has been a difference.

  1. Treat your hair

This one at first glance seems to be counter predicting my limit chemicals but the key here is natural hair treatment. You want to get products that feeds your hair the nutrients it needs to grow strong. From what I understand after damage, your hair doesn’t hold onto oils as it should so it is your job to supply oils to it. I’ve been treating my hair every four days with a massive treatment on the weekend for over a year now, heck I’m nearing the two year mark and I’ve noted that my hair is making its own oils. I don’t need to treat it every day for healthy looking hair. I’m making progress. I apply most of the product on my ends and the rest on my roots. I massage it into my scalp for the best result. I will go into that one more in one second.

  1. Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp while washing and during treatment can make the worlds of difference. I read somewhere a long time ago, well when I was trying to grow my hair fast, that if you massage your hair for two minutes every single day while your head is upside down makes your hair grow super duper quick. I don’t know if this is ultimate bullshit. I’ve never been able to stick to it every time I’ve tried it. I saw a YouTube video once about someone trying it. I guess what I’m getting at I’ve noticed a positive response when I was massaging my scalp. Even if it doesn’t encourage growth it was definitely encouraging oil production. It was worth a try.

I’m going to insert a picture of my blond hair and my hair now. I doubt you can see a massive difference in the quality of the hair as the pictures isn’t of the best and I was treating my hair quite often back then so you couldn’t always see the damage but it was definitely there. Oh while I’m on the subject the bleaching broke my hair like a mother of all holy. The parts where it broke off takes ten times longer to grow in and is ten times more damaged than other parts.

Here is a few more pictures to really show how damaged my hair was from the blonde dye. Also it took me a hour of deep searching my computer for these images and using one just isn’t enough. I do have to add that this was AFTER treatment. It was just constantly DRYYYYYYY, brittle and well damaged.

I wish you all the best and see you in a click!