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My Ultimate Favorite Gluten Free Cheesecake

My brother in law introduced me to this recipe on Christmas and let me just tell you this is; this cheesecake recipe is game changing. It is absolutely delicious like honestly I can’t stop thinking about it. My mouth is watering and I’m not even kidding. I love the lemon taste to it and it’s so fluffy and it makes my tummy happy. I’ve been craving this cheesecake for months now and boy what I would do to eat it now. I might give in soon and bake it but before that I figured how dare I keep this recipe to myself? I mean it’s not mine and it’s in Dutch but my English speakers from other countries should also get in on this.

So just to be 100% frank with you this recipe is from Albert Hein which is a supermarket here in the Netherlands. They have the recipe online and it’s in Dutch. Here is the link —

Anyway I’m just going to translate it and then when I finally gave in and make this recipe I will insert my picture of the cheesecake. Here goes. Awwh my mouth can’t stop drooling.

Gluten Free Cheesecake


  • Baked
  • Serves 8 people
  • 460kcal (nutritional value per serving)
  • 20 min preparation
  • 55 min in the oven


  • 75g unsalted cream butter
  • 150g gluten free cookies
  • 3 medium sized eggs
  • 1 lemon
  • 600g natural cream cheese
  • 150g white caster sugar
  • 16g vanilla sugar
  • 25g powdered sugar

Kitchen supplies

Spring form (Ø 22 cm)

Step for Step

  1. Preheat your oven at 175 ºC. Prepare your pan, you can use baking paper or butter.
  2. Melt the butter. Crush your cookies into fine bits. (I personally like a bit of a crunch in my crust so I will crush it till 80% fine and 20% with small bits.) Add the butter and mix it with the crushed cookies. Place the crushed buttered cookies into your pan and press it into the bottom and sides with a spoon. Split your eggs. Grate of the skin of your lemon and press the juice out.
  3. Mix in the cream cheese with your lemon juice, 3 teaspoons of lemon juice, mix in the castor and vanilla sugar. Add the egg yolks in. In a separate bowl mix your egg whites till the stiff point. Add the egg whites to your cream cheese mix, give it a gentle stir before transferring the mix to the pan. (You fold it into. You want it to keep the air in the batter. If you over mix it the cheesecake will be flat.)
  4. Bake the cheesecake in the oven for 50-55min. Bake it till it’s a beautiful golden brown. Leave the cheesecake to properly cool.
  5. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top of the cheesecake just before serving it. (This is optional. I decided against it because I felt like the cheesecake has enough sugar in it.)

This is honestly such a delicious cheesecake. I can’t get enough of it. I definitely want to try to make it healthier in the future or find a way to make it with less sugar. I will keep you guys up to date with it! I’m going to start baking soon (we’re getting a proper oven) so I’m definitely going to share the really great recipes I’ve found or how I tweaked it to make it gluten free and possible sugar free. I don’t know yet. Anyway here is pictures of the mouth watering goodness. For some reason all of my photos with this cheesecake came out well bleh…If it wasn’t the lighting it was the layout. It just didn’t want to work with me.

Also why did I say definitely so much? I should Google for another word for it…Holy shit there is a lot. Like damn.


Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!




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Nutrition Class 3 | Carbohydrates | Part 3/3

This is the last part of carbohydrates so if you didn’t read part one and two this might be a little confusing. This entire post is about SUGARS and can be read on its own.

Before I begin I just want to point out again that I’m sharing what I’ve learned from the course — — and my own experiences. I will clearly indicate when it’s from the course, it’s the cursive writing, so there is no confusion.

Health Effects from Sugar

If you’ve been following me awhile you might remember the little short challenge slash project I was doing on my Instagram while I was doing this week. This week in the course was the most eye opening and started ‘slap of reality’. It was a bloody good point I was making and although I stopped after a few shares, I still keep this into account. It’s almost a year later and it still helps with my sugar consumption. I still 100% agree with all of my slap of reality posts so I’m going to re-share a few of my favorites.

Here is the picture to the first every slap of reality post.

sugar 1.png

Knowing is one thing but seeing it is another and that’s my goal behind Slap of Reality. I want to show you just how much sugar is in your favorite goodies. Awareness is key. My goal is not to completely put you off from ever enjoying said treat. Now I’m going to throw the math at you. This snicker bar which consists of two 40g bars (but let’s face it you can’t just have one and leave the other one to feel lonely) contains 41,4g of sugar in total! So more than half of the actual sneaker bar is just sugar. To put it even more in perspective the total recommended sugar intake for myself is 65g. A healthy diet does in fact consists of sugar but the problem is that this sneaker bar that will take up more than half of my total sugar intake for the day is empty calories meaning it basically has almost zero nutritional value. My normal diet which consists alone of 65g (or that’s the goal) will be added to this 41,4g. A little bit of added sugar does little harm and thus can be part of a healthy diet but we are not informed or educated to properly interpret ‘a little bit’. And I’m sorry but 41,4g of added sugar is not a little bit 1g of sugar contains 4 calories which means in total the sugar alone in this sneaker bar is 165,6 calories. But I’m not done yet: I burn 13,536 calories in one minute of CONSTANT squatting. So this means it would take me 12 minutes and 23 seconds (give or take) of constant squatting to burn ONLY the sugar in this sneaker bar! It really makes you think doesn’t it? It’s no secret that I have a sweet tooth and an addiction to candy goodness but after learning about the negative health effects of sugar and the over consumption of it is eye opening. I’ve tried so many things in the past to cut down my sugar intake and this is probably the most successful. Seeing just how much sugar I would truly consume if I eat that sneaker bar and how much hard work it would take for my body to burn it is enough to make me rethink before eating my candy treats and that’s why I think ‘Slap of Reality’ is a clever way to reduce your sugar consumption

There is another slap of reality post I want to share so here goes.

sugar 2

75,4% of this packet is sugar. That’s 24 teaspoons of sugar. It has zero nutritional value. My slap of reality series is truly eye opening and not once have I been able to eat or drink any of the products I took the time to work out how much sugar it contains. I finally made that switch to sugar free candy. This is probably for the first time in my fitness journey that I’ve been able to stay candy free for longer than 7 days because now there is just no way of escaping the facts. I encourage anyone to take those extra few seconds to read the label and then make the educated choice if you want this inside your body. There is healthier alternatives for almost everything highly processed on the market. Now I’m in no way shape or form trying to throw shade on any of the products I show in this series. They just happen to be my favorite brand and favorite candies. Again like I’ve mentioned before a small amount of added sugar (25g according to the World Health Organization) won’t be considered unhealthy but this packet of sugar, I mean candy is not it. If you really adore these packets of candies, split it up into smaller portions. I personally can’t see myself devouring an entire packet in one go ever again. Be smart with your sugar, your body will thank you for it.

Looking back to that is a big ‘wow that’s insane’ moment. I really should start doing it again every time I want to stuff my face with a lot of sugars. I had a moment last year but now I take the sugar free option where I can. I also read the labels and explore my options for products with low sugar. Curing a sweet tooth doesn’t happen overnight. I mean I feel like even my new blog readers knows I’m a sweet tooth. I’m rewarding myself after one year of candy free by going to the northern lights. Now I’m even trying to follow a very low sugar diet. I will talk more about it some other time but let’s talk a little more about the course and what I learned from it. I mean this week inspired slap of reality which kind of forever changed the way I think of sugar and has made a massive difference in my overall health.

The next part comes straight from the course.

Sugar consumption

Many foods contain substantial amounts of sugar, often without us realizing it. Did you know that a blueberry muffin can contain up to 45 grams of sugar? And that a 12 oz (355 mL) can of regular Coke contains nearly 40 grams of sugar. Since so many foods contain sugar, how much sugar are we actually consuming?


Negative health effects of sugar

Why is the high sugar consumption in many countries considered to be bad? A number of valid arguments exist against consuming lots of sugar. An important concern is that added sugar is almost a synonym for empty calorie foods. Empty calorie foods are rich in energy (calories) but are relatively devoid of other nutrients and thus carry little nutritional value. The higher the consumption of empty calories, the less room there is for nutrient-rich foods, decreasing the nutritional quality of the diet.

Another concern is that sugar is often consumed in liquid form, for example in soft drinks or fruit juices. Scientific studies have demonstrated that consumption of a food in liquid form is less satiating than consuming the same food in solid form. For example, drinking apple juice is less satiating than eating an apple. High consumption of sugar-rich beverages may therefore lead to caloric excess and weight gain.

WHO’s current recommendation, which was last revised in 2002, is that sugars should make up less than 10% of total energy intake per day. The new draft guideline from 2014 also proposes that sugars should be less than 10% of total energy intake per day. It further suggests that a reduction to below 5% of total energy intake per day would have additional benefits. Five per cent of total energy intake is equivalent to around 25 grams (around 6 teaspoons) of sugar per day for an adult of normal Body Mass Index (BMI). The suggested limits on intake of sugars in the draft guideline apply to all monosaccharides (such as glucose, fructose) and disaccharides (such as sucrose or table sugar) that are added to food by the manufacturer, the cook or the consumer, as well as sugars that are naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit concentrates. The guidelines from 2002 were met by strong opposition in the USA from the US Sugar Association. The US Sugar Association urged lawmakers in the US congress to consider withdrawing funding to the World Health Organization.

Before I continue, the course goes into a lot of detail about sugar (there is another 16 pages worth of information) and I really don’t want to copy and paste everything so I’m going to try to keep it as short as I can. If you want to read everything (16 pages)

An ongoing sugar frenzy

At this moment, there is a lot of discussion about sugar and obesity. Many people believe that excess sugar consumption is a major culprit in the current obesity epidemic. The negative image of sugar is mostly confined to added sugar, not the sugar already present in foods such as milk and fruits. People such as Gary Taubes and many others have written books and generated lots of publicity claiming that the high sugar consumption is responsible for most of today’s health problems, especially obesity. According to them, eating sugar makes you ill and fat. They claim that most of our health troubles would simply disappear if we stop eating sugar. The anti-sugar movement preys on the inherent desire among the general public to appoint a convenient scapegoat to a particular societal problem. And with that I don’t mean to say that people such as Gary Taubes don’t have a point. I am just saying that people like to hear that a very complex problem has a very simple explanation. Accusations have also been raised against sugar as contributing to poor mental health, including depression, impaired learning ability, and anxiety, although these are very poorly substantiated. Other people have gone so far as to consider removal of dietary sugar as a universal panacea.

What is the view of nutrition scientists? Most nutrition scientists and health authorities have expressed concern, serious concern about the high sugar consumption in many countries, and recognize that efforts need to be undertaken to lower added sugar consumption, especially in children. However, they do not consider its avoidance a simple cure for obesity and are not necessarily happy with the singular focus on sugar in certain media and the hyperbole that inevitably accompanies a blind fixation. They are concerned that the overemphasis on sugar and fructose has distracted us from the importance of avoiding caloric over consumption, which ultimately is responsible for weight gain. Reducing sugar intake will certainly be helpful toward that effect but obviously there is more to the contemporary diet that demands our attention.

The course continues with the strategy that the sugar industry is taking which was quite interesting to learn. It then looks into replacing sugar by non-nutritive sweeteners. There is one last part I want to take out from the course before we call this sugar lesson a day.

Sugar and tooth decay

Nowadays, excess sugar consumption is mainly discussed in the context of obesity. But before our society became obese, sugar already had a bad name for its connection to tooth decay. From a dentist’s perspective, a steady diet of sugary foods and drinks, including juice and sports drinks, can damage teeth and should thus be discouraged. Sugar itself is not directly damaging to teeth. Sugar provides the substrate for bacteria that grow in our mouths and produce acids. It is the acid that negatively affects our teeth by softening and gradually dissolving the hard enamel surface covering the teeth.

This part was interesting to me as well all know that I have some teeth problems and I blame it all on my really high sugar consumption the majority of my life. I’ve been meaning on seeing the dentist since the health insurance restarted this new year but I’m being a massive baby. I will probably surrender soon. I still loath seeing the dentist. The entire experience is horrible and I always got sick afterwards so honestly being adult sometimes sucks. But let’s finish this post before I get distracted.

The course continues talking about health effects of dietary fiber, lactose intolerance, diabetes and glucose intolerance. It’s truly a very informative and great source. I’m going to end this blog here as I feel like I’ve made my point. Sugar can be a silent killer. Keep your sugar consumption into account. I’m not saying cut all sugar out for the rest of your life I’m saying enjoy it in moderation and go for the healthier option when you can. Weigh loss will most likely follow. I hope you found this post enriching and educational.

Thank you so much for reading. I wish you all the best and I will see you in a click!




Story Time

Making Friends As An Adult

Now I don’t know about you but making friends when I was a little snot nose was a lot easier than making friends now when I’m an adult. You would just casually walk up to some kid and be I like your shirt let’s be friends. That’s it. Now it can be a little more complicated. I might be a little more picky when it comes to choosing my friends than what I was when I was younger but that’s not the point. Okay maybe it is. Some of my friends in high school I wouldn’t choose to befriend now as an adult. I learned with my age that some friends are there to help you grow as a person and is there for you even when you’re being a complete asshole. Other friends will stab you in the back the second you’re no longer enough for them. It happens. As I’ve grown older, well this blog is really giving away my age, I make friends with people who I feel like are genuinely nice people who will bring some positivity and fun in my life and not bring me down. Heavens knows I can do that to myself more than enough. I don’t need someone else to do that. I got it boo. (I’m working on it. It’s a journey.)

I made my first friend here in the Netherlands in a very new age kind of way. We met on Instagram, followed each other and started liking and commenting. Fast forward a few months and my return to the Netherlands we decided to meet up for lunch. We walked around, talked and before we knew it we were arranging another day out. We’ve met up a few times and after every meet up I feel like our friendship is a little stronger. You know we’re more comfortable with each other. I love that part in the friendship. We met up last Friday and honestly the fun and upbeat day was just what I needed. These last few weeks has been tough on me. I’m not doing that okay to be 100% honest. I have moment where I just go on without really thinking about it and then other moments when I can’t stop crying or leave the bed. 2018 really started with a bang and a punch to the gut.

She messaged me around 10am and asked if I wanted to go out for lunch. It wasn’t one of my good days and I planned to sulk, read and stay the entire day in bed. I was happy to hear from her and figured a day out with her is just what the doctor ordered. We arranged to meet up around lunch and I actually got out of bed to get some work done before I need to leave. My Friday blog had to be edited and then go live and be shared and talked about on my other socials. You will be surprised how much time that can take. Anyway I left around five minutes before our meet up. The restaurant is super close to the apartment. When I got there we had our coffee and lunch and talked about everything really. It was the typical catch up and it was really fun. After a good a hour if not more we headed out for a walk in the city. We walked towards the Euromast which is quite a walk if I’m frank with you. There we had a little mini photo shoot because we both need new pictures to post on Instagram. Which was a great success. I still have two pictures to post and it’s not mirror or cat related. Score! We promised to meet up in the spring and in the summer for a photo shoot. We’re going to go all out, switch out outfits and etc. I’m really looking forward to it. It will probably be a great laugh.

We walked and talked a lot like damn sitting down in the park to bird watch was heaven scent. Okay I’m lying. We didn’t bird watch. A tree was involved and we’re fascinated by the view but there was no birds involved. Although if I want to get really technical a dove showed up and started pecking around our feet but that’s pushing it. Are you curious yet? You will never guess this. We saw a girl climbing the tree with a bunch of ropes. We sat down and tried to figure out what she was doing. In our defense we weren’t the only ones. Zoe wondered if the girl is going to hang herself and at that moment I knew this friendship is going to last because I thought the exact same thing. I could see it: A Young Girl Hanged Herself As Onlookers Watched In Shock. The gruesome scene never took place because who would be kidding – that’s some pretty scary shit. Like what would you even do? Scream? Rush to her side in a desperate attempt to save her? 911 please. Turns out she was making a Instagram video. She started doing this bunch of nice tricks with the big rope like what do you call those circus people with the ropes? Air bats? No that’s not it. Let me Google.

google search

What did people do before Google? Oh my where the hell did I come up with air bats? Where does that even come from? The brain is truly an interesting thing. I can see the correct word in my mind but the spelling and the pronouncing is just not happening. Aaroco bats? Acrobats? Is that it? Am I thinking of the right thing? Google, help meeeeeeeee!

google search 2

The answer is a yes. Five points to Gryffindor.

Anyway back to the story, we must have watched this girl for 15 minutes easy if not longer. Eventually we figured we watched enough birds and headed back home. I was getting hungry again and by this point it’s been hours since we met up and we walked almost the entire time and my feet we’re killing me. We said our goodbyes and promised to meet up soon. I was about two minutes away from the apartment and was home before she even crossed the street. Not even a second after stepping into my apartment I remembered that I never gave her the study books she leant me for my Dutch test and now writing this I figured she was still really close I could’ve caught up with her and hand the books over. Awwh well now we just need to meet up soon.

So I made a friend as an adult. It’s pretty fun and surprisingly not that hard. You just stalk each other on social media consistently for a few months before meeting in real life. I made a funny. Me so funny. Roar. Why did I roar you ask? Good question. I just felt like I should make this blog longer but that’s probably cheating. Also I’ve noticed that I start a lot of sentences with “Now…” and I have no idea where this came from but it makes me think of a teacher and I’m not sure how I feel about this. Alright folks I reached my desired word count. I felt like a stretched this puppy thin quite naturally. Sometimes I didn’t even mean to but we all know me by now. I get off track quite easily. You should see me in real life. Anyway I’m still doing it so let’s just end this blog here before I ramble on and on. That would be annoying right. Oh I’m still doing it. Make it stop. Help me Google!

google search 3

Annnd she never clicked on any of the searches.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in a click!


Proof of friendship. Get it? Proof of life? Kidnapped. You get it! Insert winky face.

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Nutrition Class 2 | Carbohydrates | Part 2/3

Alright I’m going to write this as if you all already read part one and you’re coming from there. So you just read a little snip bit from the course I took. Here is the link to that said course — — So the point of sharing all that information on the chemistry of carbohydrates to really show how important carbohydrates is for a healthy body. I’ve heard so many people with the warped idea that cutting out all carbohydrates is the way to go. This post is going to be about carbohydrates in your diet.

Again this blog will be a mix of my experience and advice with pieces straight from the course. I will clearly indicate when it’s from the course, it’s the cursive writing, so there is no confusion.

Before I begin the course goes into a lot of details, details I won’t go into here as well I don’t want to copy and paste the entire blog. I feel like that is stealing. I just really want to talk a little more and share information for those who don’t have the time for a 8 week course.

Carbohydrates in our diet

Now I’ve made it clear many times before that I love my carbohydrates but like with many things; there is a healthy version and an unhealthy version. You can get pastas, rice and breads that’s high in sugars and have a bunch of processed stuff added that isn’t necessarily good for your body. It’s those products that can make the weight go up although over consumption in carbohydrates can also affect your weight. Really there is a fine balance. You find people who respond well to a low carbohydrate diet and people who respond well to a high carbohydrate diet. The only way to know which side of the spectrum you fall in is with trial and error. In the beginning of my fitness journey I cut out ALL pastas, rice, potatoes, bread and all that jazz. Cookies and cakes (all things super delicious in this world) and was on a strict smoothie diet. I was on a very low carbohydrate diet and I had no energy in my body. I felt sick, slow and deprived. I didn’t have the energy for my workouts and would feel faint after a workout. I wasn’t starving myself, I just didn’t eat what my body needed.

I switched over to a high carbohydrate diet and the difference in my energy levels was a 180 degree difference. I did go to high and ate too much of the goodies which backfired and I gained weight. So there is a sweet line. I eat two portions per day of the big carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) but I don’t go overboard with the amount. I also purchase the gluten free and very low in sugar option. My favorite new ‘pasta’ is made from rice and contains zero sugar and the calories isn’t high. It’s filling and gets the job done.

I don’t know about you but in the beginning I thought carbohydrates is only pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, pastries, cakes and etc. It didn’t occur to me that there is carbohydrates in other products, I mean who knew there is in bananas. I sure as hell didn’t. This course opened my eyes to many facts.

This next part comes from the course.

As you can see in the table below, many foods are high in carbohydrates. The predominant sources of carbohydrate in most people’s diet are starchy foods such as wheat, corn, rice, cassava and potatoes. The raw forms of these foods (e.g. whole wheat, brown rice etc) also contain substantial amounts of fiber, which is mostly lost during processing. Many foods are rich in carbohydrates due to their high sugar content, which is present naturally (as in fruits) or added during processing. Crystalline table sugar is 100% carbohydrate in the form of sucrose. Meat contains only very small amounts of carbohydrate in the form of glycogen.

Please note that the carbohydrate content of a food shown on the food label is calculated differently in different parts of the world, in particular when it relates to dietary fiber.


The course goes into detail about the source of dietary fiber. I found this part to be super educational and eye opening so I’m going to copy and paste this part in.

Plant foods in their natural form usually contain substantial amounts of fiber. The table below provides estimates of the total fiber content of many foods. Most high fiber foods contain a mixture of dietary fibers, although the main type of fiber present can differ considerably between various foods. Processing of food often leads to loss of fiber. White rice contains much less fiber than brown rice. Orange juice contains less fiber than an actual orange. White bread contains less fiber than whole wheat bread. Sometimes, the colour can be deceiving. Many breads in the Netherlands are made to look like whole wheat bread, but its main ingredient is white flour, not whole wheat flour. Other breads are made to look like white bread (to make it more appealing to children) but have fiber added. Always check the list of ingredients. Animal products, including milk and milk products, contain little to no fiber. Sometimes, fiber is added to yogurt to create functional foods.


The course continues with a lot more super technical information on how carbohydrates are digested and absorbed and the metabolism of carbohydrates. If you’re interested to learn a lot more about that technical part of carbohydrates then I would recommend you check out the course itself. There is one last part of carbohydrates from the course that I want to discuss. It was the most eye opening week from the entire course and something that made the biggest difference in my health and overall way of life. It’s about sugar! I hope you enjoyed this post! I tried my best not to be to technical like part one and not to copy and paste everything from the course. I really do want to share the information I learned without stealing the entire course.

Thank you so much for reading. I wish you all the best and I will see you in a click!


Oh here is the link to part three of carbohydrates — (Part three will go up in a week so just stay patient.)


The Girl Writing In The Train

The Girl Writing In The Train | Chapter Two | Writing Corner

Welcome to my latest category; writing corner. To catch up please go read this page — — It will explain what this category is about. Now that you know what’s what, thank you so much for reading. This is my first story for this category and I’m beyond excited for this new concept. Please enjoy!

PS. All of the chapters will be the first draft. If you see any mistakes (grammar and spelling mistakes that slips through) please comment down below. I want to improve my writing and I will take all the help I can get.

Find the previous chapter here —

Chapter Two

My office is a fifteen minute walk from the station. I don’t mind the walk, it’s my daily exercise after all. Little rain drops touch the back of my neck just as I step into the building. Damn lucky timing. I do my normal nod of greeting to the security guard before taking the stairs to my shared open office on the fifth floor. There I find my coworkers deep in work with their headphones on. I quickly take my seat, switch on my computer before going through the to do list on my desk for the day. Five calls, emails and a lot of paperwork. Joy. While I wait for my computer to load, I make myself a cup of coffee. As always I make enough coffee for the entire team. They all grunt their thanks in between work. I prefer it this way. We don’t talk to each other more than what we need to. Heck the only reason why I know how their actual voices sound like is through their work calls and once a week meeting. And then we just listen to the team leader with an occasional opinion here and there. I go back to my desk, put on my headphones, start of my work playlist before opening my emails. Fifty emails. Oh this is going to be a busy day.

I leave the office at five thirty five and catch the train at six. I hate my evening travels. The train is always ridiculously busy from the get go and the promise of a nice seat is like a pipe dream. I walk to the front of the train as not many people do so. The chance of an actual seat goes up. My strategy stands to be correct as the front cabin is only a third full and I score a relatively nice seat with some type of view of my other passengers. I glance around. Who am I going to write about? Whose story do I want to create? I bite my lip, no one is catching my eye. It happens from time to time, especially after a busy work day. Just as I’m about to surrender to my writers block, the passenger sitting across of me coughs. I glance up and the familiar spark of inspiration forms a story in my head.


I’ve experienced many things in my life. The good and the bad. Throughout my time I’ve loved so many times and I’ve cried even more. At the tender age of seventy five I can say with great pride that I lived a good life. It was exciting. Exhilarating. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I would redo every single thing if it means my end destination would be the same.

I met Vanessa when I was six years old. We just moved into the neighborhood and I was exploring the surroundings. I was a curious child, adventurous according to my mother. I wanted to explore and see new things. My mother used to say I had ants in pants. I could never sit still. Constantly out and about. Vanessa had the same characteristics so it was no surprise to find her deep in the small woodsy park in the neighborhood. She saw me first and over the years she said that it was in that very moment she fell in love at first sight. At the age of six with no idea what love is, she fell in love. I was scaling up the tree with as much grace I could muster in my dress when she spoke.

“Hey, what are you doing up there?” My fright nearly threw me off balance but luckily my reflexes was quick to save me from a tumble down the tree.

“I’m looking for fairy houses.” I replied with so much certainty that there was no doubt fairies existed.

“Oh can I help you look?” Before I could even respond, the little girl with mud on her face climbed the tree with confidence and skill I’ve never seen before. She quickly joined my side with a bright smile on her face.

“How does the fairy houses look like?” She asked, looking up into the tree branches above our heads.

“Look for lights coming out of the tree. They have the birds drill holes into the tree and make their house in there.” She nodded before carefully examining the tree bark at her hands.

“Keep an eye out for squirrels. Fairies love to ride on the back of squirrels. Sometimes they even share a home.”

“Oh wow that’s amazing! I want to be a fairy too!”

“My mommy says if you see one you can ask to become one. If you’re a good girl the fairy will grant your wish!” She cheered before climbing over the branch above our heads. She looked down and smiled.

“Are you coming Goldilocks?”

“My name is Sam not Goldilocks silly!” She laughed before shaking her head.

“My name is Vanessa but you can call me Pug.”

“Pug? What’s that?”

“I don’t know! I just like the name!” I laughed and shook my head. What a silly girl. We’re going to be best friends forever.

How right I was. Throughout our entire childhood we stood together, dreaming about future adventures and planning our big trip. Vanessa’s parents were church people, very strict. The more they tried to control her, the more she tried to escape. We were sixteen when she knocked on my window in the middle of the night. It was a normal occurrence for us. She would come over after a fight with her parents and spend the night. We would lay next to each other, our eyes never straying from the map we created on my roof. We would spend the night talking about all the places we’re going to visit one day. That night was different. She brought a backpack with a handful of money, a few clothes and two train tickets. Even though my household was normal and happy, with one glance to the second ticket I knew. I dropped everything, packed my own bag, left a note and followed her out of my window.

“Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?” Vanessa glanced over her shoulder. I laughed before taking her hand.

“Let’s go see the world pug!” She smiled a bright smile, finally free. It was raining that night and as we ran to the train station hand in hand, our big adventure began.

The first few years was truly interesting. We struggled to make ends meet, nights will go by where the only roof above our heads is that of a train station. We thought about going home many times in the beginning but we never left our journey. We had our first kiss on top of the mountain of Corfu, Greece at only nineteen years old. It was a surprise to the both of us. Our close knit friendship slowly shaped into something so much more. A relationship of that of soul mates. It was strange in the beginning. Back then gay relationships were frowned upon, a sin. You hid yourself and kissed behind closed doors. Vanessa was anything but ashamed about our relationship and refused to hide. She would kiss me whenever and wherever the moment would strike. We stayed in the town we shared our kiss the longest. Corfu was such a beautiful place with incredible landscapes and secret beaches straight out of paradise.

In the next five years we traveled all over Europe, never staying in one town for longer than three months. We earned money by singing and dancing on the streets. Sometimes we would get a short term job but we never separated. My favorite job was our three months with the circus. We met so many interesting people and performed acts with beyond talented people. It was a magical time which ended abruptly when the circus tent burned down. In the moment of chaos and panic all of our bags got stolen and we were stuck without a single cent to our names. Luckily our passports were safe and sound in our security box at the train station. We quickly moved onto the next town which was unfortunately a town with strict beliefs who hated our sinful union. They frowned upon it and chased us away like witches in the middle of the night. It was a scary ordeal but Vanessa positively and excitable steered us to a new town. After seven years of exploring the European countries we moved to Asia where we lived under the radar without a Visa permit. It was extremely difficult in the beginning, the language and culture so new and strange to us but in the year we lived there we explored so many places. We were constantly on the move, staying with locals who would take us in and following other travelers to new places. After our third close call with the law we came back to the little town where our love started, Corfu. There we settled down, got married and spend our days in the mountains and our small private beach.

Vanessa got sick when we were thirty five. Stage three breast cancer. We embarked a new journey where we fought cancer together. Through every chemo appointment. Through every sick night. Through every test. We stuck together and gave it a real good fight however after two years we lost. The night Vanessa died, my soul died with her. She was my everything and with her gone I had nothing left. With no desire for the little town we loved so much, I moved back to the town where it all started. I had no desire to travel, to see and experience new things. For the next thirty years I dreamt about the wonderful time I had in my youth. I eventually married another to fight the emptiness. He was a lovely man who couldn’t tell his family about his true desires. I agreed to the loveless marriage for the sake of not growing old alone. Over the years he became a great friend but no matter what changed, I missed Vanessa wholeheartedly. We never had children. We kept to ourselves and never traveled. I preferred it that way. My days passed with books about adventures I once lived and memories forever trapped in pictures.

Two days ago, my husband asked for a divorce. He was tired of hiding his true self. He was finally ready to come out of the closet and marry the man of his dreams. I happily signed the papers and packed my bags. Seeing the love and spark in the eyes of the man I grew old with, made something become alive deep inside my very being. With a backpack filled with our journals, a handful of clothes, I bought the same train ticket Vanessa bought so many years before. I smiled happily as I stared out of the window with the ticket to Corfu in my hands. I’m coming for you my precious pug.


The familiar ding of the announcement pulled me out of my thoughts. I saved the document, closed my laptop and flashed the old lady a smile. True love does exist. The train rolled to a stop and I hastily rushed home. Supernatural should have a new episode online and the last episode was an absolute horrible cliffhanger. The Spaghetti leftovers is just going to hit the spot and not to mention I get to cuddle with my furless Fluffy. I smiled. There is nothing like coming home after some time has passed.

Find the next chapter here — (If there isn’t a link that means I have yet to update the latest chapter.)

Story Time

Random Acts Of Celebration | But Also Pranking My Husband

Originally I went an entire different direction with this blog. It started off with pranking my husband which was pretty damn fun but when I sat down to write this blog, four days later. It got me thinking. The more I thought about this post and what direction I want to go with it, the more I wanted to change it and write it in a different way. I wanted to write something a little, eye opening.

I should give a bit of back story before I just jump into the good bits because well it’s not like you can read my mind. If you could, well bless your soul and also can I have some privacy please?

Alright so Mondays is always an interesting day for me. It’s my big cleaning and laundry day so I don’t normally go out to do the shopping. I do that on Tuesdays, but we ran out of toilet paper and laundry softener. I couldn’t exactly just leave it so I begrudgingly went to the shops. I wasn’t super excited to rush home and do the dishes so I browsed the shelves. They had this new decoration strings that caught my eye and before I knew it was adding balloons to my cart. I was full on preparing for a big party decoration wise. What are we even celebrating?

The fifth of March isn’t a special day for Onno and I. Yes it’s my grandpa’s birthday but he is 10 000km away. It doesn’t make sense to put up all of these decorations for him. Anyway so the idea behind putting up the decorations even though Onno and I didn’t have anything special to celebrate together was to prank him. I wanted to see what my husband would do if he came home to a fully decorated house, his wife all dressed up and dinner ready (as always) for his arrival. Onno came home and as I expected him too, he was surprised but also worried he forgot something big. Insert nervous laughter and sweat. I have a pretty good idea of what was going through his mind; “Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit.” Onno was begging for clues. What is so special about this day? What did he forget? He was throwing out possibilities but honestly as a couple we have nothing to celebrate on this day. After ten minutes Onno cracked and I told him honestly I just wanted to put up decorations and see what you would do. He laughed and asked why I would take five years off his life because his heart is about to stop. The evening continued, we talked about our past, how we got here and where we’re going, we had a delicious dinner and watched TV. It was a nice and calm evening.

The next day I had my last Dutch lesson with my mother in law. She came over and asked about the decorations. What were you celebrating? I told her it was a prank and obviously because it’s her son she felt sorry for Onno. I came to my own defense with: “He only sweat about it for ten minutes and then afterwards the rest of the night we sat under the decorations by candle light all cuddled up on the couch and having a great time.”

You see that yes we had nothing special to celebrate. It was truly a random act of celebration but and there is a but…we celebrated the fact that we’re together. All too often life gets busy and we fall into a habit of things. We sit next to each other on the couch and work on our laptops. We talk but we don’t really talk deeply as often. The decorations got us to pause and celebrate the fact that we’re together. We’re both alive and healthy. We’re loved.

Sometimes I tend to forget how difficult and hard it was to get here. Half of our relationship was apart. Long distance was anything but easy and there were times that it felt like it just would be easier if we gave up. Our love would never allow that but that doesn’t mean it didn’t get really hard sometimes. We would get angry and annoyed with each other. We would just really miss each other. Onno and I paused that Monday night, slowed down and just embraced each other’s company. It was a perfect night. Now the fifth of March will be a day we celebrate our relationship.

Thank you so much for reading. I wish you all the best and I will see you in click!


PS. The last few weeks I’ve been using see you in a click at the end of every post. Who noticed? So it came about in a post that I didn’t end up posting. I wrote it while being tipsy and it was just well shit. In this post I was playing with the word play of ‘I will see you in a blink’. I then switched it to click and lost it. It blew my mind. I like it and it makes me chuckle every time I read it so I can’t help but use it.




Nutrition Tips

Nutrition Class 1 | Carbohydrates | Part 1/3

Alright guys. The moment has arrived. I’m going to get real technical with you all and share what I learned in my nutrition course last year… I’m going to break it down into three parts: Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein. Every part might be divided too but I will see how it goes.

I’m going to start with Carbohydrates because well I can’t go a day without my carbohydrates. The course was very technical so I’m going to take pieces from it and break it down but you’re more than welcome to take the course yourself! It’s on edx. Here is the link — — I do want to point out that most of the technical information comes from this course because well this is where I learned all my technical things related to nutrition. I really just want to share what I learned for those who want to read real nutrition facts without doing a lot of effort. I will add some stuff I learned from my own experience but you will see once you scroll down. You see I know how much fake information is out there so information backed with resources and research is important to me. This course has this. Really if you have the time take this course. You will probably recognize bits and pieces from here if you do.

Before I start, the pieces I take from the course will be in cursive and my words will be well you know, normal. I will try my best not to overwhelm you between what I say and what the course say. I also don’t want to copy and paste from the course but there is a lot of important information.

Part one in the carbohydrates category we’re going to talk about the chemistry of carbohydrates. There is a lot of terms, I mean when I was going through all the information there wasn’t much I could say that the course didn’t cover. I had to rethink the structure of this blog quite a bit because how it was looking was basically a copy and paste from the course, two and a half pages of it. So I will be breaking it down and will clearly point out when I’m using material from the course and when it’s me talking, or well writing. You know the drill by now. Let’s just jump in!

I’m also going to make little graphs via PowerPoint to simplify what I can.

Chemistry of carbohydrates

When you’re very deep down in the fitness world you will probably hear macro counting somewhere down the line. This isn’t a guide how to macro count, heck I’ve never tried it so I can’t really explain the how’s. This is more a technical breakdown with a bunch of information about everything to educate you about how the body works and overall improve your nutritional knowledge. Macronutrients (or macros) is divided into three parts; carbohydrates, fat and protein.


What is carbohydrates? What is their chemical composition? The course answers all of this.

2Carbohydrates can be separated into simple carbohydrates, sometimes referred to as sugars, and complex carbohydrates. But for now we’ll concentrate on the simple carbohydrates, which can be separated into monosaccharides and disaccharides.


The monosaccharides are glucose, fructose and galactose.  

4The disaccharides are composed of these three monosaccharides. We have maltose, which is composed of two molecules of glucose. We have sucrose, which is composed of a molecule of glucose linked to fructose. And we have lactose, which is composed of glucose linked to galactose. All these mono and disaccharides exist in our diet with the exception of galactose, which is only present in our diet as part of lactose.

5The monosaccharides can be directly absorbed into our bloodstream so they don’t require any digestion. However, the disaccharides need to be broken down to the individual monosaccharides. This process is part of normal digestion and is called hydrolysis. We can break down the disaccharides into the individual monosaccharides through hydrolysis. And as an example we can have sucrose, which is an important part of our diet, it is table sugar, and it can undergo hydrolysis to yield the individual monosaccharides glucose and fructose. Through that process we are able to utilize the energy that is available in the disaccharides by forming the monosaccharides which can be subsequently absorbed into the bloodstream and used as an energy source.

Now that we’ve discussed simple carbohydrates with the help of the course we can now move onto next part. We will discuss a lot about sugars so try to keep track. I know this is a lot of technical terms that some of you might not be that interested in but stay patient. This is some great information.

In the previous paragraph we talked about simple carbohydrates and we said that they are often referred to as the sugars, and that they include the monosaccharides and disaccharides. However, in colloquial terms, sugar is most often used to describe crystalline table sugar, which in chemical terms is sucrose. When we talk about blood sugar, actually we refer to glucose in the blood. There are also other sugars: invert sugar or inverted sugar is a mixture of equal amounts of glucose and fructose. Invert sugar is a little bit sweeter than sucrose and has a number of industrial uses including in the production of alcoholic beverages. It is also used by food manufacturers to retard the crystallization of sugar and to retain moisture in packaged food. A natural form of invert sugar is actually honey.

That my folks wraps up simple carbohydrates. Now we’re going to move onto complex carbohydrates. What is complex carbohydrates? The course will answer this.

Complex carbohydrates  are also referred to as polysaccharides and there are three main groups. We have glycogen, which is a very minor component of our diet. We have the starches, which are a very important component of our diet and we have fibres.

6So let’s focus on the starches and on specifically the amylopectin and the amylose component of the starch, because starch is basically a polymer of glucose. So, many glucose molecules link together in either a linear chain, which is called amylose, or a branched chain, which is called amylopectin, and together they form starch. Now depending on the type of food – rice, bread, corn – the type of starch is in a different conformation. But they all conform to the same standard chemical composition. It’s a mixture of amylose and amylopectin. So basically what you end up with after digestion is purely glucose.

I just quickly want to touch base on this topic. There is a lot of myths on starch that I had to double check to see if there was actually some truth to the matter. So my father is convinced that you can wash starch away after cooking rice, pasta and potatoes by washing it properly after cooking. You know till the water runs clear. He is convinced that starch is the thing in these foods that make you gain weight and by washing it away it’s healthy. I always found this a little ludicrous but I wanted to see if there is actually truth to this. So I turned to Google. Almost immediately I found two websites who followed my dad’s way of thinking. Here is the links — and — If it’s in fact true I’m not entirely sure. If a research has been done I haven’t found it. Although I don’t really see the harm in rinsing off your potatoes, pasta and rice. Just rinse it with hot water otherwise you will make your food cold and no one really wants to eat cold food.


In this next part we’re going to discuss dietary fiber with the help of the course once again. It feels a bit weird because this chemistry part is really heavily featuring the course but I mean it is what is. I can’t really make it my own. It’s facts you know and I learned these facts from the course.

What is dietary fiber? Dietary fiber describes a chemically diverse group of non-digestible carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrates in our diet can be digested by the enzymes in the GI tract and can subsequently be absorbed into the bloodstream as monosaccharides. However, a portion of the carbohydrates present in foods cannot be broken down by the digestive enzymes and will reach the colon mostly intact.

There are a number of definitions of dietary fiber, but one of the more simple one’s is: Dietary fibers are dietary carbohydrates that are not subject to digestion by endogenous enzymes, but may be digested by bacteria in the colon. Dietary fiber is sometimes referred to as non-starch polysaccharides. However, this classification would exclude the lignins and resistant starch and is thus not fully correct. The most common classification separates dietary fiber into two main classes: the soluble or viscous fiber and the in-soluble or non-viscous fiber. There is another classification that distinguishes fiber between three categories: fiber naturally occurring in the food as consumed, fiber obtained from raw food material by physical, enzymatic or chemical means, and synthetic carbohydrate polymers. The reason for differentiating between fiber already present in the food, which is the first category, and fiber added to the food, which is the second and third category, is that the beneficial property of fibers naturally present in the food have been scientifically well-validated, whereas there are fewer data on potential health benefits of added fiber.

People are told to eat plenty of fiber as fiber supports proper function of the GI tract and prevents constipation, and in addition fiber has several other health benefits which we will discuss later in the course. Our daily fiber intake hovers around 20 grams in most Western countries but some people may not even reach 10 grams per day. Whereas intake of other people easily exceeds 40 grams per day.

And that concludes everything I wanted to share about the chemistry of carbohydrates. There is more information and explanation on this in the course, I mean the videos are really great but I feel like for everyday people this is enough. What I want to achieve in this post is to show how important carbohydrates are for your body. You can’t just cut it out and hope for the best. It’s your energy source and so much more. Without carbohydrates in your body…well let’s just say some things won’t go so smoothly. I will talk about it more in part two. I hope you found this ‘nutrition class’ slash lesson educational.

Thank you so much for reading. I wish you all the best and I will see you in a click!


Oh here is the link to part two of carbohydrates — (Part two will go up in a week so just stay patient.)




General Life Tips

South African Travel Tips From A Native | Part One | Garden Route

South Africa is truly a beautiful country even if I do have to say so myself but I don’t because once you see it you will completely agree with me. It has the mountains. It has the sea. It has the wildlife. It has the great food. It has so much more but I can’t really come up with them now but seriously it’s a pretty good deal. Take a look at this video that the YouTube channel ‘We Travel The World’ made. It’s pretty well done.

youtube video for south africa

Now that you’ve watched the video (hands up if you actually watched it!) and you’re interested in the country here is a few things you should know. I first want to say that even though I would love to be able to sugar coat things and really sell you on my home country…I’m not going to do that because I want everyone to enjoy their visit there but most importantly stay safe. As horrible as it is, South Africa isn’t that safe anymore and tourist are the top victims. I’m sorry but it’s true and not just for South Africa it’s for every place in the world.

The other day I was talking to a friend who showed interested in visiting South Africa. I just started to lists great places to go too and what you should keep into account and etc. It was a lot and I’m not even sure if most of it settled so I figured a blog post dedicated to travel tips.

I’m going to start off in Cape Town mostly because that’s where I spend most of my life and I actually know my stuff in that area. So like most countries you can go through a travel company but I’m writing this blog to those who are do it on your own types of travelers. Renting a car is incredibly important. Public transports isn’t a thing. There is Ubers but not in all the small towns and can be quite expensive. Car rental companies are luckily all over the place, heck there is one right at the airport. Now because you don’t know the area GPS is going to make a massive difference. I would recommend you spend the extra money on insurance. There is a lot of hit and runs, or scratch and bumps in South Africa. You could’ve parked your car and went out and about and come back with a massive scratch on the side or a bump in the back. The last thing you want is to have that type of damage on you. Luckily the petrol isn’t that expensive with most rental cars so really, get that insurance.

Okay so there is a lot to see and experience in Cape Town itself, there is probably a lot of information about all the tourist sites in the city on the web. Here is a link to one — — I’m going to talk a little more about the towns and experiences close by. I will be up front, you will be traveling a lot via the car but I promise you some of it will make it worthwhile. I will also recommend you try to find a place to stay outside the big cities. Cape Town hotels can be quite expensive and you can get just as great sea view on the side of a mountain with a hour drive. Don’t worry. I will tell you all about it. There is a small beach town really close to Cape Town, Hout Bay, you can look into staying there. The views are pretty amazing.

The main thing I would recommend is the table mountain I mean just look at this view.


I’m going to recommended  a small but sweet beach town called Gordon’s Bay. It’s where I used to stay so I can tell you that it’s a pretty great spot to spend some time. The drive from Cape Town to there is very short, here is a screenshot from Google. There is a few things I want to tell you about driving in South Africa. We drive on the left side of the road. We have stop streets and we call traffic lights robots. We also have taxis which are famous for being the worst drivers around. They’re not like you’re imagining that I can tell you now. It’s like a mini bus – always over crowded, painted with graffiti art and a little beat up – and they drive however they want too. They will speed up next to you, half push you out of the road, go in front of you and then suddenly stop on the side of the road to drop someone off. It’s very annoying but just keep an eye out. Also while we’re talking about pigs on the road. When a traffic light turns green of red, don’t immediately floor it and go for it. Give it five seconds and double check there isn’t a straggler trying to make it through the red light. I almost got killed once. Seriously just look. Don’t trust the other people on the road.

cape town to gordon's bay

Try to avoid driving on the highway in the middle of the night and never stop. Never go into the townships, you will know what it is when you see it. I mean no offence but that’s the last place you want to be as a tourist in the middle of the night. Unfortunately there is a lot of people who would steal that nice car and all your belongings right under from you. I really don’t want to scare you but all countries have areas where bad folk gather a little more. Just keep your doors lock and don’t stop on the side of the highway if you can help it. Awhile ago the people from the township would throw rocks from the bridge over the highway to get the cars to stop. Once the cars stop, friends waiting on the side of the road pounce.

Okay the drive to Gordon’s Bay is quite nice. Close by you have Stellenbosch which is small little university towns that’s famous for great wine and going out to party. Somerset West is just as close, which has a great nature reserve if you want to go for a hike. Here is the pictures I took when I hiked that nature reserve. It’s a hike I’ve done quite a few times and I enjoy it every time.

Strand is next to Somerset West, it has a nice beach but Gordon’s bay is literally a throw away with a small beach too. Here is a picture I took when I was still there.


There is many great places there so really try to look into staying there for a bit. For day activities close to Gordon’s Bay you can go to crystal pools which is a beautiful waterfall hike. Here is a link for more details — — While I’m in Gordon’s Bay. A restaurant I would hundred percent recommend is — — Try their pork roast. My dad had it on my 21st dinner and it looked delicious. I was seriously considering ‘glutening’ myself for a bite.

After you seen and done what you wanted to do in Gordon’s Bay here is a great drive I want you to take. It’s in the mountains. It’s a beautiful ride. On the one side you have you mountain and on the other side you have you ocean. There is many beautiful small towns that you can stop and maybe even stay a night. Look on airbnb for a possible place to stay but there is hotels if you’re feeling fancy. The dollars/euros/pounds compared to the ZAR is quite nice. You can go all out for a lot less money in South Africa.

gordons bay to hermanus drive

You make this a day drive trip as there is quite a few pretty small towns. Betty’s Bay is beautiful small beach town. You will find penguins there! Kleinmond also has it’s attractions to tourist but I want to take you too Hermanus. They are pretty famous for their whale watching points (although they’re only around certain times in the year. Find more information here — —) but they also have some great fish food. The restaurant on the edge, wait let me find their website (— —) has the best fish food I’ve tried in a long time. Their prawns is magical! The view from the restaurant is also pretty beautiful. Seriously if you’re in Hermanus GO THERE!

Here is some of the views you can find on this drive.

From Hermanus I’m going to take you down a very famous drive in South Africa, the garden route. It’s a drive I’ve taken so many times in my life its actually almost painful. After this route I’m going to take you down a little bit more before I end this part one. As you can see you can’t see the entire country in three weeks. I would break it up if I were you. I mean we’re just touching the surface but you’re seeing quite a bit of the Western and Eastern Cape. Alright let’s go back to the garden route.

garden route

Here is a website that has a ton of information about everything. I mean why would I go through everything when this website has already done it for me. — — I would recommended you stop in as many towns that pulls your attention as you can. My favourite places that I would recommend a overnight stop is Mossel Bay, Knysna (Sedgefield and Plettenberg Bay is just as beautiful and a short drive away), Jeffrey’s Bay and Port Elizabeth.

Mossel Bay is a harbour town with many great tourist stops. Knysna is beautiful with its forest walks and so much more. I would recommend you go to the heads and this restaurant. They’re food is amazing — — Sedgefield has a great flea and farmer market every Saturday right on the outside. You have to drive through but you can’t miss it. Let me see if I can find a link to it — — Plettenberg Bay has a beautiful beach and let’s not even begin to talk about all the little tourist parks on the way there. There is a elephant park (Here is the link for you — —), a wolf sanctuary (Here is the link for you — —) and so much more. Google will probably give you more information. There is also a great nature park just outside Knysna. Here is the link —  — You can even stay inside the park and I’m sure it would be a wonderful experience. Just look up ‘knysna tsitsikamma national park’ for more information. There is some great actives you can do there.

I personally went to the wolf sanctuary a few years back with my dad and I loved every second of it mostly because I’m obsessed with wolves. Here is a few photos from that day.

There is so many things you can do that I would seriously recommended you plan the drive and look up every town and see what there is to do that you would like. It’s a big country hey. If I have to go through every single town and what you can do there this would become a very long post (it already is but still). Also stop in Oudshoorn if you can because this — — There is so many other places I could go into detail that it’s almost difficult to decide on one thing. Maybe I should make a separate blog and go through every town…someone probably did that. Google will probably pull through where I don’t. I mean I found this website after one second of searching — — so just take the time to look into everything. The last stop I want to recommend is Port Elizabeth. They have a small elephant slash game reserve park there that I would recommend. You drive through in your car and you might just sit between elephants.

Here is the photos we took when we went there. It was amazing.

Here is the link to the park —

You can also stay inside the park and do tour through them which is probably an experience by itself. It’s a smaller park I mean if you think game reserve park in South Africa you think — — but that’s on the other side and can be a completely other trip all together. otherwise you can also just trade in your rental car at Port Elizabeth, catch a plane to Johannesburg, get a new car and go from there. Depends on how you want to go about it. From Port Elizabeth you can go to East London but I have never been there personally so Google will have to fill in the blanks.

I think that’s about it for part one. There is just a few things I want to recommend for the entire country all together. Mug ‘n Bean is a restaurant you will find all over. They’re food is high quality and pretty great. Woolworths almost always have the nicest fruit and vegetables (they are very strict with they’re quality). I would also recommend you buy some clothes there if you need some because they’re quality is quite nice. It’s like a cheat. We bought work pants for my husband when he was in South Africa and for the price of one here in Europe we could get two to three really great quality ones. There is Truworths too but use your own judgement. It’s quite easy to see which is great quality clothing and which is not. For the ladies you can stop at Foschini for makeup and perfume. They have some brands that paying in ZAR can save you a bit of money. YOU NEED TO TRY A BRAAI, there is probably some restaurants that can give you something similar but I’m sure if you go to a park or something the opportunity will arise. It’s a barbeque (but don’t call it that) but South Africans are quite passionate about their meat on the fire. It’s really great though. I saw some airbnb places offer a Braai with the package. Safety wise don’t walk around in the dead of the night in side streets. Lock your car and don’t leave valuables in eye sight. Hold tight onto your handbag and don’t walk around with a phone in your hand (outside) if you can help it. Don’t leave your wallet or phone on the table at a restaurant where someone can grab it. Just be conscious about it and you will be fine.

There is so much more I can tell you but I should probably end it here before this gets ridiculously long. I’ve never really explored the countries at the top but I will do some research and ask friends and family and make a part two sometime in the next few weeks. If you end up going to South Africa I hope you would enjoy it fully. It’s truly a beautiful country with great food, people and experiences.

I wish you all the best and I will see you in a click!


General Life Tips

Translating My First Blog Into Dutch

This upcoming week is my last full week to prepare for my second round with my Dutch test. I’m hard at work trying to study for the two tests I failed and have wracked my brain on how to incorporate my Dutch studies with my blog at least once. It’s a two birds one stone type of thing. I need to write a blog for tomorrow and I need to study. So what better way than trying to challenge myself with my Dutch writing abilities. I’m going to attempt to translate my first ever post here on my website. As I know not all of my readers can read or understand Dutch I’m going to add a little footnote of my thoughts in between parts (read sobs, rants and frustration but I will be funny about it). I will also underline what words I had to Google translate or call a friend (read ask husband). This should be interesting! Here goes!

—Body Best Friends Forever / BBFF

You are your own best friend.

What I mean with this is quite simple. When you’re feeling down in the dumps and filling your own head with negative thoughts stop yourself and ask this question: “Would I say any of this shit to my best friend?” Over my dead body honey. I will never tell my best friend they’re fat or make them feel guilty about their binge. I will never judge them for something they’ve done that I maybe don’t agree with. That’s not me so why on earth would I say any of this crap to myself?—

Licchaam Beste Vrienden Voor Altijd | BBFF

Jij is je eigen beste vriend.

Wat ik bedoelt is eigenlijk heel simpel. Als je slecht voel en je eigen hooft met negatieve gedachtes vulden, stop jezelf en vraag jezelf deze vraag: “Zal ik ooit deze slechte woorden tegen mijn beste vrienden zeg?” Oor mijn dode lichaam schatje. Ik zal nooit voor mijn beste vrienden zeg dat zij vet zijn of ze (hul?) laat schuldig voelt over een binge. Ik zal nooit ze oordeelt over iets wat hul heb gedaan wat ik misschien niet mee zaam stem. Dit is niet mij zo waarom zal ik deze slechte woorden voor mij zelf zeggen?


Lord that was anything but easy. I have no idea how this going but that was anything but easy. It will be curious to see how right or wrong that went…will ask Onno to rate me below…Stay tuned. That short little paragraph took me five minutes to translate. It’s nearly 11pm. Damn I’m going to be here for awhile. Okay let’s continue!


—When I catch myself with any negative thoughts about my body I imagine my best friend’s face and that I’m saying these words to them. In two seconds flat I’m beyond angry and over protective. I’m like oh hell to the no! Who the hell do you think you are with saying this type of bullshit to my friend? It doesn’t take me long to have a big Ahaha moment and just like that I snap myself out of the negative thoughts. I then proceed to tell myself what I would tell my best friend if they were saying these type of things about themselves.—

Als ik mijzelf betrapt negatieve dingen over mijn lichaam denken dan zal ik mijn beste vriendin voorzinnen en mijzelf zien deze woorden voor haar zeggen. In twee seconden ben ik boos en over beschermend op haar. Ik was net nee, net een groot vet NEE. Wie denk je is je om deze onwaar en negatieve woorden voor mijn beste vrienden te zeggen? Dit neemt mij niet zo lang om een goot Ahaha moment te hebben en zo snap ik mijzelf uit de slechte gedachtes. Ik zal dan doorgaan voor mezelf te zeggen wat ik voor mijn beste vrienden zal zeggen als zij deze woorden over zijzelf (ze?) zeggen.


Over protective was difficult to translate into Dutch. Husband got stumped and we had to Google. It really wasn’t as hard but hey it’s late and our brains are currently fried. I doubted so many things while attempting to translate this one but I’m somehow got through this one. I also feel that I cheated a little bit because Google translate saved the day twice although I only added one extra letter. Licchaam is lichaam. Negatiewe is negatieve. I’m learning hey! Which was the purpose of this post. I wanted to work on my Dutch and write a blog post. Two birds one stone remember. Is this even entertaining for you all?


—“I’m fat.” Fat is just a substance in your body and guess what without fat you won’t be alive. So what if you carry a little extra fat? You are soft and great to cuddle with.

“I’m ugly.” No honey those thoughts are ugly. You are anything but ugly. You are a wonderful human being so don’t you dare dill your sparkle.

“I’m a horrible person.” Are you kidding me? Serial killers, child molesters, rapist and puppy kickers are horrible people.

“I ate two chocolate bars. I basically ate all my hard work away.” What type of chocolate was it?

So snap out of it. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me.—

“Ik is vet.”  Vet is alleen een inhoud wat in je lichaam en raad eens zonder vet kan je niet leven. Zo wat als je een beetje extra vet om je buik dragen? Je is zag en geweldig om mee te knuffel.

“Ik is lelijk.” Nee schatje deze gedachtes is lelijk. Jij is enige behalve lelijk. Jij is een wonderlijke persoon zo je durf niet om je fonkeling te doffen.

“Ik is een verschrikkelijk persoon.” Grap je? Seriemoordenaars, kinderen molesters, rapits en hond schoppers is verschrikkelijke personen.

“Ik heb twee een chocola reepjes gegeten. Ik heb eigenlijk al mijn harde werk weg gegeten.” Wat zoort chocola was dit? Was dit lekker?

Zo snap uit dit! Kijk jezelf in the spiegel en herhaald na mij.


Damn that was hard. My brain is fried at the moment but I’m almost there. Onno is questioning my constant what is this word in English but it’s too fun to write this without him knowing. I must say this is challenging but I’m getting there. Let’s get through this last part! I’m just too excited to find out how I did. I want to see my rating!






I’m a magical unicorn…

Ik is waardig!

Ik is beeldschoon!

Ik is fabelachtig! 

Ik is geweldig!

Ik is een magische eenhoorn 


I laughed so hard when i looked up what’s fabulous in Dutch. It’s hilarious. Unicorn in Dutch is also pretty funny. It makes me think of a squirrel and I just couldn’t stop imagining a little squirrel with his mouth stuffed full or nuts and wearing a pink sparkling tutu and homemade DIY unicorn horn. It’s magical. Now for the moment I waited since the beginning. My grade!

Drum roll please…

“Cassandra did very well! I was very curious what was happening behind me with all the questions…Of course there is small area’s to improve in but most of it is smaller details. I give her 8+ out of ten!”


Insert happy squeal! I’m feeling quite proud of my score! I’m getting better! Pretty soon I will be writing long novels in Dutch (not really) but it’s a skill I need. Dutch is after all the main language in my new home country. Oh the test is on the 7th of March so think of me on that day! Hold your thumbs please!!!

Oh here is the link to the original post if you want to give it a read without my Dutch translations. It was quite nostalgic to read it again. —

I wish you all the best and I will see you in a click!



General Life Tips

Hair Care Advice | From Double Bleach To Kind Of Okay Hair

My oh my have I done so much shit to my hair these last few years. I’ve bleached it. I’ve colored it more times than I could even count. I’ve heat treated it to a point of extreme damage. My hair was falling out with handfuls at a time. I’m not even being over dramatic either. I was truly shedding like no other. My hair was dry and felt like grass. It wasn’t a pleasant look. Styling my hair would cause even more breakage. It came to a point where no matter what I did, I was having a bad hair day.

I’m not a hairdresser nor do I have a large amount of information on healthy hair and all that jazz. All I know is that once I started to incorporate these few things into my hair care routine, my damaged hair made a complete u-turn. It’s not 100% but every month it gets better. I do notice that if I’m less consistent with my hair care routine my hair quality decreases.

  1. Limit all heat

Heat is something that can truly damage your hair. Hair straighter, curlers and blowers WITHOUT any heat protection is definitely not doing any wonders to your hair. I read somewhere online for ultimate hair growth rinsing your hair with cold water just before your shower can work miracles. It closes the hair follicles. Something smart like that. I haven’t tried it but hey the internet get some things right? I saw awhile back Buzzfeed had some of their people shower in cold water for a month. They noted a difference in their hair. It’s worth looking into if you really want to grow your hair. Fast.

  1. Limit chemicals

Strong chemicals, as logic would tell you, are anything but healthy for your hair. So stay away from hair dye –avoid bleach like a plague- and strong products promising this and that. Read the back of the product and make sure they use natural products. This will make a difference.

  1. Limit shampooing

This is one can sound a little fun but you have to give your hair time to create its own natural oils. Study has shown the time between washes should be longer instead of shorter. Luckily dry shampoo and even baby power can save the day if your hair is just too oily. I grew up with the idea to wash my hair every single day. Now I wash it every four days. I feel like there has been a difference.

  1. Treat your hair

This one at first glance seems to be counter predicting my limit chemicals but the key here is natural hair treatment. You want to get products that feeds your hair the nutrients it needs to grow strong. From what I understand after damage, your hair doesn’t hold onto oils as it should so it is your job to supply oils to it. I’ve been treating my hair every four days with a massive treatment on the weekend for over a year now, heck I’m nearing the two year mark and I’ve noted that my hair is making its own oils. I don’t need to treat it every day for healthy looking hair. I’m making progress. I apply most of the product on my ends and the rest on my roots. I massage it into my scalp for the best result. I will go into that one more in one second.

  1. Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp while washing and during treatment can make the worlds of difference. I read somewhere a long time ago, well when I was trying to grow my hair fast, that if you massage your hair for two minutes every single day while your head is upside down makes your hair grow super duper quick. I don’t know if this is ultimate bullshit. I’ve never been able to stick to it every time I’ve tried it. I saw a YouTube video once about someone trying it. I guess what I’m getting at I’ve noticed a positive response when I was massaging my scalp. Even if it doesn’t encourage growth it was definitely encouraging oil production. It was worth a try.

I’m going to insert a picture of my blond hair and my hair now. I doubt you can see a massive difference in the quality of the hair as the pictures isn’t of the best and I was treating my hair quite often back then so you couldn’t always see the damage but it was definitely there. Oh while I’m on the subject the bleaching broke my hair like a mother of all holy. The parts where it broke off takes ten times longer to grow in and is ten times more damaged than other parts.

Here is a few more pictures to really show how damaged my hair was from the blonde dye. Also it took me a hour of deep searching my computer for these images and using one just isn’t enough. I do have to add that this was AFTER treatment. It was just constantly DRYYYYYYY, brittle and well damaged.

I wish you all the best and see you in a click!