My blog is about anything and everything that happens to my life that I can or feel like writing about. It goes from fitness tips to how to grow strong nails. It goes from recipes to a story about my fear of sharks. It goes from my future travel plans to advice on becoming an au pair. It goes from what I did on Christmas to the need to knows about having a kitten. It goes from a scary online experience to body love and mental health encouragement. I share a lot with my readers. Stories I think would make somebody chuckle. Tips and advice that might help someone. I truly enjoy writing for this blog just as much as I love writing stories of other characters and worlds. Writing content for my website truly makes my day and seeing your response is truly a feeling I can’t explain. If I have to give it one word it would be; happiness. It makes me happy to write and even more so if my writing can help someone. Even if it only cheers them up.

I have five main categories on my blog and my sub categories are forever growing.


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I hope you enjoy my blog and I will see you in a click!


Last Updated: 03 September 2018