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How I Dye My Hair At Home | Brown Ombre

I’ve been dying hair since I hit the two digits mark, wait no I started dying hair way before that. I must have been seven or eight. Back then, my mom would dye her hair on a regular basis. Almost every single month. I was the one that always got the job. It was rough in the beginning. I couldn’t care less about being careful about not getting any dye on her forehead, ears, and neck but as time passed, well I kind of figured the art of hair dying out. Eventually, I got quite smart and decided to charge my mom for every hair dye session. I demanded R20 so basically €1 at first and gradually increased my price. She eventually started to ask someone else. In my defense, it was always over the weekend and that’s when I could do what I want and not worry about school. I was about sixteen when I dyed my own hair for the first time and quickly discovered there is an art to it too. This is how I dye my hair at home.

Part One

The final result I’m going for is a natural looking ombre but I had to dye my roots or top part of my hair first. In September I dyed my hair bright red and my roots were starting to show. So, I knew if I wanted a natural brown ombre look I had to dye my hair in two sessions. I do want to add one thing before I explain to you how I dye my hair. Red hair dye is incredibly stubborn to get rid of. It always somehow peaks through and can take you a few dye sessions to fully get rid of. This is what happened to me. I only dyed my hair my natural hair color once and immediately went over the lighter color the next day. This lighter color only brought out that red. So, if you would a brown ombre look with no hint of red (that is to say you previously dyed your hair red) you will have to do so over a few months. You will have to start off with dying your entire head your natural or root color. Allow that color to settle and wash away and then dye your entire head in your natural or root color again. I would probably do this about three times to be safe before I apply the light color. What the light color does it opens up your hair follicles so if you still have a red base to your hair that will come to the forefront. In this instance, I didn’t think of the red color peeking through and just applied the lighter color and this basically undid all the dark brown color I applied the previous night. I do quickly want to add that I’m not a hairdresser. This knowledge is just what I’ve gathered over the years and this is what has happened to me.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let’s explain how I dye my hair at home. I took a ton of pictures, or well the husband took them but I will explain each step fully and just add the picture as a little extra guidance.

Step One

Comb out your hair. The last thing you want is to have knots in your hair. If you dye your hair with the knots in, the color will take place in some funky ways. Basically, when you unknot your hair some of the hairs that were in the knot won’t be freshly dyed. I always dye my hair when I know there are no extra products in my hair and it needs a wash soon. What I mean with that is, your hair needs to be product free, no mouse, gel, and spray. I also don’t like to dye my hair if I washed it the night before. I feel like this does extra damage so I will always wait about two days before I dye.

Step Two

I divide my hair into two sections and find my middle part. I then start right in the middle by concentrating the dye brush on my roots. I do both sides of the part before I would take the back of the brush and section my hair. I basically make a new part just on the side and then toss the hair to the opposite side. I will then place the hair dye on the roots on both sides again before using the back of the brush and making a new part. I will do this until I’m all the way to my ear. I will then go back to the first original middle part and repeat the process on the other side. Make a new part with the back of the brush, dye on both sides, new part, dye on both sides and etc.

Once I have dye on my roots on the front part of my hair I will move on to the back part. This is where things get a little more difficult because you are dying at the back of your head. You will go mostly by feel but you can turn to the side and take a peak after every new part. I have a lot of confidence in my skill so I just do it by feel. I start off by bring the front part to the front and making a clear path at the back. It will basically be a wonky line from ear to ear. I find the part that is completely dye free. The top is the front part of your head that is dyed and the bottom is the start of the back of your head. This is quite difficult to explain. I’m so happy I have pictures. The process is very similar than before. You find your starting point, dye on both sides, make a new part, dye on both sides, make a new part and repeat until you get to your neck. I always make sure to really get all of those baby hairs at the back of the neck and brush them all up. If you get to this point all of your roots are dyed.

Step Three

I go right back to the beginning and start at the front of my head. I part my hair in the middle and start at the top and slowly work my down to the bottom. One side at a time. I will take small sections at a time and apply dye to the dry hair. I only dip in once and apply lightly before I rub the dye in my hands. If you’re are dying your entire head you will do this with all of the dry hair in your little section but if you’re doing an ombre you will stop in the middle. I will then flip the little hair section to the other side of my head and pick up a new bundle. Apply enough dye to cover everything, rub in and then flip to the side. Pick up a new bundle, apply the dye, rub, flip, new buddle, apply the dye, rub and flip. Repeat till you get to the ears and repeat the process on the other side of the head. It’s very similar than part two.

Step Four

Once all of your hair is dyed, I will take whatever dye I have left, put it in my hands and massage it into my scalp. I will always make my hair into a pony and put a decent amount of dye at the back to make sure that if I put my hair into a pony everything will be dyed. I just go nuts, really get the leftover dye everywhere. I always allow my hair to sit in a little bun at the top so if you give yourself a little once over when you’re done, you will be able to see if there are any parts that are still dry. I will also make sure to get all of my baby hairs around my ears, forehead, and neck at this moment. Of course, when you are doing an ombre you can’t go too nuts and you definitely won’t apply a large amount of product in your ponytail hair or the bottom part of your hair. I’m struggling so much with explaining everything.

Part Two

It’s time to add the lighter color and bring your ombre to life!

Step Five

It’s very similar than step three in the part above but instead of applying the lighter color at the top ends of your hair you concentrate on the ends. Stop roughly in the middle, rub the product in and then take a comb and brush everything in. I simply combed my hair with my fingers. Don’t worry about getting the lighter hair product to high in the hair. What I mean with that is that you don’t want a clear line at the back of the head where the one part is dark brown and the bottom part is light brown or even blond. By combing it a little higher you will have a blended effect. Wait let me try to explain that again. You brush on the product at the bottom part of your hair starting in the middle, rub in the product properly and then comb through your hair with your fingers. The leftover product on your clove will do the blending for you. Only a small amount of the lighter hair product will be on the upper area of your hair. Oh, my this is really hard to explain. Originally, I refused to get hair dye with any bleach in and had hoped that the lightest blond hair dye that is bleach free would lighten my hair enough to get the ombre effect. My hair looked very natural but quite dark and it wasn’t the ombre effect I wanted so I went back a few days later and bought bleach. I repeated the entire step five or ombre process and washed it out after 25 minutes. I wanted the golden brown ombre effect but if I would have left it on for longer, I’m sure I would have walked away with blonde.


Picture 1 with pink pants is without bleach and picture 2 with the blue shirt is with bleach. Blue shirt hair is also before hair mask so the hair looks dry.

Step Six

If you use any bleach, apply a shit done of hair mask on. I put quite a bit of product on the next day and left it in my hair the entire day. Bleaching and hair dying as a hole dries out your hair. If you want healthy looking hair that feels nice and soft a good hair mask once your done will do it wonders. I will do this twice a week until my hair recovers from the three hair dye sessions.


I used Garnier hair dye as I love the conditioner they supply in the boxes. It is also a brand my mother loves. I bought the L’Oréal Ombre box when I saw that I needed a bleach.  My end result does have a bit of the red in. As I mentioned before, I put the lighter color over my newly dyed natural/root color and this just lifted all of that dye from the day before and the red just popped. It basically removed the dye there. I don’t love the red hint but it doesn’t look too bad so I decided to leave it as is. Next time I will just be more cautious about it. Again, I just want to make it clear that I’m not a hairdresser. This is just how I dye my hair at home. I do ask that you limit your expectations. At the end of the day for a full professional look you will have to see a hairdresser. If you’re dying your own hair for the first time just fully prepare yourself for some oopsies. You’re not going to get it 100% perfect on the first try. Best of luck!

Before I leave here is some pictures of my hair, dry and refreshed after a hair mask the night prior.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Good Old Fun, Sims 4 Meals

Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Normal Cooking Level One: Grilled Cheese | Part 4

For a full explanation of what this challenge is, please follow this link here —

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First of all, I’m doing the order of these Sims Meal in whatever I feel like making next and this time around I just wanted something easy and not so complicated. I know it’s a really bad idea on my part to cross all the easy meals off on the first level but well too late now, they are almost all crossed off. This time around we have grilled cheese. Similar to the fruit salad, it’s so easy it might be considered cheating. You would think because it’s so easy I would’ve done it weeks ago. It took me a month just to feel like making grilled cheese and my first attempt burned to the crisp. I don’t know why though, I love cheese but it was just so much effort. You can’t read it but I’m writing this in that bratty I don’t want to do my homework way.

Cooking it in real life is pretty damn straightforward. I put a nice layer on butter on one side of the two pieces of bread and then I put cheese in the middle and just popped it in the pan on medium heat. The butter would make it nice and crispy and I would just remove the bread once it’s nice and golden. I did pop some mayo in the middle just to break up the cheese flavor. Boy, it’s a fatty meal.

Susan on Sims way of making a grilled cheese was just as simple and straightforward. In the game, she just immediately moved to the oven and suddenly there was a buttered up bread with cheese in the middle on the pan. She fried it for a bit, flipped it over and that was it. It’s grilled cheese. There is really just nothing else to it. It’s a quick fry in the pan and then you’re done.

Let’s compare the real thing with the Sims meal so we can make this blog look longer than what it actually is.

There really isn’t much else to say. I guess I could milk this blog out like I’m kind of doing now but I don’t have much else to say so let’s rate and finish this up. Oh, but the next meal will be one of the many cakes I still need to bake. I’m tossing it up between the chocolate or white cake. You bet your sweet ass that I’m saving the hamburger cake for last. Oh and while I’m here, in one of my Sims Gameplay I noticed that as you unlock different events and whatnot you would have more meals in all the different levels. For now, I’m just going to do the standard stand-alone Sims Gameplay meals. I have no idea if that made sense but well here is the rating…

Taste: 9/10 – It’s grilled cheese, I mean if you like cheese then it’s a win. I did have to add some mayo just so it would suit my taste so I guess there goes one point. Boo!

Look: 10/10 – It looked pretty nice at the end. The picture didn’t turn out super Instagram worthy but in real life, it looked pretty yummy.

How easy it is to cook: 10/10 – Ridiculously easy. Unless you leave it on too long on a high heat and you burn it to a crisp.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


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Good Old Fun, Sims 4 Meals

Challenge: Remaking Sims 4 Meals | Introduction and Index

I’ve mentioned my addiction to playing Sims here on website every now and again but I figured hey I should use this somehow. Maybe if I could write a few blogs about Sims it would justify all the amount of hours I’ve spend on the game. I’ve been playing Sims from the very start. My mom received the first game in a magazine and I was hooked from there. This is over ten years ago. When Sims 2 came out I was the first to purchase it. I bought all the expansion packs and dove deep into the world of Sims. The same thing happened when Sims 3 came out. My personal favorite is the Sims 3 University expansion pack. I really hope they bring it back for Sims 4! Again the process repeated, I bought Sims 4 almost immediately after it came out but at this stage of my life I was abroad as an Au pair and didn’t really have the time to spend hours playing the game. So for two years I didn’t touch the game. I only started to play it again last year and boy did I catch up! With the amount of game hours and the purchasing of expansion packs. Yes, I’m a 22 year old adult that still loves to play Sims. Fight me!

All jokes aside, Sims has always brought me great joy and by now I can say quite confidently, I know my way around the Sims game. I just love creating new Sims character and doing a challenge. I’m currently working on a drama of, wait this is quite complicated…So there is two lesbian mothers. The one is super frilly and has one daughter from her previous marriage. The other has two twin boys and she is the super cliché tomboy lesbian. The frilly lesbian is a musician and the tomboy one is a thief. (Being a thief is a great way to get a lot of money without cheat codes in Sims.) So at the moment the kids are only kids, 7-12,  but the plan is that once they’re a young adult, I’m going to have an epic love triangle. The girl and the ‘good’ twin is going to be high school sweethearts and get married and whatnot. The ‘good’ twin cheats and eventually she goes to the ‘bad’ twin and then some more drama! She is going to be a doctor. The ‘good’ twin is going to be a police officer and the ‘bad’ twin is going to follow his mom’s footsteps and become a thief. It’s super entertaining and if this was a show I would so watch it. I’m also very curious if the police officer twin will arrest his brother and mother because well they’re mob bosses.

So minus creating a story line and playing it out with Sims, I love watching them cook and bake in the game. I always zoom right in to check it out. It has always just fascinated me and it’s almost soothing. One day while I was trying to write a blog and playing Sims in between, I got the idea. Hey you should totally make what they’re making in the game! It should be a fun challenge and I haven’t seen anyone else do it. If they did, I still want to do it because how fun would it be? AND SO THIS BLOG SERIES WAS BORN! And yes that’s right. You read those capital letters correctly. Blog series.

So for those who don’t know. In Sims 4 you have 10 levels of normal cooking skill and 10 levels (I think. I haven’t gotten so far yet.) in gourmet cooking. You also have 10 levels (Again I think. I have yet to get so far with the character I created just for this challenge.) of baking.

I’m going to start off this series with the normal cooking and then eventually climb all the levels. Level 10 has a turkey dinner. I’m not even sure I can find a turkey in the Netherlands. There will be three series in total. I’m obviously going to start with Level 1. I’m not going to necessarily do them all in order as they appear in the Sims game. There is four cakes in level 1 and I need to pace those out. I don’t want to be wasteful. I’m going to try to complete two of the ‘meals’ per month. Wait on second thought I think I will upload one meal every three weeks. Otherwise it’s always going to be meal, something else, meal, something else, meal. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound so exciting to me. Every three weeks sounds so much better. This way it’s meal, something else, something else, meal. It’s a bit more stretched out and keeps things exciting.

For some of the meals I’m going to use my own cooking knowledge and make it up as I go but for others I will find a recipe online and go from there. I mean some of the things I’m not even sure what it is. Ideally I want to make all the meals gluten free so I can personally try them but for some that might not work out. I mean I can bake a normal cake for Onno’s work so then I won’t bother to make it gluten free. I also don’t want to eat the franks and beans whatever that is from level 1. I will definitely see as I go and make adjustments where needed.

This blog will be a starting point almost. I will always link all the blogs to every meal from all the different levels down below. I really hope you enjoy this challenge as much as I’m going to.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!





1.pngLEVEL 1

  • Hamburger Cake
  • Scrambled Eggs with bacon and toast

Grilled cheese

Fruit salad —

Mac and cheese

Pan de muerto (“Bread of the Dead”)

Franks and beans

Chocolate cake

  • White cake
  • Garden salad

Honey cake

  • Vegetable dumblings — (added when Susan reached Level 9)


  • Spookie Cookies
  • Tofu Tacos
  • Winter Cake
  • Chips And Salsa
  • Eggs And Toast
  • Fish Tacos
  • Faux BLT
  • BLT