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Hello everyone, oh wow it’s been two months since I wrote one of these. The time away from the online world has been absolutely wonderful and I definitely need some more time offline. These last two months I’ve been writing. A lot. After considering it for a few weeks, I decided to share the one story on here. It’s ongoing and far from being completed but the upbeat, happy go lucky story is just what I needed. It’s a lighthearted novel full of crazy adventures.

Before We Start

So as explained before but for those who might have missed it. I have a special writing corner here on my website. Currently under this category there is my amateur poems and my other short story: The Girl Writing On The Train. For a full explanation just what exactly the writing corner is and how it works, follow this link — —

Before we really start, I do want to explain a few things and get technical with you. I will connect the entire story via tags so you can find the entire book, past and future chapters via the search engine. Simply just search for the title of the novel: Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails. Otherwise you can find the said novel on my Wattpad account — —

Once the story is completed, I will create a PDF document or E-book for easier access. Alright now for some technical stuff before we get too the summary.

  • This story won’t follow an update schedule. I will update it as I go but I will strive for two chapters per month.
  • This story is a first draft which means it will mostly be unedited. I’m going to upload it as I finish the chapter and I almost never proof read it before I publish my chapters so be prepared for some grammar mistakes. Instructive comments are always welcome. Help a girl out if you see I don’t know the difference between through, though and throw.
  • This might be obvious to the majority of you but I’m going to say it anyway. This book belongs to me. As the author, the rightful owner, of this book I can take legal actions against anyone who steals my work.
  • This book will contain some swearing and reference to relationships of the same gender and men in drag. I ask you to respect others and not to discriminate. Hateful and disrespectful comments will be deleted. Come on let’s spread love, not hate. Let’s keep the comment section nice and friendly.

That’s all of it. Thank you so much for all the love and support you’ve given me over these last few months. I hope you will enjoy this book. Now finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for,  the summary…


From a greasy food fight to quite literally dancing the night way. To fighting her fears and singing in public to jumping out of an airplane. M is on a crazy adventure. Desperate to escape only for one week and live a little. To escape the hopelessly sad loophole that is unrequited love. With only six months left of high school, M has a choice to make. Run of into the distance and travel the world. Jump into high education uncertain of what she wants to study. Or continue to pine over her best friend, Sasha. But as Zack cleverly stated: “Not knowing what the future holds makes living fun.” So here is to random and crazy adventures and of course who can forget the chocolate chip cookies and pink nails?


Chapter One — —

Chapter Two — —

Chapter Three — —

Chapter Four — —

Chapter Five — —

Chapter Six — —

Chapter Seven — —

Chapter Eight — —

Chapter Nine — —

Chapter Ten — —

Chapter Eleven — —

Chapter Twelve — —

Chapter Thirteen — —

Chapter Fourteen — —

Chapter Fifteen — —

Chapter Sixteen — —

Chapter Seventeen — —

Chapter Eighteen — —

Chapter Nineteen — —

Chapter Twenty — —

The Future Of Chocolate Chip Cookies And Pink Nails — —

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